Tips to improve your body language

Tip 1:


It looks fake.

Instead focus on having a straight back.

Your chest will de facto be bumped without looking fake.

Plus, it's actually healthy for your back so take care of that body so it can speak louder.
Tip 2:

Move slowly, deliberately and take space.

Be comfortable with your body movement, don't be too quick as it shows insecurity.

Instead take your time to move, think about your movements and execute them with grace rather than hurry.
Walk slow, move slow and with intention.

This breeds both confidence and certainty, which affects the rest of your body language.

Don't focus on the micro shit, focus on being comfortable with your body and not being ashamed of yourself.
Be natural, intentional and cerebral.

Don't let your reflexes dictate your moves.
Tip 3:

Open posture at all times?

Fuck no.

You need to alternate.

You can't be open to everyone, it signals seeking validation.

Instead learn to alternate open positions and closed positions.
As opposed to what most people will tell you, it's not always good to face your interlocutors.

In fact, it's often beneficial for you to look away, stand next to your interlocutor or halfway facing them.
This will automatically put you in a position of power if you do it well.

The person in front will be confused by the contradictory messages and will try to seek a more genuine connection, thus putting themselves in a weak position and seeking your eye contact and attention.

Know when to do this.

Know when it's useful and know when it's useless.

If you have nothing to gain from the conversation then simply be genuine.
If you're in a conversation that involves 'power mind games' (examples: flirting or discussing work with a colleague) then you definitely can use the alternating body language method.
One last thing:

Don't abuse these tricks.

Stay cerebral.

Work on your general confidence and all of this will become natural to you.
Tip 3:

Most people can't read body language, they'll only feel it.

You'll be manipulating their subconscious, something they can't put their finger on. So make sure you don't show all your cards at once by betraying your body language through the words you might say.
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