So here's the charge by President Biden, other politicians& vaccine proponents:

the reason Americas vaccine rates are so low& we haven't reached our vaccine benchmarks 4 herd immunity is b/c of the disinformation spread by Facebook& other socialmedia outlets.
Or as Joe Biden puts it: "Facebook is killing people." In the minds of hardcore vaccine proponents, there is no way a person can reach the conclusion of NOT getting vaccinated on their own unless they have some how been infected w/disinformation on the internet.
It is as if no one is capable of thinking on their own to reach healthcare decisions they feel are best for them & their family. In the minds of many pro-vaxxers, you must be an idiot, seriously misinformed or somehow living under a cloud of disinformation 2 NOT want the vaccine.
Fearmongering has always been associated w/societies influx during times of national crisis & emergency. Nevermind if U dont make life/death healthcare decisions in this manner. We are dangerously approaching a new segregation, not based on race but the vaccinated & unvaccinated.
The pressure the pro-vaccine crowd is exerting on folks nowadays eerily feels like the "if you're not with us, you're against us" propaganda leading up to George W. Bush's war with Iraq that was based on the false premise that Iraq had "Weapons of Mass Destruction."
President Bush fearmongered the entire country, politicians & media figures alike, into the greatest wartime blunder since Vietnam. Countless of lives were unnecessarily lost, families disrupted, trillions of taxpayer money flushed down the drain & it was all built on a big lie.
This is NOT to say the pandemic is built on a big lie or that all the information about vaccines is erroneous, but it is to say there are far too many unknown variables & a lack of full transparency for Americans to will nilly trust politicians, media members or scientists.
Each of these groups have their own sordid history w/truth, transparency& unethical behavior that have given many Americans great pause 2 ever grant them the carte blanch moral authority they've enjoyed 4 so long in this nations history. For too long, American citizens have been-
treated like children- 2 simply believe & follow anything we're told. For most of American history, politicians, radio & TV personalities have had a monopoly on the dissemination of information. No longer is that the case. The problem now is we have the internet.
Traditional gatekeepers no longer have all the power. The internet is democratizing the dissemination of information & the traditional powerbrokers don't like it. Networks like CNN benefit handsomely from keeping Americans in a constant state of outrage.
Hence their slogan "Breaking News." In fact, on CNN, everything is "Breaking News." They need2 keep U tuned in & ton the edge of your seats waiting for the next breaking news soundbite. And that's all they want from you- to accept, digest & regurgitate everything they feed U.
If Americans were really critical thinkers who thought in nuance& NOT soundbites&memes, there would B no need 4 outfits like CNN&FOX, who are really 2sides of da samecoin. The real question is who really benefits when a society can force its members 2 act out of fear& NOT reason?
If you think I'm off kilter, consider the fact that just a short while ago, U could be banned from social media for saying that Covid19 was manmade in a lab. Now, President Biden's commission is actually investigating this & Facebook is reversing course.…
But what about all da people who were labeled crackpots 4suggesting the lableak theory that Covid was actually concocted in a Wuhan lab& leaked instead of the racist xenophobic propaganda that it was caught from Chinesepeople eating bats in a Wuhan market?…
Are they still crackpots OR were they actually enlightened individuals trying 2 tell people the truth? What about all the media who shutdown any commentator who talked about lableak or labeled any1 on social media who talked about the lableak theory as "spreading disinformation?"
The First Amendment Freedom of the Press aspect of the Constitution was designed for a free press to QUESTION EVERYTHING. The press is NOT supposed to be in the hip pockets of anyone,

NOT politicians,

NOT celebrities,

NOT scientists,

U are supposed 2 B a FREE press. Now act like it. You are suppose 2 drill Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chrissy Teigen, John legend & any of your other favorite celebrities as much as you drill Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell or any other politician. You are not suppose to celebritize.
If the press had not abdicated its moral authority long ago& became seduced by celebrity& became extensions of political parties, more Americans would trust them has arbiters of fact & fiction. That day has come & gone. These days, the press is in bed w/politicians & celebrities-
2 much 2 B trusted. And where there is no celebrity, they will create one. Enter Dr. Anthony Fauci, who now has a cult like following on many mainstream media outlets. Our media celebritizes everything, which now, means the media is in bed w/scientists-
when they should be interrogating everything they say. Like him or hate him, agree w/him or disagree, Senator Rand Paul is now doing the job that the media should be doing, which is interrogating Dr. Fauci on the true origins of Covid19 & everything else.…
When U celebritize people, you can't cover them properly journalistically. This is dangerous. In a time where Americans need its media to vigorously interrogate everything, they are being seduced by the very celebrity they created. All this leads me to this: the media claims the-
internet is spreading disinformation? Fine. Here is some info I want. Provide me w/all doctor emails, texts, autopsy reports, death certificates & every other post-vaccine medical record of HankAaron, CicelyTyson, MarvinHagler& every other person that died AFTER taking a vaccine.
Have the family of CNN & NBC legal analyst Midwin Charles release all her medical records, emails, texts, social media postings, death certificate & cause of death information regarding her death one month after she took a vaccine.
Give me every drop of medical records, doctor communications, including email, text messages & any other tangible evidence regarding the breakthrough infection of Atlanta news anchor Fred Blankenship. Release all this information for public consumption &…
let people decide 4themselves. 1ounce of a refusal 2release ALL information means that it is NOT social media that's responsible for disinformation, but its just another case of mainstream media pushing a narrative & shutting down all discourse from those who remain unconvinced.
Stop vilifying those who simply do not share your view on vaccines. We are approaching a new McCarthyism that brands a scarlet letter on anyone who doesn't comply w/whatever the mainstream dictate of the day is. This doesn't leave much room for viewpoint diversity.
Everyone has to make their own life & death healthcare choices. Let them be. We will all live & die on the choices we make for our own lives. It is their choice to make, NOT YOURS. For those who choose to make these choices out of reason & NOT fear, they have a lonely road ahead.
Either way, our new segregation of the vaccinated & unvaccinated is well underway. Up next vaccine passports, 30,000 feet airplane fights, road rage, & other random signs of societal deterioration. I'm just trying 2 stay away from the madness of it all, one Covid cough at a time.
Thank U kindly for taking the time to read the work of Dr. Alexander Hamilton aka AHAM.

If you dig the content, please feel free to support us via CashApp: $ahamllc
For those who say this is is an extreme position, I say that is just how important my life is. To make an informed decision, I need ALL info & not PARTIAL info. If the families of these people hv nothing 2 hide & are truly provaccine, they should hv no problem releasing ALL INFO.

• • •

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