A reminder: the people now telling you vaccines will save you are the same people who have been about EVERYTHING. Just one more example: exactly a year ago, @ashishkjha @JenniferNuzzo were bleating about how well Europe had done compared to the US. How’d that work out for them?
But don’t worry, you can trust them this time. This time they understand the science. This time they aren’t offering false hope (or fear) to get you to do what they want. This time they’re right, see? This time for sure.
WRONG about everything (I think that was obvious, but clearly I need coffee)…

• • •

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23 Jul
1/ The new UK technical briefing, which reports deaths and hospitalizations by vaccination status, is out. It is bad.

Over the last month, fully vaccinated people made up over half of new deaths for the first time - 106 out of 203.

But the ugliest news is in hospitalizations...
2/ In the last report, which went through June 19, only 313 vaccinated people came to an ER and were admitted as inpatients. That compared to 1182 unvaccinated and 375 partly vaccinated.

In the last month, 161 vaccinated people have, compared to 119 unvaccinated and 26 partly.
3/ In other words, until June 19, vaccinated people only made up about 16% of these serious cases. But in the last month, they were over half.

It is hard not to conclude that vaccine protection is decreasing on an almost daily basis.
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21 Jul

@CDCgov has quietly more than DOUBLED the number of #Covid vaccine death reports in VAERS, the federal side effect reporting system.

CDC now says it has received reports of 12,313 deaths following Covid vaccination in the US - compared to under 6,000 last week.
2/ The new figure means CDC has now received more reports of deaths following Covid vaccination than ALL OTHER VACCINES COMBINED IN THE 30-YEAR HISTORY OF VAERS.

It is not clear why more than 6,000 death reports were added to VAERS in a week. Perhaps @CDCDirector can explain.
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18 Jul
1/ Thought experiment:

The Nixon Administration becomes angry at @nytimes for publishing the Pentagon Papers. It does not seek to enjoin the Times from printing papers from but instead "asks" Exxon to stop selling diesel for the paper's delivery trucks.

Is this censorship?
2/ @Twitter is a theoretically politically neutral platform through which I and many other journalists deliver reporting and analysis.

The Biden Administration and others clearly view vaccine hesitancy as a political problem.
3/ Thus it's hard not to see their efforts to censor vaccine skeptics as efforts to punish and censor their political opponents. The irony is that I view vaccine efficacy and safety completely apolitically - I would be raising these issues had Donald Trump been reelected.
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15 Jul
1/ By now Fauci and the other grandees MUST know of the vaccine failure in the UK (and spreading across Europe).

So: Israel and the US have a little extra time, since the mRNAs look a little better than the DNA/AAVs and we didn't (insanely) go off the standard dosing schedule...
2/ But the DNA/AAVs and mRNAs ultimately work the same way and code for the same protein. Which means the mRNAs will fail too (and in fact already are, as the Israeli data show).

They must also know that boosters are a no-go, no matter how badly @pfizer @moderna_tx want them...
3/ Too many people had nasty side effects after the second dose. And even if the effects aren't WORSE after the third (and they may be), people are going to wonder reasonably why on earth they're being asked to roll up their sleeves again just months after they were vaccinated...
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5 Jul
1/ Unfunny story: the vaccine fanatics are screaming about the great decoupling. The explosion in UK cases doesn't matter, hospitals are still empty, vaccines protect against severe disease. DEFINITELY. Trust them.

Except no one goes straight from a positive test to a vent...
2/ In fact hospitalizations and ICU cases are already rising sharply. They've both risen fivefold in Scotland since the end of May (yes, 5x). But the recent rise in cases has been so sudden - exponential, one might even say - that serious disease hasn't had a chance to catch up.
3/ And if the vaccines are LEAST effective in the (oldest) people most at risk - as we know is the case for the flu vaccines because of immunosenesence - then why expect a decoupling? Because they're offering partial protection? Possible. But that's a theory, nothing more...
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5 Jul
1/: I don’t mean to go full Ding on you but THIS IS INSANE. People should be in the streets.

1) We have no idea what the side effects of a third mRNA dose will be. We know a second dose has far more severe side effects than a first.

2) Efficacy is plunging AFTER THREE MONTHS.
3) They're telling you the Delta variant is the reason efficacy is plunging. They have no idea if that's the reason (the Delta variant came and went in India) or if the vaccines are just generally losing efficacy. And so what if the Delta variant IS the reason? Viruses mutate...
4) Does this mean we are going to have to have boosters every time a minor mutation spreads?

5) They're telling you the vaccine efficacy against severe cases is still very high. GUESS WHAT? They have no idea if that's true either. Severe cases and deaths LAG.
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