Every mayor and city government in America is hellbent on exterminating homeless people, and they are legally and financially incentivized to do so. The way our cities are built and financed requires human sacrifice to the gods of capital.
Cities cannot collect income tax the way the federal government or states do. They have to raise money through state/federal grants, local sales taxes, or through property taxes. This means that your city's budget is heavily reliant on how its land and buildings are appraised.
Raising sales tax or property tax % is highly unpopular with land owners. On the other hand, policies which increase land value result in higher revenues for both the land owners and the city -- a win-win for everybody!
Cities are almost always strapped for cash; they often have large outstanding pensions they need to fund, decaying infrastructure, large militarized police forces that work overtime at every opportunity. Any bright eyed progressive that makes it into city government quickly
finds themselves in the position of having to find ways to increase revenue to fund their progressive vision. If they can't fund their programs, they can't get them enacted, and quickly lose their seats. Once you join the table, you have to play the game.
So you increase revenue by increasing land value, and therefore property tax revenue. So you build parks, put in sidewalks, attract investors to start tech businesses in your town, you build walkable shopping malls where yuppies can spend lots of money and stimulate the economy.
But there's a problem. Your investors don't want to start their business in your town if there are homeless people on the sidewalk. Yuppies don't feel safe when a poor person asks them for change. Homeless people drive off investors the way rats in a kitchen drive off customers.
So in order to fund themselves, cities have to exterminate homeless people. Now, extermination doesn't mean going out and murdering every homeless person you see, though some cops take that mission to heart. Extermination is a process of making a location inhospitable.
The city doesn't necessarily want to *kill* homeless people... they just want to make living there unhoused so dangerous and uncomfortable that you risk dying if you stay, in the hopes that you leave and become some other city's problem. And if you die? Oh well.
Cities commit intentional negligent manslaughter by the dozens or hundreds every year in the campaign to exterminate homeless people. Every person who dies on the streets from exposure or drug use or police murder or regular murder, is a result of deliberate policy decisions.
Any solution that might improve homeless peoples' lives or help them get off the street quickly becomes subsumed to the process of extermination. A few people who have freshly fallen into homelessness might be lifted out by shelters and outreach programs, but for others?
Staying in a shelter means losing any belongings they won't let you bring in, plus any that are stolen during your stay. Police look for any excuse to harass, detain, arrest, and re-arrest, taking your belongings each time.
Cities sweep encampments under the guise of cleaning up trash or needles, but the intended result is always the destruction of unhoused peoples' belongings, including vital documents such as IDs and birth certificates. Homeless people are never compensated for these losses.
All of this is deliberate. All of it is done for the purpose of pushing homeless people closer to the edge, to either dying or leaving or being thrown in prison. It's abuse and manslaughter, and it is a necessary function for the maintenance of the city as an institution.

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A general strike is a tactic which can be used by an energized, organized, and interconnected labor movement, on a local, regional, or national scale.

Posting a "general strike date" on twitter with no involvement from organized labor at all, is just grandstanding.
A general strike is the most powerful tool labor can wield, but in order to wield it you need the infrastructure, organization, and solidarity needed to make it possible.
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Have you ever wondered why "low income" or "Section 8" housing is so shitty? Why they have shitty linoleum floors, cheap ass appliances, no dishwasher, janky door handles, etc.

It's not because these things are too expensive!
If an average market rate apartment building costs $10m to build, a low income building will cost $9.5-$9.75m. And a high-end swanky building might cost only $11m-$12m to build. The vast majority of the cost comes from the basic construction, not the finishing and furnishing.
Developers, who only build low income housing if forced to, could build their low income units to the exact same finish standard as a midrange market rate unit, rent them out under Section 8, and their net profit at the end of 30 years will be functionally identical.
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IMPORTANT TIP if you are buying body armor:

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If you are purchasing rifle plates for practical defense, go for ceramic plates if at all possible.

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Reninder for folks, your class position isn't determined by your income or wealth. It's determined by your relationship to the means of production. Or in non-jargon, class is determined by where your income comes from: wages, or investment.
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That said, waged workers who make exceptional amounts of money do exist, and many enjoy benefits, protections,and connections to the bourgeoisie that other workers don't, and they have the opportunity to move up the class ladder. These people are the Labor Aristocracy.
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