The Arlington Club started in 1867 by 35 “business and banking leaders of Portland”.

“For about 100 years, the club excluded Jews and minorities regardless of other criteria, and for 123 years it excluded women.”
“The Oregonian newspaper reported that in 1989 Jews and ethnic minorities made up less than 3 percent of the Arlington Club membership and that the membership included no African Americans.”
So even though minorities are allowed by the late 1960’s, it’s thirty years later and no Black people are members. Which isn’t shocking, if you remember that Black people couldn’t even legally move to Oregon until 1926.
Oregon was founded in 1859 as a racist utopia, just a few years before this club started. Seeing as how they’re a very private bunch, one can only imagine how deeply racism still runs through the inter workings of the Arlington Club.
“Three other clubs—the Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club (1891), the Waverly Golf Club (1896), and the University Club (1896)—formed during the 1890s, and memberships often overlapped with the Arlington Club”

Hm. The MAC? Interesting.
“In the 1890s at least, what was good for "them" was usually considered good for "the city". Rarely did the members distinguish between the public interest and their own private interests if actions and words have been reported accurately.”
“It would appear that many of the major decisions affecting Portland's business and political life were actually reached during "informal" discussions held within the club's portals.”

Yeah, that tracks.
CW domestic violence

In 2015, John Bradley, the president of the Arlington Club, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault, menacing and harassment after his wife called 911.…
CW domestic violence

Here’s a follow-up article from a few years later. Apparently this guy is a real piece of shit (this is not shocking)…
In the 2017 article, @wweek notes that Bradley also served on the board of the MAC, where we know mayor Ted Wheeler spent time during Portland’s recent heat wave, during which time over 100 people died.
Now, the Oregonian published this article today, where they name Jordan Schnitzer as a “philanthropist and real-estate mogul” who met with the DA, but he is also the current president of the Arlington Club with a net worth of $1 billion.…
Jordan is the grandson of Arlene Schnitzer, namesake of The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Because of course he is!
The article also says that Schnitzer suggested a list of lawyers to the DA who could “analyze what has been done right and not so right in response to the situation” (“situation” meaning “protest prosecutions that we think you fucked up on”).
Not only were those lawyers all Arlington Club members, but one of them, John Dilorenzo, is named here as secretary:…
So, just a moment of pause while I try and pick my brain up off the floor.

It should come of no surprise to anyone that behind closed doors where the rich and powerful spend their time are webs of political corruption and state violence.
This is literally just stuff I found on the internet about *one* club. There’s also The MAC, the University Club, and the Waverly Golf Club (safe to assume every golf club tbh) who are known to have overlapping memberships with prominent folks from the Arlington
It’s interesting to me that Ted’s schedule could say “volunteering at a swim meet at the MAC” when he might actually be spending that time shoving billionaires who own mansions in the west hills’ boots down his fucking throat
Excuse me, I spelled “Waverley” wrong.

Also, if you want membership there, you gotta pay $35,000 lmao what the fuck
Correction on saying Jordan was Arlene’s grandson: he is her son. Thank you to @writeo for that (I am not a journalist, I am seven rage-filled chinchillas in a trench coat)
A few folks have pointed out to me that there has been a recent custody battle between Jordan and his ex girlfriend. To me, the only thing of note from that custody battle is Jordan (who has a net worth of $1 billion) wants his ex to pay his $269,000 in legal fees.
If I had a billion dollars, I wouldn’t cause someone (who was already in incredible emotional pain over not having the right to see their child again) more pain by telling them to give me money hey don’t have, that I don’t need

Seems reasonable, I think
Also I would never have a billion dollars lol

• • •

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22 Jul
“In an email, clubhouse manager April Ramirez said the club has a ‘a strict policy of not sharing club information with the media.’”

I wonder why.
So, a group of rich old white men took the DA to an exclusive club and attempted to convince him to use money from the private sector to prosecute protest charges.

“I remember saying if you need help from the private sector, come to us and tell us what you need.”
“[…] it was Schnitzer who had made the suggestion for members of the legal community to ‘analyze what has been done right and not so right in response to the situation.’
“[…] the men had mentioned names of potential candidates to do that analysis, all Arlington Club members”
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16 Jun
The Minneapolis barricades being continually removed has me thinking a lot about the barricades at red house. Those barricades had webs of industrial pallet wrap that stretched across whole streets. They had layers and layers, so that if the cops came through one layer, 1/
they would have another, and another, and another to struggle and fight through before they ever reached the house, and the people protecting the house would have a heads up. There were boards of nails sticking up between the layers. Giant caltrops throughout. 2/
These are likely best built while in bloc. If anyone would like to see, here are some photos. And there are more I can DM if anyone wants to see. 3/ The layers of barricades at night, a photo taken from the toA dark street with tightened pallet wrap strung in a web acrA dark street at night with several giant red caltrops sittiA street at night with ten or so strips of wood with nails i
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25 May
been going through photos and stuff from my arrest and its bringing back so many memories. this is a thread of them (they are not happy)
when I was in holding, i asked for an ice pack. this cop asked me why and I just stared at him. when he saw how swollen my face was he just said "oh"

an hour and a half later I got a ziploc bag with a couple of ice cubes. there was a *full* medic station about 20 feet away
they shattered someones kneecap that night. his doctor found 14 different points of impact from rubber bullets. he left the justice center in a wheelchair.

they refused medical attention for hours. he was screaming the whole time.
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24 May
Trust is extremely important and once you become untrustworthy, gaining that back can be impossible. Just, point blank.

Do not spread misinformation or encourage others to do so.
This applies to a lot of things. Like the time someone walked past me and said there were “a bunch of proud boys around the corner” and there were four dudes just being bros
Or the time someone told a bunch of people there was a secret prison being built beneath the justice center
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