To: @FBI Director Chris Wray:

From: Rational America

cc: @WHCOS @TheJusticeDept @POTUS @VP

Subject: Your Mid-Term Review

This missive constitutes your mid-term review. To summarize: You are the worst FBI Director in our history who failed at the single most scared obligation
you have, and you should resign.

Director Wray, America is well aware that you were selected to your position for your malleable ethics and loyalty to conservative causes, or more accurately, conservative people.

Your defense of the sickening Bridge-gate fiasco for Chris
Christie is no doubt something you are proud of, but the rest of us find odious.

You were the perfect man for Trump because all his henchmen knew you would look the other way while he pissed all over the rule of law.

And BOY, did you stay true to form!

No one was more
accommodating of TFG’s lunacy & criminality than you.

If ever there was a narrative that you could massage to make him look a little less insane, you were all over it.

We all know that Russia interceded to help TFG win, but rather than level with the American people, you have
spent your entire tenure at FBI hiding the truth.

When the vetting of Brett Kavanaugh landed on your desk, you did the most slipshod, bootleg background check ever, because Kavanaugh was your type of guy, and his abuse of women was just not an issue for you.

You are
precisely the kind of “ends justify the means” kind of moral weathervane that America did NOT need.

So you pencil-whipped the vetting of someone who will likely sit on the SCOTUS for decades, and for that alone, you should be fired.

But that is by no means your only
dereliction of duty.

From allowing a president to send personal henchmen to extort an ally into helping him cheat an election, without a word of objection, to allowing TFG to ignore bounties being put on the heads of our troops in Afghanistan, you have been a friend to nothing
& no one but TFG’s self-serving political narratives.

The worst cyber security breach in our history took place on your watch.

So too did the deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens because you could never muster the courage to contradict your boss.

YOU knew that COVID
19 wasn’t a Democrat hoax, but you remained silent.

It was a breathtaking betrayal of the citizenry. It really was!

However, all of that pales in comparison to your abject failure to keep America safe when she needed you the most.

Like a Captain of a ship, your sacred
obligation was to
use every means at your disposal to ensure the safety of your vessel.

Not only did you allow the Good Ship
America to run aground, you allowed pirates to come aboard who intended to, &nearly succeeded in, killing members of Congress.

You have courageous men
& women to thank for the narrow miss on that disaster.

But at base, the biggest issue is you either helped 1/6 happen, or were so derelict that you couldn’t get a bead on what the average Tik Toker could decipher from social media.

Billy Joe Jim Bob and Inbred Jed couldn’t
shut up about their intentions.

They were all over Parler & Facebook, so you either shared those intentions, or ignored them.

And now, you can’t be bothered to even order an investigation into the obvious, chief and prime instigator of the attack?

It’s not because you’re
too stupid to see the connection.

It’s because you’re too immoral to give a damn.

For the rest of eternity, you will be the FBI Director who allowed an attack on the Congress of the United States to occur.

It’s time for you to go back to your Federalist Society Frat
brothers & slink
out of our FBI.

You are a betrayer of your oath of office, and if it were left to me, you’d
share a cell with the man you enabled to attack our country for the rest of your natural life.

You failed us.

You continue to fail us.

And you need to go.

That is all.

• • •

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24 Jul
Dear @SpeakerPelosi @BennieGThompson

I think it would be a GREAT idea for you to manage expectations early with Chris Wray and send him a letter asking for his sworn assurance that:

1) he will instruct every person under his authority to preserve all evidence in FBI possession
related to 1/6, and that he will ensure no evidence is spoiled, destroyed or misplaced.

2) That he will instruct everyone on his team to quickly comply with all documentary and testimonial requests from the Commission,

3) that he will brief (in secret if necessary) the panel
On all ongoing DOJ investigations related to 1/6.

4) That he will support any refusal to provide something requested by Congress with a written justification within 72 hours of denying the request, and

5) That NO ONE on his team will refuse to abide by a subpoena to testify
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24 Jul
EVERYTHING will boil down to Joe Biden getting rid of Garland & Wray.

When they start stonewalling Bennie Thompson & Nancy’s Commission, and we see in real time what they are going to do to keep us in the dark,

claiming that it will interfere with “ongoing investigations”
that don’t actually exist,

shit is going to get real!

My guess is that Mitch’s MOVE was to confirm Garland on some kind of deal that Congress, not DOJ would investigate 1/6.

And then he reneged and killed the “bipartisan” commission.

So now… no investigation is happening
other than Nancy’s, and Wray and Garland are going to do EVERYTHING they can to run out the clock and slow walk cooperation.

That is why, come November, you will be seeing MASS PROTESTS IN THE STREETS

No Dem wants to admit Garland was a bad call compromise, or that we
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24 Jul
Dear Middle Class “Centrists” White Congressional Democrats:

It is VERY important that you understand that your reflexive instinct to prioritize the wants & moods of GOP middle class white people, must be curbed this time.

You know them. You went to school w/ them
You run in the same social circles.


They are NOT the source of your power!

Even if you represent a district with few minorities, minority votes from ACROSS THE COUNTRY are what has given you the gavels in the House and Senate.

This time, you
will have to risk pissing off the country-club set, rather than telling Black people, Latino people, poor people to do ever-more work to keep YOU in power.

This is NOT about policy. This is about basic fairness & democracy.

If you are more worried about “swing” voters than
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24 Jul
JOE BIDEN can break the impasse in the Senate by replacing Garland and Wray, and cleaning out DOJ.

THAT is how we solve the problem.

Actually arrest and prosecute the criminals using their power to destroy democracy & the rule of law.

The Constitution makes clear that they are NOT ELIGIBLE to serve, but the case has to be MADE!

The federal penal code gives the DOJ the power to ARREST, DETAIN, INDICT and PROSECUTE them for their crimes, as per 18 U.S.C. Section 2384 and other sections.

If DOJ did it’s job,
the Senate impasse would be broken.

THAT is the play Joe is trying to avoid at all costs.

Garland is the GOP “stay” out of jail card.

Replace Garland & Wray, put in someone who will enforce the law &


The filibuster WILL GO, if jail is the alternative
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22 Jul
This message is for my sisters over 50.

I am NOT one to typically give out lifestyle advice, but I have come across 3 bits of knowledge/wisdom that have been GAME-CHANGERS for me.

So I thought I would share:

#1. Your body is a machine, like a car. The single most
important thing you do to maintain it is to put in the correct fuel.

But unlike a car, we can put all kinds of stuff in our body that is NOT fuel, and for a while, it will feel Ok.

So, tip one is to understand the difference between FUEL (stuff your body uses to run); STUFF
YOU EAT (things that taste good but don’t actually help the machine run); and POISON (things you eat that are harmful to & taxing on the machine).

If most of what you eat is not fuel, but stuff you eat or poison, don’t be surprised if your machine doesn’t run well.
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22 Jul
Three years ago, many politicians (including many Dems) insisted that the following agenda was “radical”:

*$15 min wage
*Medical care for everyone
*Paid sick leave for everyone
*Aggressive action on climate change
*Serious police & criminal justice reform
*Massive investment in
infrastructure including sustainable transportation systems
*Legal protections for LGBTQ+ Americans
*DACA protection and reform of ICE
*Revitalizing union organizing & bargaining rights
*Taxing the rich to remedy income inequality
*Protecting women’s reproductive rights
our forever war in Afghanistan
*Getting dark& corporate money out of our elections

Question: What part of that agenda was actually “radical?”

We need to take stock of how easy it was to manipulate people into hating ideas because they came from folks viewed as “destabilizing.”
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