.@BTS_twt's Japanese discography is definitely top tier; but have u ever noticed how the 4 songs: for you, lights, stay gold & film out create a beautiful yet heartbreaking quadruple? considering the theme of this wbb, the storyline indeed fits.

#WordsByBangtan @wordsby_bangtan
✰ Disclaimer ㅡ the long distance relationship which began btwn 2 individuals ended; but with lots of memories: too vivid for his eyes to lie. all the artworks in the cover edit is done by @.broken_isnt_bad on ig.

listen to this playlist while reading :
lets start w FOR YOU; it's clearly about a long distance relationship between two young ppl. even tho it's a young love, there's maturity; the chorus: "even if there is no answer // everything is inside your smile // truth" ㅡ here lies the beauty. ++
yk how one's smile never lies, the line, "even if we are apart // our hearts are connected to each other // forever with you" ㅡ is another line I find parallelism with the entire story of love and heartbreak in tannies' japanese discography. yes, ppl say long distance ++
relationships are hard, they're tough to trust, and honestly, I personally think it makes u a lot more vulnerable & transparent over time, cuz the distance, the urge to see ur beloved increases more with passing moments. "with distance my heart opens more" ㅡ this is exactly ++
what I'm talking about. even tho the trust in such relationships are thinner compared to rl relationships, still there will always be something in u which will make u deny all the rubbish rumors, but ultimately u'll never know when that 'thin layer of trust' aerified, wiping ++
out all the trace of "love" in that relationship. the word "forever" is definitely a small word, with only 2 syllables, but holds a lot of responsibility and promises. in FOR YOU, they said, "forever with you"; but did their ships collide? or they just passed across eo? ++
"for you" ended w a beautiful promise, "under the sun forever just the two of us // it is alright since we are connected always" ㅡ while in "lights", "In the darkness, your light // lights the way for me // we can walk forward without fear, you & I" ++
in the chorus connects this song to this storyline. this is the moment when you need the help of one's eyes to view the beautiful world. when your eyes fail to see the beauty of darkness, your lover's eyes lit it up, guide you to the beautiful world. their eyes bcm your eyes. ++
"No matter how far apart we are // your light shines on me" ㅡ when you're alone, you're in dark; but when u are with your beloved, u can see the world, even in the pitch dark. just like a clueless boat in the sea guided by a lighthouse. moving on to "stay gold", the same ++
reference of 'lights' is used here. the very first line, "In a world where you feel cold // you gotta stay gold" ㅡ shows how even in the darkest of times, you must stay optimistic cuz you have your beloved to light up your dark world. for further ++
analysis; concentrate on namgi's verse; how this is clearly connected to lights' concept. now, we've got a new turn in this story. until "for you" and "lights', we talked about how 2 individuals feel when they're in love. now, we'll see what happens when these 2 ppl meet. ++
time stops ㅡ in "stay gold", it's the "even the clock hand // stops ticking". now this leads us to another part of this storyline. so, by far; when the boat reaches its lighthouse, time stops. lastly, we have "film out" which is that point when everything stops ! ++
since we were talking about the 'stopping time', let's talk about the hourglass; this shows, the time doesn't tick when they’re together, but ticks once they’re separated. this is the stage when both of them are separated and they can never meet eo. ++
the protagonist has vivid memories, but there's no way, he can get back his lost love once again, cuz it's gone, gone forever. in stay gold, he said, "I'll gently make you mine // I want u as mine"; he did make her fall for him, but couldn't hold her for too long. the time ++
didn't wait for them, the boat left the lighthouse. to explain the entire story line: "for you" was the beginning of a young love, regular chit-chats through phone (sound and light), "lights" was the stage when the started comforting eo, but the only connection between them ++
was sound cuz both of them are each other's light. "stay gold" is about how time stops when these two light rays meet eo, how much they love eo,, lastly "film out" is about the seperation, concluding the storyline with a heart-touching ending ㅡ nothing stays forever, cuz ++
all these times, all the moments we've spent w eo were the precious memories that'll help us to walk the road alone, when the other person let goes our hand: cuz by this time we surely know how to light up the dark room w/o the help of others. now, the time is ticking on its ++
own pace w/o any hindrance, your boat is sailing peacefully, but this time, the memories won't let you go. they'll stick to your mind and give you the strength to walk steadily even in the darkest roads. that's pretty much it for today :)

thank u sm for reading this thread, ++
"crystal snow", "let go" and "your eyes tell" surely has similar color and story, but I didn't want this thread to get too long, but yk how these 3 songs fit the storyline as well! create that story including these 3 songs, go through their lyrics. tannies' japanese lyrics ++
are ought to make one cry! I hope that playlist was a good mood setter haha; once again tysm for reading till the end, these are all my interpretations, so feel free to share your take on these songs. have a great day/night ♡!

lyric translations from : @Genius !

• • •

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"the story of self-acceptance" through j-hope's lyricism. the sequence of understanding and validating oneself through his songs are ㅡ mama, daydream & outro: ego.

this is a collaborative project of rapline (by me, @ammisays & @literakiphany)

#WordsByBangtan @wordsby_bangtan
✰ Disclaimer ㅡ this entire thread is written in lyrical pov and completely based on my own interpretation. all the illustrations in the cover edit is done by moonassi on ig. I hope yall like it !!

pulled the lyric translations from : doolsetbangtan.wordpress.com
let's start off with mama: when hoseok's father opposed his decision of him following his dreams, his mother "set a small boat of dream afloat". behind his success, it's definitely his mother's immense handwork. his mother's hard work didn't make him weak, it made him even ++
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composition was definitely something I needed to watch !! also look at the movement of the guitarist's legs; they aren't moving along with the beats, they're moving with the secondary beats (positions of the bass); yes, that's a peak professionalism.
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"Permission to dance (R&B remix)" is inspired by the 90's Electro-R&B with soulful intonations in the vocals (with decreased intensity of sound effects) over the slight/soft hip-hop beat with a very less amt of use of synth ㅡ a soundscape analysis thread. open.spotify.com/track/2iLgHSA5…
the entire thing to be briefed down: the song is hip-hop smoothed out by cutting the sharp edges (musically) with the R&B tip with the main genre (pop) feel appeal to it. lemme also add how they enhanced the oasis-synths and included the slow beats and bass guitar like that ++
of sophisti-pop (everything ending the jazzy vibe & saxophone). the vocals definitely are the same, but since it's even clearer here; I get it now, the vocal techniques they've used is mostly jazz combined and elements of gospel. cuz lemme show u smth:
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I made my grandfather watch the "black swan" MN dance company art film; honestly his reaction was priceless. he is a classical musician (violinist) & he pointed out some imp elements which I'll b sharing here !

here goes a soundscape educational thread !
the first thing he said was, "this song is an art" and yk I can never disagree with him on this one point, cuz who'd dare to? the moment he saw this one quote, you won't believe the little gasp he let out; my grandpa is very much fond of art, and Martha Graham is undoubtedly ++ Image
one of the assets in the field of dance and art. when my grandpa was talking about her, I told him about jimin and how the dialogue, "I have spent all my life with dance and being a dancer. It's permitting life to use you in a very intense way. Sometimes it is not pleasant. ++
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both ptd & dynamite are "disco pop" but the strings, punchy toms, snaps & claps gives a different taste to ptd!
@BTS_twt #Permissiontodance Image
thread divided into 2 parts ㅡ
• soundscape analysis (production).
• short vocal/rap analysis (techniques/skills)

❁ i'm not an expert, these are just my grasp upon vocals and productions. I have tried my best to explain everything in utmost detail ♡!
first off lets talk about the genre; disco pop (sub genre: synth). yes, Dynamite was also disco pop, but the sub genre was kpop. in ptd, the music is layered soaring, kinda reverberated vocals, over a background pad ("punchy tom" to be precise) of pianos and strings. The ++
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