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$UOS thread 6.


This isn’t ‘just’ gaming. This isn’t ‘just’ the massively expanding market with ~200B revenue. This is the next iteration of dApps, with a gaming funnel that will bring 8-9 figures of users to blockchain technology.

Let’s talk about the current king of dApp ecosystems: $eth.

~5M users per month
~First iteration
What do you have to do/know to use some of the incredible dApps on Ethereum?

-generally purchase eth on a CEX
-move to defi wallet or hardware wallet
- utilizing uniswap to buy necessary tokens
-MetaMask to permission access to protocols
-understanding of keys/safety
-knowledge of nfts
Etc. etc. many many more.

I have friends that still won’t use uniswap even and stick to CEX’s. It’s very confusing for normies to go through these processes. It adds risk to the process. The confusion and LOE are giant deterrents.
Let’s talk about $UOS now

-Wallet created in the background at point of account creation
-direct fiat onboarding
-app ecosystem fully baked into the platform
-millions of gamers joining ecosystem from gaming partnerships with Ultra Games (a single app)
I’ve said these points before, but let’s break that down. This might be the most important thing to understand.
If $eth had these capabilities, you’d create an account on say (Eth.com). A wallet would be created for you. You would then see an app ecosystem right in front of you (opensea, bancor, axie, etc).
You find an @ImmaDegen you like on opensea? You can buy it with cash. It’s automatically converted with eth.

Want to earn yield? You go to bancor app, you pick your pool, you can deposit fiat (automatically converted) or tokens.
No need to approve MetaMask.
No need to wait or pay for transactions.
No moving money between wallets.
No waiting for the CEX to give you funds.
No need to manage keys.
Think about how many more people would be buying NFT’s or earning disgusting yield if Ethereum was that simple.

This is about to rollout for $uos.
On top of that, developing on $UOS is easier, and the blockchain is superior.

We’ve explored why this is better for consumers- what about producers?
Do you remember many apps before iOS?

Yeah not really right. Probably didn’t use them much either.

Right now devs are building standalone applications on $eth.

Build it, and then foster a community, teach them to use the protocol, gain traction.
$uos is web3 iOS.

Build an app, put it on their ecosystem, now millions of users have it right there in front of them. Wallet already enabled. Nft marketplace already integrated.

No transaction fees, almost instant transactions.
Would you build an app now without the goal of getting it on the major app stores? No.

Millions of users will already be using the platform because of the premier app- Ultra Games. These users will be thirsty for more apps. They will get them.
I’ve said this before too, but the sdk and blockchain make it a lot easier for devs to build here. Blockchain elements are abstracted away. You can launch dApps. You can launch tokens. You can create nfts. All much easier than on eth. And fully integrated with this huge user base
Yes. I think $uos would be top 10 easily off of just the millions of users coming to Ultra Games.

but this project has solved all of the issues that normies have with blockchain. It’s not confusing. It’s not hard. It’s just another app ecosystem that they’re already used to.
But it’s for web3. And it’s powered by $uos. And it’s going to have some damn powerhouse applications.

Think bigger. This will pass $eth in holders quickly. Just from gaming. The endgame is global blockchain adoption. And nowhere else does the path looks this clear.

• • •

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9 Sep

-regulation -> $ALBT
-ease of use -> $UOS
-interoperability -> $QNT

The total crypto market cap today is $2.11T.

This is a very impressive number. However, Apple and Microsoft, as individual companies, are worth more than everything put together...
The current space is very similar to the early days of the internet: clunky, developed in silos, difficult to access.

Not many users. Only the early adopters.

1. There was not a TON of utility for the normal user.
2. Network effect hadn't been established.
3. It was hard.
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4 Aug
$UOS Thread #7.

This one is going to be quite different. Almost entirely speculation. A lot of these things I think we will see happen.

I don't know.

I am obsessed with this project and see many possible avenues to WORLD DOMINATION.


world domination.
Many have said the market cap of $UOS is too large. That it can't reach $100.

"That'll be top 3!" yeah i know. shut up. Listen.

$100 is my conservative mid/long term estimate, if most of the things I am speculating on... DO NOT HAPPEN.

read this:
FIRST- the things we DO know:

-Blockchain and SDK created to abstract blockchain elements away for users and developers
-first app ecosystem for web 3
-Other tokens will launch on the $uos blockchain
-NFT's lock up UOS
-numerous AAA Game devs involved with project
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