“Hormones hormones blah blah, but what would you have done if you lived in a time without HRT? Huh? HUH???”

It’s pretty simple. I’d probably be dead or close to it. Hormone therapy saved my life. I couldn’t have socially transitioned without it because my dysphoria was too much.
I’m just so fortunate to live in an era of medicine where hormonal transition is possible. I often wonder how many people like me existed in history and couldn’t make it. It’s really hard to describe how much my dysphoria was related to having an incongruent hormonal profile.
There was no path outside my house as Emmy without HRT. In fact I didn’t even present feminine *in my house* until I’d been on HRT for about 11 months. Long story, but trying to be a crossdresser years before acceptance really warped me and made me fear that feeling ever again.

Trans HRT is often looked at as ‘something trans people do to look a certain way,’ but for me and many folks it goes wayyy further than that and allows us to not experience debilitating levels of neurological and physiological unwellness. It’s quite literally lifesaving!
ps- this is what scares me most about the current push by anti-trans activists to eliminate my access to healthcare - without my meds, life gets really tough really quickly, though it will be better without T production ever again
All hormones should be fr…



All Healthcare should be free! Including hormones!

• • •

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27 Jul
bald women ftw 💪🏼👩🏼‍🦲
I presented bald for much of my adult life because at an early age it and all my body hair fell out. For a few years early in transition, I did wigs and while trying to grow it, but no luck. Cool part is that few years gave me enough separation time that I only see bald Emmy.
I’m the scary bald trans woman they never warned you about. Just look how scary I am!
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27 Jul
When anti-trans folks assert “men can’t be women,” what they really mean is trans women can’t be cis women, but their folly is in the bioessentialist belief that reproductive anatomy is an overlord of identity when in fact the existence of trans people disproves this a priori.
If you begin with the observation at hand, that trans people exist, regardless of your elementary justifications why we shouldn’t, then you begin to approach the question with an agenda of truth instead of trying to force the world to be what it is not: without trans people.
Imagine the worldview where you triple-, no quadruple-down on identity being *derived* from genitalia. Perhaps in cis folks it’s not that hard to believe because of the very nature of their cisness, but trans people demonstrate this to be false throughout human history.
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26 Jul
Transphobes are actively seeking ways to use the power of the state to eradicate trans people. It’s really that simple. They don’t need your (cis folks’) active cooperation to do it, only your passive silence.
This is why the line between fascist and transphobe is so blurry. It’s one thing to be an intolerant bigot, but it’s another thing entirely to build a coordinated effort to harness the power of the state for eradication of a group of ‘othered’ people.
Make no mistake: they’re stripping us of the rights we have enjoyed for many decades. They’re fighting against a status quo that demonstrably harms no one by creating faux moral panic. More Republican congressmen have been arrested for sex crimes in bathrooms than trans folks.
Read 4 tweets
25 Jul
“Mammals can’t change sex!”

me, a mammal: ::changes sex::
Transphobes: dammit why won’t this territory follow the map!?!? 😡
Transphobes construct their definitions of sex to give the result they wish trans people were. Whether one can change sex or not simply depends on how it is defined, and the closer that definition reflects reality, the more the answer is yes, humans can change sex.
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23 Jul
“Men will fake being trans” lol dudes won’t even wear pink or drink soy milk because they fear emasculation, but yeah they’ll pretend to be women to prey on women in a culture of normalized sexist violence enacted by men against women in broad daylight with impunity. Sure Jan.
In a country where a man can brag on tape about sexual assault (grab ‘em…) and still be elected president, the very last thing any man needs to do to prey on or assault women is pretend to be a woman, not to mention the ways toxic masculinity uses effemimania to crucify such.
I mean also like, can we not hold human rights of a marginalized group hostage on the ridiculous assertion that there’s an infinitesimal chance a different group of people might abuse those rights?

“You can’t have rights because others might abuse them!” is pure brain worms.
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23 Jul
Wanting to be another gender is gender dysphoria.
Usually you find you were wanting to be the gender you already are. 🙃
Might seem obvious and all, but honestly misunderstanding dysphoria and transness is a strong theme in many older transition stories.
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