Thread: what's going on at Blizzard is a real-time case study in how the American civil rights legal regime makes progressive tyranny inevitable. People like to repeat this line: "politics is downstream of culture" but that's not exactly true and this is a great moment to see why
The commissars at the California DFLH turned the Eye of Sauron on Blizzard and it is now in the midst of an employee walkout #ActiBlizzWalkout, playerbase protests, and a stock tumble. All because of unsubstantiated allegations from people who don't know how to spell "Bill Cosby"
In response, Blizzard and its executives have issued groveling apologies filled with recitations of progressive mantra. "Do better." "Tell their truth." "All genders." They have also embarked on an iconoclastic purge of all in-game references to employees named in the lawsuit.
Keeping in mind that the lawsuit by definition presents every allegation in the most sinister and uncharitable way, what are some of the key pieces of evidence? One of the first claims made is simply that Blizzard employs too many white people. That Blizzard employs too many men.
What else? That Blizzard employees go on cubicle crawls where they drink and make jokes. That they play video games at work (a common, innocent, and widely-known aspect of video game companies and Blizzard in particular). Vague gender pay gap claims. Questioning a black woman.
One video making the rounds as an example of the egregious sexism so common at Blizzard is this Q&A at a Blizzcon panel. Literally just normal banter with the audience that occurs every other question at these events, except that this asker is a woman.
In a legal regime where the state literally employs commissars to police company culture and where any disparate employment numbers, let alone stray jokes, casual conversation, and normal human behavior will be used as evidence against you, progressive tyranny is inevitable.
Even if Blizzard has done nothing wrong, it will endure massive costs in settlements or legal fees to defend itself, in reputation, and - very significantly for anyone who thinks of founding a company in future - through the destruction of the people who built it's legacy.
For most companies, that's just not worth the risk. If creating make-work jobs for minorities, paying diversity consultants to lecture employees on racism and sexism, and turning company culture into a cold, robotic, jargon-filled ritual will mitigate legal liability, they will.
So long as the government imposes vast costs on anyone who might even possibly attract the ire of California diversity lawyers, and so long as the mob (even ostensibly "based" members like @Asmongold ) will reliably follow in their footsteps, universal progressivism is inevitable
But the tragedy is that these changes destroy the creative genius that builds a company in the first place. Blizzard's greatest days were when it was a largely male (and white) group of guys just hanging out and having fun. Every step away from that atmosphere has been a decline.
This is the life cycle of all creative communities. A group of people with a shared and often obsessive interest decide to do something, it becomes successful, and then outsiders join until the attributes that made the community so successful in the first place are diluted away.
But instead of trying to delay decline, western society has chosen to accelerate it. That's the story of Blizzard and of every other community that wants to exist under our progressive regime. Politics, and the laws it produces, are in large part responsible for this culture.

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