Entrepreneurship vs. 9-5 jobs.

Why i chose MONEY & FREEDOM.

The FINAL debate.

A thread.
First off, who am I?

Serial entrepreneur

4+ failed companies

Couple uber successful ones

Made $50K a month in the music industry with my team of 8 employees & 50+ artists

worked w Warner, Universal, Red Bull, Mercedes-Benz, Fortnite etc
Many Extreme ups & downs

I made over $1M with my agency

Won 2 industry awards (LA Emmys, Mark Awards)

Changed the Music game, found lots of success

Got that out of the way

NOW... what does the life of a typical 9-5er look like?
9-5 LIFE (1 - MONEY)

Make "just enough" money

Always keeping up with the Joneses

Government takes 35-50% of your income (no deductions)

Ask your Boss for a raise... most of the time they won't give it to you

Not rewarded monetarily for hard work
9-5 LIFE (2 - CONTROL)

Your Boss (daddy) controls you

He decides your day-to-day, career trajectory, & basically everything else

Need to ask your Boss to "be able to go to my kids' soccer game at 4"

Shackled down by lack of $$

No options

Any adversity, you're fucked

Probably toxic & shitty

Count on one hand how many co-workers you actually LIKE

You'd be LUCKY to have a great Boss

Most company cultures are passive aggressive & toxic

Sometimes you can find friends

Relatively safe & low risk

Monthly paycheck comes on-time every month

U can join a union, get benefits, and live nearly "risk free"

Company CAN fire you whenever and you can't do anything

so not completely risk-free
9-5 LIFE

No control over your OWN life

Answer to your boss (daddy)

Why put your life in the hands of another man?

You won't make enough $$ to truly LIVE & be nearly worry-free

Illusion of safety when ur actually expendable

Entrepreneurs fail a LOT

It's not "safe"

You're betting the whole fucking Barn on YOURSELF

Nothing to fall back on

But here's why I think it Trumps having a 9-5

Once you crack the code on HOW to make $$, you'll literally print it

No "asking for a raise", just fucking make more money lol

Unlimited tax deductions, Just ask Trump

Fairly rewarded: make another $500K/yr, YOU get that $$, not "the company"

U have FULL control

I lived in Bangkok, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Miami

Went on "workcations" to 10+ countries

Chose who I spent time with

Chose my clients & team

U can move at drop of a hat (lifestyle, natural disaster, or just because)

More $$ = more control... family member needs costly surgery? Pay for it

A plague hits with 25% mortality rate? just pick up your shit and move

you have cash reserves & work online

Not tied down to a physical 9-5

U literally CHOOSE your team

Shitty employee? Fire them

Shitty client? Ya just fire them


Again, this goes back to Control

U have the power to create a heavenly work environment.

Not gonna sugarcoat it


(if you don't believe in yourself)

Or if you don't have 3+ Fuck You Skills

Become great at 3+ Fuck You Skills & it's NOT risky

1) Client acquisition (lead gen/sales)
2) Business systems creation
3) Hiring & training
4) Building company culture
5) Market research
6) Personal branding
7) Copywriting
8) Offer-crafting
9) Coding
10) No-code automation

lots more
Get a 9-5 IF

1) You're under 110 IQ
2) You like to be controlled
3) You like being told what to do
4) You want to slack off & don't really believe in yourself
Become an Entrepreneur IF you:

1) Are 110+ IQ & creative
2) Disciplined & manage ur time (Pomodoro technique)
3) Completely believe in urself & are OK with failing 2-3x before reaching success
4) Want to TRULY reach your potential & accomplish things people think are impossible

if you wanna become an Entrepreneur & are Young

It can be GREAT to get a 9-5 for a few years

Treating it as an education

Learning the ins & outs of an Industry, THEN going out on your own

Just don't stay at that 9-5 for decades
I've never seen an Entrepreneur say "Fuck, I wish I had a 9-5"

But there are SO MANY people at 9-5s who want to become Entrepreneurs

For 1 reason or another

They never do it

Don't let that be you

If you want a 9-5, DO IT

If you want to be an Entrepreneur, DO IT
Me? I've been an Entrepreneur since I was 14

It's a Control game for me

I have COMPLETE & UTTER CONTROL over my life

I don't want ANYONE ELSE guiding my life

Becoming a successful entrepreneur does that for you
Do you have a 9-5? Do you like it? Did I get anything wrong?

Are you an Entrepreneur? How's your Journey going?

Reply below 👇
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21 Jul
The OFFICIAL Cold Outreach Master Resource List.

A thread.
Do cold email or LinkedIn outreach? Omni-channel?


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16 Jul
U should always be leveraging more & more

Here's your process

1) work for free
2) get 5-10 $1-5K/month retainers
3) get rev share + potential equity deals only

Eventually ur agency should be a cash cow

High margins &/or a turn into a holding company if you're getting equity
It's a process. takes time

Work for free

fail, learn, fail, succeed, now start charging low/mid-tier retainers

Learn more, become great at your craft, build great systems & team

then if possible do rev share deals only. Bring in lots of rev. take equity /w startups if u can
You CANNOT SELL an agency doing $1-5K retainers

U just can't

Unless it's for a .5-1x multiple

Why the Retainer model is just training for the big leagues (rev share on big $$ & equity w startups)

Graduate from retainers & get into rev share/equity ASAP
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How to build a $10K/mo cold outreach agency.

Your blueprint to MASSIVE success.

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In THIS thread

Yeah, the one you're reading right now

I'll teach you exactly HOW

To do Cold Outreach

and build a $10K+/month company

In just a few hours a week

(**you can easily get to $50K+/month too)

What is Cold Outreach?

Reaching out, 1 on 1, to a hyper-targeted audience, through LinkedIn & Email

Goal: getting prospects on sales calls

and converting them into clients

You'll be doing this FOR other companies (your clients)

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13 Jul
Made 3-4+ songs for Fortnite

past few yrs with my now-disbanded music agency

Here's one which hit 30M+ views
Made this song in 2018 for Universal Music

Listen below 👇

My share of royalties (50% of musicians share, 25% of total) was $1.1K for almost 31M views

Not bad Image
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13 Jul
How to build business systems.

A Masterclass worth thousands of $$ for FREE.
How do you scale? build an infectious culture? sell your company for millions?

ANSWER: Build Fortune 500-level systems

Systems are THE ENTIRE BACKBONE of the biggest companies in the world

Today I'll show you exactly how to build these systems

Welcome to my Masterclass


What does this Systems Masterclass include?

- What software u should use
- The anatomy of a system (explanation + example pics)
- Exclusive video of my agency's HIGH-POWERED project management system
- Chance to sign up to my email list at the end

Let's GO
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5 secret strategies I used to 3X my agency's revenue during COVID.

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At it's HEIGHT in 2020, Shut Down Music (my music-for-media agency)

Had 8 employees, 50+ artists, & made $600K+

We went from $200K in 2019 to $600K in JUST a year

Won 2 industry awards (LA Emmy & Mark Award), had our music in 1000s of TV shows, movies, video games, & ads
How did I build Shut Down Music to a powerhouse?

Why were people in the industry calling me a legend at just 21 yrs old?

How did I make over $1M in the MUSIC INDUSTRY?? Which is notorious for being hard to make money in

HERE are the 5 secret strategies I used

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