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Jul 31, 2021 20 tweets 17 min read
While HART try to look respectable in public, behind closed doors they believe vaccines killed more people than they saved.

Members share anti-vax conspiracy theories, talk about hanging nurses, and believe that vaccines make you magnetic or are a plot to depopulate the Earth! ImageImageImageImage
Back in January they were discussing ways to put people off getting vaccinated, from "asking concerned questions" and playing up disinformation about fertility, to ignoring reports of vaccine wastage and suggesting they "find a way to help them get [the rollout] wrong" instead. ImageImageImageImage
HART were worried about being branded as anti-vax right out of the gate though, and decided to keep quiet in public.

Even Michael Yeadon, who a couple of months later was claiming covid vaccines could kill millions of people, warned of the danger of "looking like anti vaxxers". ImageImageImageImage
But in private they talked about vaccination being responsible for the surge in deaths over winter, and claimed that "the cure will be worse than the disease".

One member even said "we are witnessing man-made carnage", and that HART would be complicit if it didn't speak out. ImageImageImageImage
When the government increased the gap between vaccine doses, HART members thought this was a tacit admission that the vaccines were killing the elderly, and an attempt to hide this.

They predicted "complete carnage" when "those who survived the first dose" got their second. ImageImageImageImage
This is, of course, complete and utter nonsense.

Second jabs for the elderly mostly took place in March and April.

Cases and deaths fell.

Even when a new wave did arrive, after lockdown was lifted in May, infections and deaths in the elderly were far lower than previous waves. Image
Luckily HART are part of a whole incestuous network of covid sceptic groups with overlapping membership.

Liz Evans ("wireless radiation health adviser") is also the founder of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, who happily attacked vaccines in public while HART stayed "clean". ImageImageImage
Things really kicked off though when SAGE's Prof John Edmunds suggested vaccinating children.

HART draft a letter to "put him on notice".

Members rant about "anti science hysteria" from people who "literally sold their souls to the devil".

Yeadon says "they need shooting". ImageImageImageImage
The most extreme member though seems to be lawyer Anna de Buisseret, who repeatedly posts long rambling messages about crimes against humanity and conspiracy favourites like the Great Reset and Agenda 21.

Other members don't bat an eyelid to her crazed rants. Some encourage her. ImageImageImageImage
When she talks about hanging nurses, nobody complains.

Her "notice to all medics" says they're "taking part in a live human experiment" which is a "crime against humanity".

She brings up the Nuremberg Trials, and says doctors and nurses "risk ending up on the end of a noose"! ImageImageImageImage
But then Michael Yeadon upstages her by abruptly talking about covid vaccines being a plot to depopulate the Earth in late March.

Amazingly, other members support his crazy claim!

One doctor says "we need to pray specifically for Mike Yeadon to get special Divine protection"! ImageImageImageImage
This carries on into April before he goes quiet.

He suggests vax passports are "another clue that their solution involves far fewer people", that authorities "could release a more lethal form" of covid to "allow whatever the next steps are", and that the pandemic was planned! ImageImageImageImage
Members also repeatedly discussed whether vaccination was somehow directly causing covid, causing false positive tests, "reactivating dormant virus", or if some batches were even contaminated with live virus! ImageImageImageImage
Meanwhile Liz Evans was claiming that there was a "bigger agenda" to introduce more mRNA vaccines "and therefore mass gene therapy from babies upwards".

"We could face a complete public health catastrophe". ImageImage
Elsewhere members discuss whether the rollout of 5G was linked to covid, "even though I feel like David Icke".

Anna Rayner (a homeopath who "treats" autism and "vaccine damage") thinks it's "totally reasonable", and that Google censoring disinformation is a sign it may be true. ImageImageImageImage
Even now, members frequently suggest that covid vaccines made people MORE vulnerable and killed thousands, and that falling death rates in the elderly now aren't because the vaccines worked but because they "took out most of the vulnerable in the first vax wave". ImageImageImageImage
Meanwhile several prominent members seem to have fallen for a discredited report that the Pfizer vaccine is 99% graphene oxide.

Liz Evans even suggests that this may be making people magnetic, "interacting" with 5G, and poisoning babies via vaccinated mothers' breast milk! ImageImageImageImage
Apparently even PANDA drew the line at this "nonsense". But HART seem completely taken in by the bizarre story, and quickly setup an entire chat channel dedicated to "biomagnetism".

Liz Evans calls it a "crime against humanity on an unprecedented scale". ImageImageImageImage
HART present themselves as "a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other experts" who "question the narrative".

But in private they look more like a bunch of quacks and conspiracy nuts hiding behind a thin veneer of faux respectability. ImageImageImage

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Many of the backbenchers forcing Johnson to scale back renewable energy plans are the same ones who worked with anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists to pressure the government to drop even the most basic public health measures against covid, resulting in record infection rates.
The Net Zero Scrutiny Group of 20 climate change sceptic Tory MPs includes several Covid Recovery Group members:

Steve Baker
Esther McVey
Marcus Fysh
Craig Tracey
Karl McCartney
Anne Marie Morris

The CRG worked with anti-vax disinformation group HART.

Net Zero Scrutiny Group member Esther McVey is also co-chair of the covid sceptic APPG funded by Collateral Global, a "charity" setup by the Great Barrington Declaration's authors.

The GBD was sponsored by a libertarian climate change denial think tank.

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