Already found $250 million for an invasive plant species removal program lol.

Infrastructure! ImageImage
Oh cool, $50 million for STUDIES on how to tax us more with road usage and per-mile fees.

You are useless, @GOP. Useless. ImageImageImage
Studies on people hitting deer lol. Infrastructure! Image
$50 million for ten “Transportation Resilience and Adaptation Centers of Excellence”, which will do climate change reports and engage “disadvantaged communities”.

Again, you are f**king trash, @GOP ImageImageImage
Upgraded Amtrak train service in......Canada.

Speechless. Image
Combatting human trafficking is infrastructure, apparently Image
Promoting more lady truckers is infrastructure, even though gender isn’t really a thing anymore Image
Studying the safety of limousines is infrastructure Image
All new cars will have to be equipped with a breathalyzer, h/t @creek_ghost Image
Studies on smoking the weed and driving. Infrastructure! Image
Sport fishing and recreational boating safety is infrastructure Image
$2.5 billion in green energy subsidies for schools and non-profits ImageImage
The “Digital Equity Act” lmfaoooooo Image
$5 billion for low/zero emissions school buses ImageImage
$250 million for electric ferries ImageImage
We sellin 87 million barrels of oil from the SPR, moist boooooiiiiiii Image
Another $2.6 billion for NOAA, those science bitches pop up in every single spending bill lol Image
$50 million for Utah, there’s Mitt’s payout Image
$16.3 billion for DOE renewable energy and efficiency programs Image
$2.1 billion for carbon dioxide transportation infrastructure Image
$21.5 billion for clean energy demonstrations Image
$1 billion for the Appalachian regional commission, there’s Manchin’s payout. And $150 million for the Delta regional authority Image
$75 million for the Denali commission, there’s Murkowski’s payout Image
$14.2 billion for the FCC Image
$3.4 billion for the Federal Buildings fund Image
$330 million for DHS Image
$455 million for the Fish and Wildlife service Image
$510 million for the US geological survey Image
$4.7 billion for P&A and workovers Image
$2 billion for the EPA Image
$3.5 billion for Indian Health Service. Infrastructure! Image
Well, that’s what popped out on the first skim.

Tomorrow will be working up the full RandoLand breakdown.

At least I haven’t seen the National Endowment for the Arts yet
LOL came across $250 million for reducing truck emissions at ports.

Vital, vital stuff. Image
Found $500 million for the Healthy Streets Program. Can't find anything about it.

Anybody in the know on this one? Image
Oh. It's grants for cities to "provide funding to deploy cool and porous pavements and expand tree cover to mitigate urban heat islands, improve air quality, and reduce flood risks"
$75 million for the "Open Challenge and Research Proposal pilot program"

Provides grants for proposals to "research needs or challenges identified or determined as important by the Secretary"

So a slush fund for Mayor Pete? Image
Heh. $350 million for the Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program. Bridges for critters Image
Tying this one into thread re: Manchin. His wife is co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission set to receive $1 billion
I certainly hope Richard Burr and Thom Tillis got more than a high priority designation for highway 421 for stabbing us in the back. Image
So there's a pilot program for states to transfer and sell toll credits. If I'm to understand this correctly, the more tolls you collect, the more credits you have, and the more money the feds give you for projects.

So get ready for way more toll roads I guess. Thx @GOP!!! ImageImage
I did not realize our disaster response was this reliant on bicycles. Anyway, we're going to make sure first responders are up to snuff on their bicycle knowledge. ImageImage
$10 million for the "Pollinator-friendly practices on roadsides" program. Ten million for planting milkweed on the side of the road.

I am deceased. ImageImageImage
Uh, so circling back to that $75 million for studying alternative road taxes....

They will study implementing a progressive road use tax. With fees dependent on income group, rural vs. urban use, enforced by third party entities(big tech). And an ad campaign to sell it.

Wow ImageImageImageImage
I shit you not. The advisory boards for all these pilot programs to study how to tax us more for driving?

Must include "advocacy groups focused on equity"

Again, this is the bipartisan bill. Image
A study on using bauxite on roads? Haven't we been doing that forever?

And also studying how to incorporate renewables into pavement designs. Whoopie shit. ImageImage
Another Center for Excellence. This one will be for self-driving cars and electric scooters ImageImage
A Center for Excellence on electric scooters. Yeah. That's in the bill. You read that right.
I'm not a train wonk, so this Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Finance Reform stuff is over my head.

It starts on page 666 of the bill so it has to be bad. And Mayor Pete gets another $120 million to play with. Anyone in the know can check it out:… ImageImageImageImage
Grants for Amtrak: $19.2 billion. BILLION.

What the hell is the point in voting Republican? Image
$7.5 billion for intercity passenger rail grants.

Trains. F**king. Suck. Image
LOL they actually removed wording from existing law that said Amtrak had to achieve a performance level to justify spending public money. Amazing. In your face, peasants. Image
Upgrading Amtrak food service is actually a priority for our elected leaders right now. Image
$15 million to STUDY long distance daily Amtrak commuting ImageImage

• • •

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24 Nov
I’m a rural driver who drives long distances and an electric vehicle would cause so many headaches for me it’s ridiculous
When I load up my job box and tools, my range is going to plummet. I wouldn’t even be able to use my truck all day on my current work site to complete my job, driving between necessary locations within the site
I get a call and have to drive possibly 500 miles straight.

An electric vehicle is going to add a day or two to just getting there.
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18 Nov
There’s a fundamental disconnect in how people view the egregious punishment of Q shaman.

Some people simply believe the Capitol is somehow more sacred than our communities.

After watching what goes on there, I find that notion preposterous.
Which is more sacred? An old government building where degenerates like Ted Kennedy and Maxine Waters are celebrated, or a small multi generational family furniture store in a Wisconsin town?

It’s a no brainer for me, bubby.
There’s cheeseburger joints and general stores in my hometown that have been open since before I was born. Run by the finest people you’ll ever meet.

You expect me to value those places less than the Capitol? Really?
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6 Nov
Republicans just helped Democrats pass $500 million for Tree equity.

Do the next time they complain about it, tell them to shut the f**k up.…
Republicans just helped Democrats get $500 million for “Transportation Resilience and Adaptation Centers of Excellence”…
Republicans just helped Democrats pass $250 million for the “congestion relief program”, a climate change program that will impose fees for parking and driving during peak hours…
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26 Sep
You wanna know a hard truth? I’m simply not interested in protecting the people of this society after the last year.

This society supported the destruction of small businesses and civil liberties, the theft of $5 trillion, and an invasion at the border.

Why should I care?
Got laid off in part due to lockdowns. Got exempted from any relief while watching corrupt institutions line their pockets. Watched inflation skyrocket from all the insane spending. IRS said I owed them more.

What duty to this society do you think I feel right now?
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16 Sep
Would you guys like to know how much taxpayer money the Metropolitan Museum of Art got from the American Rescue Act?

You know, the Met that just had that ridiculous $30,000 a ticket gala?

For coronavirus relief from the Shuttered Venues Operators Grant program?
Well, subscribe to my OnlyFans today to find out.

J/k. They got an even $10,000,000
But wait! There's more!

The Metropolitan Opera Association also got $10 million
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