The Biden administration has embraced full @DrIbram ideology (past racism must be fixed with present racism).

The result?

Covid relief policies that systematically discriminate against whites, Middle Easterners, North Africans, and others.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund and $4 billion farmer debt relief for "socially disadvantaged" Americans explicitly discriminates on the basis of race.

"People of color" qualify/are prioritized - whites are excluded. But only *some* POC.

Only some "people of color" qualify for @JoeBiden's $4 billion farmer covid relief.

Indian: yes

Afghani: no

Indonesian: yes

Iraqi: no

Nepalese: yes

Moroccan: no

Middle Easterners, North Africans, and some Asians are ineligible to apply.

#Equity !…
These relief programs have faced legal and political scrutiny across the country, from Texas to Florida and Wisconsin, on the grounds that they illegally discriminate by race and sex.

This has unsurprisingly received little critical media coverage.…
"According to @JoeBiden's framework, race, rather than individual circumstance, is the definitive marker for economic need. The effects of historical discrimination are presumed to be so immense that any black American is deemed worthy of aid."…
"The Biden administration has extended racial preferences not just to America’s most historically marginalized group but to virtually any individual not born into the inflexibly oppressive 'white' caste."…
The media coverage of Biden's equity agenda has been extremely biased in one direction.

The only fair analysis that accurately presents the arguments for/against was @ggreenwald's article that I linked in my piece:……
I first became alarmed by Biden's farmer debt relief when I heard white cattle rancher Leisl Carpenter on @MegynKellyShow talk about how the program discriminated against her bc she's white. Link:…

@megynkelly now thanks to you! 🔄

• • •

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30 Jul
Liberals over the past 5 yrs: "These are just radical academic theories that will never manifest in policy..."

Biden's farmer debt relief fund: if ur a POC - regardless of circumstance - u qualify.

Everyone else: sorry born in the wrong skin color.

What's worst: only *some* "people of color" qualify for @JoeBiden's $4 billion farmer debt relief.

Chinese: yes

Libyan: no

Indian: yes

Algerian: no

Nigerian: yes

Moroccan: no

Absurdity beyond imagination. Thankfully courts are challenging it.…
"The goal of these programs—to remedy the effects of past discrimination—may be laudable, but the means that the Biden administration is using to pursue this goal are reductive and likely unconstitutional."

Latest in @CityJournal:…
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30 Jul
@JoeBiden has made "equity" the driving current of his policy agenda.

The result? Systemic discrimination against whites - including Middle Easterners, North Africans, and other groups - in order to achieve "racial justice."

My latest in @CityJournal:…
The Restaurant Revitalization Fund and the $4 billion farmer debt relief for "socially disadvantaged" Americans explicitly discriminates on the basis of race.

Thankfully, both programs have faced multiple obstacles in court.…
"One of these challenges was brought by the white owner of Jake’s Bar and Grill...Because his wife owned less than 51 percent of the restaurant, his relief application was pushed behind those of other minority applicants."

Textbook racial discrimination.…
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10 Jul
Since George Floyd's death, homicides have skyrocketed in the city of Minneapolis.

I interviewed Don Samuels, a Jamaican immigrant who sued the city for inadequate policing and recently won his case.

Mainstream media won't cover this story so I had to:…
Samuels said he and his wife Sondra were stunned by the council’s move to defund the police.

“They just thought, ‘Get rid of police and the world would be great.’ My wife and I look at each other and go like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s going to be crazy'..."…
"Last year marked the second deadliest in the city’s history (after only 1995, when it was notoriously dubbed “Murderapolis”). In 2021, from January 1 to July 1, homicides have risen even higher — up 34 percent compared to the same time frame in 2020."…
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15 Feb
After turning 20 last week, I did some reflecting on my generation and our increasingly radical, intolerant, and politically galvanized bent.

Here is my diagnosis of the problem in @nypost and 5 ways I recommend Gen Z can better engage with the world.…
"The rise of BLM protests, climate change rallies, and LGBTQ pride parades over the last half-decade have given young people a religious sense of community and a kind of spiritual mission: that of fighting for 'equality' and 'justice.'"…
"What’s popular and culturally dominant isn’t always right. Oftentimes, trendy ideas turn out to be the exact opposite of what they purport...Skepticism is essential to temper the radical currents underlying the popular social movements of our time."…
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6 Feb
In 2020, BLM dominated all facets of American life.

But did black lives really matter last year?

Thousands of black Americans were killed during a record-breaking homicide wave. The media and broader public may ignore it, but they matter too.

New essay:…
"It is understandable that the nation was so united in shock and horror after Floyd’s death..But if we truly believe that “Black Lives Matter,” we cannot and must not focus only on a small percentage of those lives taken during conflicts with the police."…
"Victims of the [unprecedented homicide surge] are disproportionately African American. At least 8,600 black lives were lost to homicide in 2020, an increase of more than 1,000 compared to 2019 (7,484)."…
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26 Jan
The media has consistently prejudged and distorted police shootings.

Politicians, media figures, and cultural icons all interpreted the Jacob Blake shooting as racist brutality last year.

They were undoubtedly wrong—again. My new piece in @CityJournal:…
“For those who deemed the 7 shots fired at Blake excessive, Wray’s report clarified that officers are trained to shoot dangerous suspects until the threat to their safety has subsided, according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s DAAT standards.”…
“The tragic outcome of Blake’s error in judgment is that he will likely never walk again. But the false story fostered by [the media] produced tragic outcomes, too. The ensuing riots in Kenosha destroyed several businesses and cost millions of dollars...”…
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