$UOS Thread #7.

This one is going to be quite different. Almost entirely speculation. A lot of these things I think we will see happen.

I don't know.

I am obsessed with this project and see many possible avenues to WORLD DOMINATION.


world domination.
Many have said the market cap of $UOS is too large. That it can't reach $100.

"That'll be top 3!" yeah i know. shut up. Listen.

$100 is my conservative mid/long term estimate, if most of the things I am speculating on... DO NOT HAPPEN.

read this:
FIRST- the things we DO know:

-Blockchain and SDK created to abstract blockchain elements away for users and developers
-first app ecosystem for web 3
-Other tokens will launch on the $uos blockchain
-NFT's lock up UOS
-numerous AAA Game devs involved with project
-Ultra installed with AMD drivers
-Chinese partner onboarding ~70M users
-Staking by Users through Cudos
-150+ game devs total
-2% referral bonus for users and companies
-Ultra potentially downloaded as bloatware at installation (Journal De Coin interview)
-Speaking with Intel, Nvidia, Dell, Microsoft, etc.
-Cudos and Theta partnered with Sony
-AMD huge partnership with Epic for the Metaverse
-Sandbox moving to @ultra
-exclusive games on Ultra
the above will come back into the speculative elements. This is not law. This is the mind of Dcrypto. Lets begin.


This is the element I am the most sure of. Ultra WILL have millions/tens of millions of users. This is obvious through AMD partnership, exclusive games, etc.
I believe many things point to Sony and Microsoft partnerships. Ultra's partners are partners with both. Ultra has said they were going to be cross platform etc.

It ~might~ be true that Sony and Microsoft settle on $uos as their blockchain solution, and launch their own tokens
here or on a sidechain. @UoS is then the defacto backend for gaming. They build their web 3 games on UOS tech.

They ~might~ install Ultra on all of these devices, as is already true with the new Atari. They then redeem the referrals.
$UOS ~might~ be the missing link of Epic's 1B metaverse project.

AMD hardware ✔️ Epic graphics ✔️ blockchain tech ?

Someone will be this player. Ultra is the only ones with the capability. Ultra is partnered with AMD. Ultra speaks with Epic.
This would of course lead to Epic games and many other being built on Ultra.

I think we ~might~ see most AAA Devs releasing their games on Ultra. They recoup a bigger percentage, this doesn't disallow them from also releasing on Steam and other platforms. This is a soft partner.
If this is true... then I think we ~might~ see them ALL start to release games with $UOS blockchain tech.

Think about it... They are already earning more money on this of their many platforms to sell. NFT games greatly outperform. This is their only option.
I think we ~might~ see developers like Epic, Bethesda, Blizzard, EA, etc all building games with NFT's on the Ultra platform.

These ~might~ be massively better and higher performing than the 3B mc Axie.

There ~might~ be hundreds.
With hundreds of these NFT based games and tens of millions of users... we ~might~ have a deflationary crisis. Every single NFT in every game for every user locks up $UOS.

As other tokens launch, and apps on the app ecosystem with NFTS, these will also lock up UOS.
This ~MIGHT~ get rather insane.

Client/APP ecosystem.

We know AMD drivers will install @ultra_io .

David mentioned in JDC that theoretically Dell and other hardware manufacturers could as well.
We ~might~ see Dell, Nvidia, Intel, etc. etc. ALL install Ultra on their hardware as it becomes apparent that this is a great chance at revenue. The Chinese partner will as well. So will the game systems.

This ~might~ end up to Ultra being on almost every device.
and with that said... we ~might~ see Ultra's web 3 app ecosystem become the most used app ecosystem in the world.

Single login. Already tens to hundreds of millions of games due to the above. Abstracted blockchain. Easy for app creators. No fees, smooth transactions.
Other Web 3 app ecosystems don't exist. Many companies try to build tokens on say eth.

This is better. and comes with a user funnel. David said Discord could build an app on the UI. Theta already has.

We ~might~ see every media company onboading to web3 in the coming months
choose ULTRA. Because it is a superior blockchain. Because it is easier to use for developers. Because its easier for their users to use. Because there are no fees. Because it comes with tens of millions of built in customers.
In addition to hundreds of millions of gamers, we might see hundreds of millions of app users, and hundreds of premier apps. We might see discord and twitch and target and walmart and ANY OTHER COMPANY that wants to utilize web3. Because this is the way forward.
Ultra ~might~ be the app store for web3. It looks like it to me.

The apps ~might~ have hundreds of NFT's. Many ~might~ launch their own tokens similar to on $eth. This might even further the Deflationary crisis.
All of these great games and apps will need Ultra Power for their transactions to proceed seamlessly. This ~might~ lead to an arms race for staking. The staking rewards ~might~ be incredible.
Finally, with cudos integration and staking on @ultra_io , and millions of laptops, gaming devices, etc utilizing the platform, $uos users ~might~ become one of the largest staking operations globally. This ~might~ be the largest revenue driver even after all of the above.
This IS the best gaming play in the space.

This is probably the best NFT play in the space.

This might be the best blockchain play in the space.

This might be the key to worldwide web 3 adoption. It's never been easier. The competition does not have this funnel of million.
This ~might~ go to $100 a lot quicker than you think.

laugh now, but I think this ~might~ be the #1 crypto currency in a few years.

Wave 2 is soon. That's supposed to start a few waves of announcements. Let's see if I am correct.
I ~might~ be wrong.

This thread ~might~ not be financial advice.

Use your brains. DYOR. I will still be diving in here.

$100 $uos or bust.

• • •

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