I'm a career naval officer soon to face a decision: take the vaccine(s) or be dismissed. I've long expected that it would eventually be mandated, but the choice to do so without FDA approval is stunning. 🧵 👇
At a time when more vaccinated people than ever are contracted and spreading COVID, state and local officials are ramping up their medical segregation policies, consigning the unvaccinated to second-tier citizen status. 2/x
Of course, precisely the opposite should be true. As the vaccines prove less and less effective than advertised, ramping up pressure campaigns in the name of "slowing the spread" are absurd. 3/x
As delta proves more infectious than previous variants, difference in the likelihood of infection between the vaccinated and unvaccinated shrinks daily. 4/x
Indeed, over 60% of the current COVID infections at my command are among vaccinated service members. No one is seriously ill, but those numbers should be taken seriously. 5/x
Unvaccinated personnel are severely limited in their activities outside of work. We may not go to restaurants, movies, barber shops, sporting events, etc. and must wear masks at all times. 6/x
Still, the vaccinated have the bulk of COVID cases. What's more, if you're exposed to a COVID positive person and you're unvaccinated, you have to quarantine for 14 days. 7/x
If you're exposed but you're vaccinated, you don't have to test or quarantine at all. Of course, that would make sense if the vaccines did their job. They clearly don't, but we keep play-acting that they do. 8/x
The military has gotten this problem wrong from the beginning. Many of my detractors say, "Shut up and take the shot. This is about readiness and force health. It's your duty to take it." 9/x
The correct, data-driven approach would've been this: based on the DoD's own data, COVID is a non-issue for the force. There are over 2 million active duty service members. Over 200k have had COVID. 28 have died. 10/x
Here's the DoD's own running count. (Of note, a "COVID death" is anyone who's died for any reason within 28 days of a positive test, so take that 28 with a grain of salt.) 11/x
Thus, rather than racing to vaccinate everyone and eventually mandating vaccination, service member should've been BANNED from getting it. 12/x
If that strikes you as odd, consider this. There simply is no other imaginable issue as insignificant as COVID that could cause the DoD to inject 100% of its force with a substance that has zero long-term safety data. 13/x
Whatever's driving this decision, it sure isn't the data. We are the healthiest 2 million-strong adult population in America. We are remarkably free of co-morbidities. We lose several times more to suicides, alcohol, and motorcycles. 14/x
The prudent response would've been to ensure our LONG TERM READINESS by prohibiting vaccination. What if we find that the vaccinated fare far worse against future variants potentially strengthened by ineffective vaccines? 15/x
What if we inadvertently debilitate 100% of the force by mandating universal vaccination? "Oops" won't cut it when the entire force is compromised. We would be utterly defenseless. 16/x
In the rush to potentially ameliorate an utterly insignificant inconvenience, we are putting the future of the nation itself in jeopardy. We're gambling everything for nothing. 17/x
I hope more than anyone that I'm wrong to worry and that all goes well with these new drugs. The fact that we're willing to push all our chips in for a problem we know to be insignificant is the height of madness. 18/x
We need leaders at the General/Admiral level to come out publicly and speak sense to an organization gone mad. We need elected leaders to camp out on the Capitol steps (that's a thing now) to raise awareness. 19/x
If the Commander in Chief, the Secretary of Defense, and the Service Chiefs won't take a step back, appraise this situation the way they would any other, and pull back from this folly, we're ruined. 20/x
We pride ourselves on taking a cold, systematic approach to our challenges, looking dispassionately at the data, and acting accordingly. We used to, anyhow. 21/x
And before you talk to me about my willingness to sacrifice for the nation, I again ask that you see this from precisely the opposite angle. 22/x
The proper sacrifice (though a tiny one) would be for the military to contract COVID, develop natural immunity, and ensure its health and our national security long-term. 23/x
My commanding officer privately expressed this view, suggesting that every new recruit ought be exposed to COVID at basic training in order to inoculate and protect the force. 24/x
But he has his eyes set on his next promotion, so he never dared advocate for this position publicly. Our own data say this is the proper path, yet we can't seem to choose it. 25/x
Oh, and at just the time we're mandating this vaccine, a new vaccine-resistant strain is apparently upon us. 26/x
So why are we doing this again? I've asked that question, but that was another thread. 27/x
To override existing law and utilize the Presidential prerogative to mandate that service members take a drug without FDA approval is nothing short of stunning. 28/x
I'd hoped we'd have learned someyfrom the Anthrax vaccine debacle, but it appears I hoped in vain. And we're doing it again, and again in an overblown reaction to a near non-existent threat. 29/x
If you want to lose faith and confidence in your leadership, your wisdom, and your dedication to serious assurance of national security, it's hard to imagine a more disastrous decision. 30/x
I really want as many Americans as possible to think through this. To that end, I'd appreciate the lift. @Cernovich @JackPosobiec @TuckerCarlson @RealCandaceO @KurtSchlichter @ConceptualJames
Here's this thread all in one spot. Please share widely, RT, QT. We as the people reliant upon the Armed Forces for protection must take a sober look at the risks and rewards of this decision.

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