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5 Aug, 13 tweets, 7 min read
I find myself wondering this morning how many people actually get my work - here we are, 20 years in to me continually writing, teaching, communicating, building - and I can't tell if a lot of people get it and are mostly quiet or if very few people actually got it.

Which is it?
It probably helps if I define it: here is my best short summary.

1) The human race is currently running the world like a death camp for poor humans, and particularly for the other species we farm or drive into extinction.

2) Fixing this situation is possible, but requires will.
That's the core thesis. Then,

3) It is possible, by mass collaboration using any available mechanism (open source, markets, new religious movements etc.) to live without this continuous catastrophic violence.

4) Most of the violence is well hidden from us by the machinery of the supply chain: capitalism is a direct continuation of colonialism. is my book specifically on embedded violence in supply chains. See also a broader critique
5) Systematic mapping of our dependency graphs leads to a clear and precise understanding of not only who we are harming, but how we are vulnerable to harm because of our long logistical tails. provides logistical mapping tools (in "Dealing in Security")
6) Existing political structures perform extremely poorly because they can't handle technically complex long duration multi-actor conflicts - government as we know it was designed for winning land wars in Europe pre-WW2 and can't handle nukes and climate…
7) It is possible to dramatically increase our psychological resilience through meditation with a specific emphasis on handling difficult emotions like fear and helplessness. Trained people turn away from the difficult situations less, and cope more.…
There are also some specific technologies which I've developed and prototyped which can support us in this general mission.

8) and particularly the Quad Dome… (by @Gelada, a mathematician buddy of mine) as autonomous buildings.
@Gelada 9) can also be used to map our critical infrastructure, so that our homes are nearly entirely self-sufficient for energy and for water purification, and potentially we could do a lot of our small manufacturing hyperlocally too.
@Gelada 10) My company, @mattereum is a system for handling accurate information about physical goods: we pay the bills through anticounterfieting work, but have also deployed systems for bundling CO2 offsets with gold bar NFTs to cover their production costs.…
@Gelada @mattereum 11) Finally, on a broader philosophical note, I am convinced that we need new human rights far beyond the rights we currently have. I believe the best place to define and implement those rights is by dramatically expanding the human rights of children.…
@Gelada And here's an interior shot of the Quad Dome………

These two podcasts together do a fairly good job of tearing the mask off the western lifestyle - capitalist, socialist, or other - and showing people the real cost of living this way.

Serious business. Listen at your own risk.

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6 Jul
I want to talk a bit about this magic number, GDP CO2 intensity. It's a purely technocratic construct, but it measures something important.

Take the total carbon emissions of humanity in kg, and divide by the total size of the economy, in $.

You get grams of CO2 per dollar made
Grams of CO2 per dollar made is the essential problem.

We can either reduce the number of dollars made, degrowth, or we can reduce the amount of CO2 per dollar through renewable energy, energy efficiency, and maybe technologies like carbon capture.

260 grams per $: it's a lever
Now let's talk about carbon budgets. Earth's natural processes bind about 16 gigatons of CO2 per year, roughly 2 tons per human.

Humanity emits about 40 gt per year say 5 tons per person. Top 10% Americans are at about 70 tons per year, a quarter million dollars earned at 260g/$
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6 Jul
Yeah, fuck this for a game of soldiers.

You know how we got into this mess? Dumb fuckers who *knew* global warming was The Crisis of Our Age and prioritised trivial social justice concerns over planetary survival.

Evil will triumph because good was stupid.

This gets bad now.
If 2020's Black Lives Matter protests had been about fossil fuel driven global warming annihilating agriculture in Africa, a hell of a lot more black lives would have been saved - along with lives of every other kind.

American police being pigs is a confined issue. CO2 is Famine
And I am *fucking over* being polite about this.

your. cause. is. irrelevant. garbage.

We are *unbelievably fucked* on climate, and its going to exterminate hundreds of millions, poorest first, in nearly all of the scenarios we face going forwards.

I do not lack imagination.
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5 Jul
Am I a climate activist dreaming he is a tech CEO, or a tech CEO dreaming he was a climate activist?

How many years do I have to make money to convert into humanitarian research and materiel at this point?

I'd been gambling on another 5 years. I don't know if we have that long.
We could get *completely* smashed flat by a genocide-level heat event in a poor country, one where people can't cool down in their cars when the AC gives out, and tens of millions could die.

The infrastructure for "walk out of the heat" has not yet even started seriously.
I know how to do it, roughly - umbrellas for shade as people walk, hexayurt rest stations, trucks with water. Shopping trolleys and similar for the disabled, old, and young.

You can move millions if you keep trucking in water to the people marching.

And they need a place to go.
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5 Jul
Within a degree of 50C / 122F in Canada and Oregon.

When it was India in 2019 it was apocalyptic horror, cities without universal tap water baking in that heat.

But Canada, that’s a whole other disaster zone all together. That’s not a “climate genocide” warning, but extinction.
I know what it would take to fix this: a world in which near perfect sharing of resources among all humans, probably rooted in basic income/resource economics.

Permanent state of emergency. No political “ism” has ever been anything close to this goal. It is like Lifeboat Ethics.
It’s like running a world with a permanent spending cap: no more than $7600 spending per person, unless what you are buying is proven Carbon Negative.

That’s literally the limit, at current GDP intensity. 2 tons per person at 260 grams of CO2 per dollar spent on average. No room
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3 Jul
I have climate angst.

20 years ago, I figured out three things were not going to save us from climate change:

1) reducing consumption
2) renewable energy
3) social change

I started my lonely watch: planning how to protect 300m climate refugees.

I had no resources or support.
What have I gotten done in that 20 years?

1) ultra cheap housing
2) *excellent* design matrix for infrastructure
3) psychospiritual support method
4) seeds of a resource allocator
(I did other stuff too - helped launch Ethereum, worked on pandemic flu and nuclear bombs, but anyway)

I think we've got less than ten years before large, populous regions have to be evacuated in summer due to uninhabitable heat.

You just have to relocate the entire population.
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8 Jun
Hard to explain it to people: since 2002 I've been working flat out, as hard as a human can, to pre-position food, shelter, housing, and water for the hundreds of millions of people that climate change inevitably displaces later this century.

Even @mattereum serves this cause.
Even now people are in super deep denial about how hard climate change is going to hit the world. They're still thinking "songbirds migrate away" not "a holocaust of global famine that hits subsistence farmers hardest of all."

CO2 is still through the roof. Hard landing approach lays out the plan: housing, then water purification, cooking. Right now, in the background, I'm working on refugee clothing and beds. Cooking I figured out mostly years back. Housing, the hexayurt, thrives. is totally transformative
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