It pisses me off how many trans men I know who don't give a shit about their health.

They don't bind safely. Don't aspirate the syringe to check if they're in a blood vessel. Don't book appointments for female-specific health checks. Don't get their hormones/bloods checked.

It pisses me off because I used to do those things, too. I know the mentality. “I'll be fine,” and “if my doctor hasn't said anything, then it can't be that bad.”

And they laugh it off when I raise concern.

Well, your doctors aren't doing their fucking jobs, then.

I completely understand that dysphoria makes certain aspects of health care difficult but Jesus fucking Christ guys, you're life is more important than a few minutes of embarrassment and discomfort.

I'm not just pissed of at my trans guy friends who apparently don't give a shit about their own well-being – but with their GPs and nurses who bloody well know what they're doing and say nothing.

The safety of your patient is more important than political correctness.

Trans men, if you bind, do it safely. Aspirate your syringes. Go for your smear tests. Use protection when having sex if you don't want to get pregnant. Don't EVER inject a higher does than you've been prescribed and go for your hormone level/blood pressure checks.

Transition is a big deal – no matter how safe and rainbowy the media makes it look. it has risks and, if you don't take the necessary precautions, it can be dangerous. Shrugging that off and acting nonchalant doesn't make you look manly, it makes you look fucking childish.


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26 Jul
The problem with “communities” is they tend to speak for people they have no business speaking for, ironically drowning out the very voices they purport to amplify.

“They gay community-” unless that sentence ends with “is made up of gay people,” it is false.

“They gay community supports kink at Pride.” No, it doesn't. Some gay people within the community support kink at pride, but many don't.

“They trans community supports trans kids.” No, it doesn't. Some trans people within the community support trans kids, but many don't.

I have never claimed to speak for the “detrans community” because I'm aware that there are many detransitioners who hold different opinions and beliefs from me.

I'm not a spokesperson for the “detrans community,” just as you are not a spokesperson for the “LGBT+ community.”

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23 Jul
I've been conflicted about posting this for a while but I'm going to do so now, with emphasis that I'm not saying transition/detransition is something you should seek to escape unwanted attention.

Okay, so...

Pre-transition there were times I couldn't go to my local shop for my bread/milk without some creep saying some horrible shit to me. Going to pubs/clubs was a nightmare.

Between the ages of 14-21 I don't think there was many a weekend I wasn't perved on in some capacity.

Since transition and detransition, that has dramatically changed. As in, it doesn't happen any more.

The minute my HRT took effect (about age 25) men left me alone. I haven't been sexually harassed by a man (bar one time) since starting transition/detransition.

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21 Jun
I get called hateful (among other things) for discussing detransition, and for acknowledging that sex can't be changed. But there's a reason I talk about this so much.

I detransitioned due to transition regret but that's not to say my transition wasn't “successful.”

On the contrary, I passed very well, lived “stealth,” was accepted (celebrated, even) and had everyone who knew me pretending I was a man and everyone who didn't know me believing I was one.

My transition went as well as transition can go, socially, legally and medically.

I came to regret transition because I realized that simply passing as a man wasn't enough. It was shallow.

No matter how much I looked and sounded like a man, I'd never actually be one.

I wanted to be a man, but as a female I could never achieve that. Never.

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29 May
I'm going to tell you a story.

Not one I particularly want to tell, and it's tame compared to other stories I could share, but I want to get it off my chest and explain why I think the way I do about gender affirmation - and about how the seed of dysphoria can be planted. 1/19
I was a timid, awkward teenager. I inherited the figure of the women on my dads side of the family - the “hourglass,” I had a large chest, small waist and wide hips. Despite having an immature, naïve mind, I was sexualised due to my figure long before I reached womanhood. 2/19
When I was 16 years old, I got on a train heading to Glasgow central station to meet up and hang out with some friends.

Not that it's important, but I was wearing jeans and a hoody. And, I'll restate, I was 16 years old. 3/19
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27 May
On the vilification of detransitioners:

After having my account unsuspended, with an apology from Twitter for wrongfully suspending me, I decided to scroll through the reaction to the 60 minutes episode that discussed detransition.

And I'm sick to my stomach by it.

“Don't tell detrans stories, because evil “cis” people."

2/12 Image
"Don't tell detrans stories, because evil TERFs."

3/12 Image
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6 Apr
A thread on overcoming gender dysphoria:

Gender dysphoria is a sense of unease or distress due to a mismatch between ones biological sex and gender identity. This distress can be so intense it can lead to depression and, in severe cases, suicidal thoughts. 1/15
I was assessed and diagnosed with gender dysphoria at the age of 24, having developed a sense of unease over my biological sex in my teens that eventually intensified into distress by my 20s. The only treatment I was offered was medical transition, which I chose to undergo. 2/15
I injected testosterone for 4 and a half years and had a double mastectomy when I was 26, believing that doing so would ease my dysphoria. It did ease, for a while.

Unfortunately, my dysphoria would return with newfound intensity and I would come to regret my transition. 3/15
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