Wayne McRoy sent me his book "The Autism Epidemic." In it he speaks of a GUID for autism research - blockchain EHR for people on the spectrum - envisioned in 2009. Backed by Simons Foundation $ (Cold Springs Harbor, Rockefeller, Brookhaven) hedge funder. watermark.silverchair.com/17-6-689.pdf?t…
The paper references hash codes for the global unique identifier, but doesn't specifically use the term "blockchain." academic.oup.com/jamia/article/…
The money behind the Simons Foundation is from James Simons. Founder of Renaissance Technologies, a NY hedge fund. Also a trustee of Rockefeller University, MIT, and Brookhaven National Labs (high-energy physics, nano, national security on Long Island). littlesis.org/person/14979-J…
Daughter Elizabeth is president of Heising-Simons Foundation, a major player in California impact investing with a focus on early childhood education and climate. Data, data, data. littlesis.org/org/104359-Hei…
It is very important to understand that the lives of vulnerable beings (humans and even non-humans under the banner of "climate justice") are being woven into futures-markets. This is happening through sensor-based technologies tied to unique identifies - blockchain ID.
What is planned is shorting the lives of children. What is planned is to use digital media and digital ID to put them into feedback loops and engineer their spirits to fit into a post-human world. They will profit on it while they are enacting this horror. wrenchinthegears.com/2019/02/24/sho…
These robots are also being used with autistic students in Philadelphia with an emphasis on social-emotional learning. But really, the data capture is bi-directional. The robots are "learning" the children. bizjournals.com/dallas/blog/te…
People don't understand that part. The children are under surveillance and that robot-assisted data capture will feed the social impact finance deals and the singularity. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
The Individualized Education Plan is THE MODEL for the personalized pathway - for the GAME. Only in the end we will all be put on optimization pathways by those in power who want to see a transhumanist future.
I didn't know about digital twins 5 years ago, but I saw the writing on the wall in Nikhil Goyal's 2016 interview with Jane Sanders. She knew exactly what was up with proficiency-based education (skill badges). She called for an IEP for everyone then. thenation.com/article/archiv…
It's all a terrible game with the intent of putting us through our paces as TPTB attempt to virtualize 3-4-5D life, flatten it (file compression) with data and bionano sensors and fit us into their wetiko hologram. That is the hedge fund game and biotech is their tool.
A map I made linking the Two Sigma NY hedge fund to education, welfare, state surveillance, AI and financial trading. We have to see the big picture. It is meant to run on blockchain. It is a societal sickness and must be recognized before it can heal. web.archive.org/web/2020121508…
Medical passport, electronic health record, public assistance e-wallet, digital driver's license, proof of voting eligibility, education transcript, digital vouchers - they want us on blockchain to put us into the hive mind. It's for all the marbles. papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf…
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5 Aug
I'm in Philly. We're a poor city. Kensington has been devastated by the opioid epidemic (thanks in part to Johnson and Johnson). Here, my friend Stephers offers insights into how nano and LEDs may tie into the addiction / impact agenda. This is important. pieceofmindful.com/2021/08/05/a-s…
See the video; note the posture. Stephers speculates there may be deterioration of the vagus nerve, brain to gut - possible nano-laced drugs & photonics under the el. My intent is to draw attention to this predation & social impact deals. This is my city. 153news.net/watch_video.ph…
This is a presentation I did in the fall of 2019 on the manufactured opioid crisis and the rise of social impact investing - with wearables. Use of addiction centers to scale human capital bond portfolios. wrenchinthegears.com/2019/10/20/pay…
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28 Jul
Here's a thread on a topic TPTB DON'T want folks paying attention to - #IoB wearables with #Graphene tied to impact markets and data harvest towards the #Singularity, linking Sweden, Spain, and Stanford University. I did a podcast on it a few months back.
A goal of the mad scientists working on #IoBNT (see Ian Akyildiz at Georgia Tech, a University Affiliate Research Center for the DoD) that humans merge with a ubiquitous computing environment - bio-data and thoughts transmit in a suffused way using nano. futurecomresearch.eu/previous/2017/…
Right now they don't have the technology for all of those "dots" of sensor data to float out in an uncontrolled manner. They need to aggregate the data and send it out to interact with 5/6G+ "smart" environments in the spatial web. Hence the need for #graphene #wearables.
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26 Jul
I keep thinking "what is real?" Mad scientists live in a "reality" where the world is envisioned ways normal people cannot fathom. I'm just coming to terms with the premise of nano-tech "utility fog." Aghast, really - from 1996. books.google.com/books?id=waNgb… ImageImageImageImage
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