1/ Let me say this as a black man reflecting on the racism & enablement of racism that I see today, and how indeed the resistance and pushback against racism is demonised and tarnished by keepers of status quo. And how today’s experience has made me ponder on my ancestors🤔🤯🤨🤷🏾‍♂️
2/ to say that what we have all witnessed over the last few months pertaining to the use of antiblack tropes: 🍌 🐒 and lynching images - is an understatement!
In the 21st century I naively thought that white people would all join us in challenging racism - I was very wrong🤷🏾‍♂️🤯
3/ black women @feeldalove168 @jasinyaprt4 @PettiiBab @race_baiter @aaishahl had their info leaked by MisMimz and her mafia of racist; they subsequently received the most disgusting experience of racism! Prominent white socialists joined in with the bigotry and racism! Shocking🤯
4/ when black people pushed back against racism, when @race_baiter tried to defend her son that was being trolled by racists, she was accused of being an “agent” of the far right, many socialists we all naively looked up #RachaelSwindon joined the trolling and harassment!Shocking
5/ the decent white people who were previously unknown to the racists (such as @edwardpoole1975 @Project_Coup @AtypicallyASD @CultStitch) came to the defence of black women, they then suddenly were “nonces” or homophobic - any smear to discredit them was used by racists🤷🏾‍♂️🤯🤯🤔
6/ fast forward despite the likes of MisMimz being suspended for abuse and racism, we have music bands etc joining in with her new account against those fighting and pushing back against racism!

Apparently we need to tone down and sing kumbaya with the racists say some white ppl
7/ all this experience made me ask myself: gosh I wonder how it was for my ancestors in Africa pushing back against racism! I wonder what the likes of #RachaelSwindon would have said to RosaParks, to Mandela, to MLK - accuse them of being agents?

Nothing has changed 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
8/ we are in a environment where speaking up against your abuse is twisted against you, forcing to either deactivate or run away as stormzy and #MeghanMarkle had to do!

This experience of racism has made me question Britain 🇬🇧, a country full of deception and pretence, fakery🇬🇧
9/ I carry a British Nationality and passport, previously was proud to do so, I used to look at USA and their treatment of black peoples, and I used to say “thank god I’m British”- but frankly, Britain is NO BETTER! Racism is UNACCEPTABLE: whether you kill us or not! Damn racists
10/ t conclude: SOCIALISTS have done everything they can to confirm what I subconsciously always thought: WHITE SUPREMACY is a problem, and it’s alive today as it was during colonialism and prior

Also white supremacy and racism is not unique to far right, THE LEFT are racist too
11/ Finally @jeremycorbyn @RichardBurgon @HackneyAbbott @zarahsultana @labourlewis @BeckettUnite @johnmcdonnellMP

You politicians that enthuse and lead “socialists” you need to come check and see what #RachaelSwindon has been enabling over the last few months

Speak up, END THIS

• • •

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More from @BlackZorro07

14 Jul
Taking the knee is not your voice - it’s our voice, it’s the voice of black people, doing what their predecessor like #MLK and #Mandela had to do to get YOUR predecessors to stop treating them like subhuman!

❌You don’t get to tell us how to express our trauma/pain❌
2/ Taking the knee has been discredited by bigots and racists like Farage et al. In order to build their culture war against “woke”- woke being a euphemism for “stop whitewashing history and teach full unfiltered history” l- If we did that - it exposes British atrocities & wealth
3/ and it’s not “borrowed” from the USA #MLK fought for ALL black people across the globe! In the 1960s Britain and Europeans still had colonies across Africa and Caribbean where your predecessors were committing the most horrendous racism - away from the British eyes!
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14 Jul
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12 Jul
Good morning twitter,
Hope everyone is well.

Some reflection: last night I saw a tweet from @metpoliceuk about “racism will not be tolerated, it will be investigated” and it made me think:

Over last few months, #socialists have been using tropes🐒🍌: WHAT we DOING ABOUT THAT? ImageImageImageImage
2/ Frankly speaking Britain🇬🇧at large last night did what any concerned group of people would do: CALL out RACISM, and people tagged met police to investigate!

What I want to understand now is: why did “big” socialist accounts not do this for @rootibell @feeldalove168 etc? ImageImageImageImage
3/ When a racism crisis broke out on the #SocialistSunday corner of twitter, and black women were receiving lynching emails, unknown calls making racist remarks - “socialist accounts” trolled black women rather than rebuke racism! Some even sent out “solidarity” (for the racists)
Read 8 tweets
8 Jul
Well this is interesting, one of the paragraphs in there where she comments on people “conflating” her comment is probably a response to my initial message to her on the fateful day she chose to endorse LouiseRawAuthor

I had asked to “read context” she replied with: see attached
2/ after sending me a PATRONISING response, she did NOT read the context, instead she blocked me, and behind a block proceeded to bait her hyenas with my account. I subsequently had Rose Shillito come at me with ACCUSATIONS and pile-ons!

Rachael DID NOT LISTEN to black voices❌
3/ the backtracking and gaslighting she tried to give @ThatAsianDude_ in DMs did NOT correspond to her abuse on the TL!❌

Time and time again black women @feeldalove168 @PettiiSpaghetti @rootibell and others tried to EXPLAIN, Louise and Rachael closed their eyes/ears and blocked
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8 Jul
1/ Good morning twitter,
So I’ve just woken to discover that a certain @Mxv021 account has in the last couple of weeks been trying his UTMOST to 1) pile-on my account and 2) lie about my account’s character ALL because I will not tolerate his and his associates racism enableism
2/ the first allegation from @Mxv021 is that I’ve doxxed somebody - point of correction- if someone is racist or spreads racism and I make a point of showing my rebuke of racism - it’s not doxxing - it’s me saying RACISM is NEVER acceptable!

❌To gain attention Mxv fabricates❌
3/ A couple of days ago @Mxv021 tried a midnight blitz attack on my account, he got minimal attention from his racism enabler audience, so last night he tried another midnight raid on my account, this time he has sought the use of antisemitism against myself and @PettiiSpaghetti
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7 Jul
Lol 😂

People who have failed to hold their racist and enableist associates to account … here trying to malign Judy.

The only people who have done and colluded with anyone if it means getting one over on those they disagree with are:
Louise, Rachael, wolfie etc!

2/ the nonsense exchanges continue…

These people are just weird as!!

Have y’all seen this?
@PettiiSpaghetti @rootibell
I’m seeing their exchange and I just want to laugh 😂 because they’re making statements that squarely applies to them and their Queens and queens jesters!

Louise, Rachael, wolfie have colluded with RH, Joker, Monkey, misMimz - ABSOLUTELY any monstrous account going on twitter🤢
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