You already know how I am so you know I'm gonna talk Substack and comics:
There isn't a social media platform that isn't compromised. We are all sitting here on Twitter with white nationalists and MRAs posting a hair's breadth away. The difference is that Twitter gives the illusion of equality.
There is no equality here. None at all. And you will end up abused if you are marginalized and post frequently. Because while Twitter stresses equality in its access, there is no equality in its "policing." In how and where it enforces its terms of service. No justice.
What has horrified so many about Substack is that the platform has gone to the next level beyond plausible deniability. Curation. Bringing in abusers and separatists and paying them. Platforming them so that their hate speech can drive those who they've deemed undesirable away.
That is a difference that is completely demoralizing. Because it's one thing to refuse to excise hatemongers yet treat them as an unpleasant bit of refuse that you are unable to get rid of--though Twitter CAN get rid of them--and another to directly invite them in and PAY them.
The bitter truth is that far right artists do not make money through their art. Their art is simply side merch. The work is the abuse. The trolling. The antagonizing of the marginalized for their inherent traits. THAT'S what keeps the audience. Selling hatred and disruption.
It's why far right creators are devastated when they are driven from a social media platform for attacking others. Because they can't make money without access to those they attack. Without being able to spew venom where the marginalized will be forced to engage with it.
These platforms know this. Are well aware of the abuse. And know that unless it is pushed to a particularly egregious line, the marginalized will accept it because (1) we are used to the abuse and (2) we have nowhere else to go. Unless we just leave entirely--which we WILL do.
Paying hatemongers? Curating hate? Well, THAT'S the particularly egregious line. The minute I find out you're paying my harasser, someone who has made it their job to antagonize me? I'm out. Find another way to make your coin, because it won't be off my torment.
Which is why, with these grand announcements such as Substack's, the absence of the abused target is like a glaring neon sign. I don't see any trans women or men getting fat deals. And if any were, it'd likely be a far right mouthpiece and grifter like Caitlyn Jenner. A sell out.
But let's be honest. The pay in comics is ****. Which is why so many keep their mouths shut and hope that there will be some trickle down deals once the rich white male established creators have had their fill. That the Millars and the Bendises will "reach down" for us.

Trickle down economics does not exist, bruh. Sorry, sorry. There will be no reaching down for you. Snyder is different due to his origins as a teacher, but that is such an extreme rarity and what can just one man do?
And how many marginalized people can he convince to walk with him into the lion's den? How is he going to protect them from abuse? How will he extend his privilege to cover those devoid of it?
If you are paying the man who hates me--publicly and professionally--why the hell would I accept an invite from you? Especially when that invitation comes with zero or dramatically less pay? As if he has already convinced you that I am lesser than and don't deserve as much.
This time I'm not the target, but I just couldn't not say anything. Because had a trans woman or man said this they would have been eviscerated. Savaged for refusing to be "Team Comics." And I also know how it feels when so many in comics silently watch the abuse of black peers.
I also know how it feels to have bills! And ALL platforms are compromised. So I pick and choose, avoiding companies that specifically platform and pay openly anti-black racists. And I speak out. It isn't much, but that's the best that I can manage.

• • •

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Wonder how many of those states are southern with Republican representatives and rampant Coronavirus infections. You can't gerrymander your way out of Covid.
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Politics is filled to the brim with atrocious husbands with long-term careers because they keep that behavior out of the office. The minute you bring it into work? You gotta go.
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