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We’ve seen indictments of Oathkeepers and Proudboys for conspiracy. Violence, disinfo, and covid death continue because those who conspired to *plan* the attempted coup & spread Big Lies haven’t been held accountable. Was Mike Flynn so bold as to put it all on a whiteboard?🧵👇🏻
Clay Clark a rightwing podcaster held the mendaciously titled ‘Health and Freedom Conference’ in Broken Arrow, OK. This conference was billed as ‘highlighting government overreach in the Covid 19 Pandemic and the loss of freedoms.’…
This meeting produced a picture of Gen Mike Flynn, Lin Wood and Mike Lindell standing in front of a whiteboard. A whiteboard that may show a path that leads to Insurrection, potential disbarment and most recently, whatever that Mike Pillow’s Cyber-Symposium debacle was. Image
Daily Mail published the image of the whiteboard in full and we can view most everything on it. There are names of sitting Senators and Reps (Cruz, Paul,Gosar), Bible verses and Evangelical Christians (PWC,Scott), Govs (DeSantis, Noem), Media personalities (Hannity) and so on. Image
The board was entitled ‘Path to Trump’. As was described by Clay Clark: ‘This is the path to trump, the trail to trump, we’re trying to reach the man.’ You can see the various arrows all pointing to trump as if he is a black hole sucking in all matter of chaos and conspiracy.
Rep @tedlieu tweeted this along with a picture of the board: Image
It’s easy to dismiss this board as just chaotic or something to mock, but there is order in the chaos. It shows a lot of people who are now using anti-mask, anti-vaccination messaging to disseminate disinfo related to a deadly pandemic. Was this planned? For ‘Health and Freedom’?
So why would a retired General, the former head of DIA and National Security Advisor be so involved in the perpetuation of the destruction of the very country he was sworn to protect? Who would want this? Who benefits? Whose interests are being served by Mike Flynn’s activities?
Is it possible there is a single answer to each of those questions? Let’s recall in 2016, trump was putin by a foreign adversary. From that adversaries view, keeping the chaos going would be a good goal. Sure cult-like disinformation about covid keeps the nation sick… Image
but spreading disinformation and running a psyop on the president could undermine our very democracy. Now let’s get back to that whiteboard. If you look close enough, the board reveals one path in particular that is most troubling.
The yellow highlighted portion of the board (pictured here) shows what appears to be members of a Mike Flynn run intel operation to overturn the election results. Every path on this board leads to disinformation and distraction, but this one wee highlighted path…that’s more. Image
At the top of the board is a quote from Gen Mike Flynn that reads “MISSION OVER EGO”. Let’s for a moment take this literally as opposed to an instruction. What if Flynn, a trained Intel officer, recognizes trumps narcissim and is exploiting it? A psyop MISSION over trump’s EGO.
Remember, Flynn is former head of DIA. The Defense INTELLIGENCE Agency. He knows how to do this. He knows how to put teams together. So let’s look at this team.
The names within and along this path on the board are Phil Waldron (former DIA, present at Lindell Cyber Symposium), Doug Billings (Rightwing show host interviewed RPL 1AP), Ann Vandersteel (Pizzagate, Qanon, Patrick Byrne’s Deep Rig Movie), Gen Mike Flynn (former DIA, NSA)… Image
Sheriff Richard Mack (Oathkeeper Board Member), Roger Stone (you know Roger Stone), Gen Thomas McInerney (Air Force, Tech company, Fired Fox News Contributor), Sidney Powell (Election Fraud Lawyer), Rudy Giuliani (Election Fraud Lawyer, adviser to trump), trump. Image
Remember, this was billed as a ‘path to trump’. Each of those on the path brings something to the objective. Some to aid in messaging (Billings, VanDerSteele), security militia(Mack), some to produce ‘intel’ reports for use in court(Waldron ASOG/1AP), Rudy Giuliani Sidney Powell.
And some (Gen McInerney) to even work with Steve Bannon. While not on the board, he is referenced during a Bannon interview with Gen McInerney, so here is info on Dennis Montgomery that seems prudent. I know I ask a lot, but please read this. 👉🏻…
Wait, Montgomery was a confidential informant for Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County? The same place where the fraud audit took place? Read the above and this below. It provides necessary context for what’s coming. —> Vote counting.…
The American Report, a right wing website, introduced the idea of a stolen election via ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ on Oct 31st, 2020. On Nov 2nd, 1 day before the election, Steve Bannon is discussing it on his show w/ Gen McInerney. *BEFORE THE ELECTION*
If we look back, trump did listen to this “path” as he continues to spread disinfo about the election. So much so, that AZ held a sham audit and Patrick Byrne produced Deep Rig, and Vandersteen hosted a post screen Q&A with Waldron and Flynn’s brother, and…
And Doug Billings interviewed Robert Patrick Lewis from the ASOG/Waldron adjacent First Amendment Praetorian, and he told Billings he and his group collated and delivered Intel to Sidney Powell for use as evidence in her fraud election cases.…
Also, Flynn and Powell were protected by First Amendment Praetorian. RPL says 1AP drove them to a Dec 18th WH meeting (see 👇🏻). 1AP did security for Doug Billings in MO. Indicted Oathkeepers and 1AP members Minuta and James, protected Roger Stone on Jan 6th. 🎙Is this thing on?
Remember that article (👆🏻)wherein Gen McInerny told Military Times that Powell was working with the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion on her case? Scary if active duty military Intel officially provided 1AP, ASOG through Waldron, and Powell intel for the Kraken cases.
We can dismiss the board as just a 🦇 💩 crazy manifestation of a cult like devotion to chaos and death, or we can see it for the framework of a well thought out conspiracy to run an Intel op designed to end our democracy.
MSM must see the picture coming into focus. They must start calling this what it is. Start reminding people where this all leads. @TheJusticeDept knows…right?

@maddow @MaddowBlog @JoyAnnReid @glennkirschner2 @AshaRangappa_ @visionsurreal @ZevShalev @gregolear @BaddCompani
After continued review of Flynn’s board and other research, I’ll be adding more to this thread. Folks, this is coordinated propaganda astroturfing; nothing about it is organic. I’ll post here other names we need to be aware of. To begin, Candace Owens’ name appears on the board. Image
Another name appearing on the board is John Stubbins. Here he is speaking with a member of Walkaway (as evidenced by her shirt) as well as the man responsible for organizing people to drive around with trump flags so that ‘liberals would see them around Election Day.’ Image
Bishop Vigano’s name appears on the Mike Flynn whiteboard. Remember the conference was for ‘Health and Freedom’ and this Bishop is now spreading misinformation about vaccines. See below from @jimstewartson Image
‘Dr.’ Gina Loudon appears on Mike Flynn’s ‘Health and Freedom’ whiteboard. She is the chair of 2020 Women for trump. She has praised Pastor Locke for skirting mask mandates and like Owens is on the list of names the @January6thCmte has interest in. This is from @MaryPatFlynn1 Image
Remember on September 11th when trump gave a prerecorded speech to the Moonies cult? Did you know the Washington Times was founded by the leader of the Moonies cult? The Washington Times appears on Mike Flynn’s whiteboard. See below from @ZevShalev Image
Governor Kristi Noem’s name also appears on Mike Flynn’s whiteboard. Not everyone reads from the same Bible in this country. It’s one of the reasons this country exists. It’s up to all of us to keep working toward equality for everyone. See below from @RonFilipkowski Image
Cheryl Chumley’s name appears along the same path as Gov Noem. Chumley works for the Washington Times. You learned about them 2 tweets above. Medical Disinformation emanating from a ‘Health and Freedom’ conference? Anyone else sensing a theme here? See this from @nancylevine Image
Given his position on the Mike Flynn whiteboard (the little yellow highlight on the left), did they really ever believe Larry Elder had a chance? His California recall campaign was more ‘Florida and Texas’ than ‘Health and Freedom’. Image
David Clement’s name appears on Mike Flynn’s whiteboard. Image
Dr. Simone Gold’s name appears on Mike Flynn’s whiteboard as well as on Affidavits and Indictments. She is a hydroxychloriquine* proponent and provides misinformation to evangelicals. You know, for ‘Health and Freedom’. @NPR 👇🏻…

*use only as prescribed ImageImage
#Because of course Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA is on the Mike Flynn whiteboard of chaos. See below about how misinformation about Covid leads to School Board meeting nightmares from @LivColemanFL Image
Another Walkaway and Flynn aligned name to appear on this white board of misinformation is Blexit cofounder Brandon Tatum. @January6thCmte you seeing this? These are names for the next round of requests for info, right? Image
Phil Hotsenpiller appears on Mike Flynn’s whiteboard, too. Image
I mean why wouldn’t the president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton be necessary for Mike Flynn’s ‘Health and Freedom’ board? When he isn’t investigating Biden’s dog, or scouting for extreme judges is he a doctor? Is a freedom in his spare time? Image
JFC, this whiteboard. The Black Robe Regiment appears on this thing. Glenn Beck (also on the board) and David Barton dusted off this old chestnut from the Revolutionary era.
Here is Barton explaining. Did he say 🚂’s in the Bible? 🤦🏼‍♂️

cc @jimstewartson Image
This whiteboard makes me sick every time I look at it. Of course we see Matt Gaetz on it. And is anyone surprised mega church man and $4.4m PPE loan recipient (who says he will repay it now) Joel Osteen is on it? How about QB/TE/OF INRI Tim Tebow? Are they for Health or Freedom? Image
You know what would be really bad? If antivax/antimaskers with covid were encouraged to travel. Why would anyone *want* to create traveling bioweapons? Read what Susan Sweetin created.

Um, does this mean the sign-court-docs-in-blood Sovereign Citizens?… Image
Here’s another indication that the whiteboard represents bullshit as much as batshit. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is here too.… Image
Now this is an interesting part of the guano board. Gene Ho plays to trumps vanity (he’s his photographer) but Tucker Carlson has done more harm spreading misinformation about Health and Freedom than anyone. And is this the Ian Smith from Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital? Funding much? Image
Charleen Bollinger is in a prominently located position on Flynn’s Whiteboard of charlatans. Also her name is closely located to OAN. @January6thCmte won’t be tasked with investigating this, perhaps @TheJusticeDept needs a Covid disinfo special prosecutor. Image
There are about 23 or so Pastors on the board if you count the ‘prophets’ too. Or is it profits? 🤔 Then there are the 135,000 associated with Ben Graham in the far right of the board. Near the Black Robe Regiment. They are highlighted in purple below. One says Gospel Unleashed. Image
This week’s additions to the whiteboard comes to us from Oklahoma. See thread here👇🏻

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