Live: International dream team of air quality experts talking about how we're not doing enough to prevent #delta transmission in schools
Worst-case scenario: Children's hospitals overloaded with 1/3th the beds needed, and 1/5th the PICU beds needed
Delta primarily spreads through #aerosol inhalation. The 6-ft rule is insufficient. The 15-min rule is insufficient. If someone must eat indoors, they should not talk. The infectious person does not have to be in the room at the same time as you
Breakthrough cases have similar #viral loads as infected individuals not yet vaccinated. Viral load decreases faster, but everyone must mask indoors.
Kids should be wearing #KN95s or KF94s in indoor public spaces.
Too late to upgrade HVAC systems, so get portable #HEPA filters in classrooms. Cost about $10 per student per year. With universal mediocre cloth masks, increases protection from 66% to 92%
We can use #CO2 sensors as a proxy for indoor air quality. High CO2 = you're breathing other people's air. Use an NDIR CO2 sensor, measure when everyone has been in the room a while. Watch CO2 go up in real time (or not). Most classes ventilated poorly
Any school should be using MERV 11 or MERV 13 filters on their #HVAC systems. Most schools are either all-in on 13s, or solely using 11s. Bottom line: most could use MERV-13 on at least some units. Inexpensive
No budget? Make a #CorsiRosenthalBox Air Cleaner with a box fan and some filters (google or twitter search it). Works better than most HEPA filters and cheap. Great science project for 10 year olds.
#Delta spreads like cigarette smoke that you cannot smell. Can you smell a cigarette 6 ft away? Then, you can breathe delta. We need to think about how to use monitors, HEPA, HVAC, KN95s, vaccines, and outdoor air to mitigate that risk
A physician's note for a #mask exemption is insufficient. Teachers, PTs, and OTs need to follow-up. 80% of those with physician notes could find a mask that works, even with sensory concerns, often by using an insert to keep masks of the mouth.
Modeling for a hypothetical school:

Worst-case scenario: 90% of elementary schools kids infected if no masking and no surveillance testing.

Best-case scenario: Masking & surveillance testing, still infect 20% of elementary students within 100 days

"Mask up or go virtual"
Surveillance is helpful but less so than with alpha. People have 1,000 X the viral load with delta. They are infectious more quickly, so testing is more likely to be "too late" than with earlier variants.

#MaskUp and #VaxUp
This is not simply the #PandemicOfTheUnVaccinated!

Right now, it is the "pandemic of the innocent" -- kids
Child hospitalizations are exploding because so many are too young to be #vaccinated.

"We must protect children until they can be vaccinated"
As school, lunch and snacks should be outside
"The burden of the pandemic is different for black and brown children."

Is in-person class the best approach to be taking right now? Observed disparate learning outcomes may be due to black children have more family members hospitalized or die.
Access to indoor clean air is a #HealthEquity issue, as she told the Biden administration
#Plexiglass systems REDUCE indoor air quality!
"Masks are just for funsies if kids are eating inside"

*Speaking to favor of masks OR being outdoors when impossible.
"Every family needs a plan B as we learn more about this variant"
@JoeKanter and @AvegnoJennifer - Experts are painting a dark picture for Louisiana's children. Please help!

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