Ok, my undergraduate bridge session adapting @callin_bull materials by @CT_Bergstrom and @JevinWest is prepped for Monday. Here's a thread of what I have planned in case wants to do something similar 1/20
The #TLDR piece of advice is to visit callingbullshit.org and look at the case studies and youtube recordings 2/20
For context, this bridge session is part of an NSF-funded Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (Hispanic-serving Institutions) grant awarded to @DominicanU. Here's a webpage about the overall project: dom.edu/academic-succe… 3/20
Our bridge program targets STEM-interested undergraduates entering as college freshman - that's it. Unlike some other bridges, it's not designed for a 'gifted' or 'remedial' population. If you come to our institution and want to major in STEM, our bridge is for you 4/20
In this part of the bridge, students get to choose among several sessions. I titled my session "Data Reasoning" and it is MUCH less popular than the session titled "Forensics" 5/20
Some folks helping run the event have referred to my bridge session as a 'statistics presentation', but I corrected that. It's material that would be home in a statistics class, biology class, chemistry class, etc 6/20
I framed the presentation as "Data Reasoning" and set the end goal for my students to generate a group presentation on the use (and misuse) of "language, statistical figures, data graphics, and other forms of presentation intended to persuade". 7/20
"Calling Bullshit" would be a much more pithy name for the session, but I need a few more years of tenure to start offending delicate sensibilities. The students themselves will get copies of the book, so it's not like I have any problem with the language 8/20
As a session 'pre-read', I assigned the "Uncovering Reality" virtual exhibit found here pacificsciencecenter.org/exhibits/ 9/20
At the virtual exhibit end, there are two visualizations (on rainfall and cheese) with errors that students should identify in a short (2-3 sentence) discussion board post before we meet. 10/20
We'll start with introductions and acknowledging that this material is adapted from a college course authored by Carl and Jevin 11/20
Next, we'll de-brief on the 'pre-read' exercise and discussion posts before moving onto case studies 12/20
The first case-study we'll explore is about Food Stamp Fraud and introduces the idea of Fermi Estimations. callingbullshit.org/case_studies/c… 13/20
After the case study, students will take a break to walk the halls of the science building and note data visualizations in scientific posters hung on the walls 14/20
The second case-study we'll explore is about Right-Censoring data and is titled "Musicians and Mortality" callingbullshit.org/case_studies/c… 15/20
We'll break again, having students 'collect data' by taking photographs of poster displays in the science building hallways 16/20
The session will end with two final "what's wrong with this study" examples,the first about airplanes and bullet holes: trevorbragdon.com/when-data-give… and the second about COVID and vaccination: 17/20
On the final day of the bridge (two days after this session), students will present posters from their sessions. Most sessions are more 'traditional' lab reports, so I expect I'll be working closely to provide guidance to the 2 students presenting on this session. 18/20
Again, my deep appreciation to @CT_Bergstrom and @JevinWest for generously sharing their materials. Any credit should go to them and I'm sure I'll make some mis-steps in the translation. Still, I've been excited to run something like this for some time now. 19/20
I'll repeat the #TLDR from the start - if you want to do something like this, go to callingbullshit.org and check out the case studies and the youtube links. The team-taught recorded lectures are delightful in a Johnny Carson/Ed McMahon or classic vaudville way. End 20/20
And OF COURSE I made a typo. Here is the correct link to the "Musicians and Mortality" case study: callingbullshit.org/case_studies/c… 21/20
One more thing that I want to share - we planned sessions in March/April as MASKED and reduced density (other components of the bridge are delivered remotely and/or outside). Also fortunate to work at an institution with a vaccine requirement. 22/20

• • •

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