🧠 A THREAD on some insightful thoughts about Life & Learnings by Radhika Gupta (@iRadhikaGupta) Mam:


Take one risk every year, that could change your life.

I started as an investment professional and never met a client for the first 4 years of my career. Running a start-up forced me to.

Raising even a small amount of money takes skill, credibility, marketing, and huge effort.

Selling is an amazing education, a must do!

Each time the corporate world says, “We need someone with 20 years of experience”, I remember why start-ups are born.

Bad question: What are top 5 mutual funds I can invest in?

Good question: What are 5 things I can do to become a better investor?

At whatever stage you are in your career, create a personal “advisory board”.

Find five people from within and outside your industry, across ages, who you respect and who really care about you.

Invest in good advice. It pays off in less good times.

5 simple things I have learned while public speaking:

① Preparation is powerful
② Say something unique or say the same thing uniquely
③ Humour is your best friend and length your biggest enemy
④ Slides are at best a supporting actor
⑤ Everybody gets nervous. It’s ok!

Started my career trading complex mortgages. 15 years later, I am selling SIPs for a living.

Simplifying money is much harder than complicating it.

The concept I misunderstood the most in college is “networking”

What we assume it to be:
Making small talk and exchanging business cards at conferences.

What it should be:
Investing in meaningful relationships with people outside your immediate bubble, that enrich life.

Give young people a chance - without counting their "years of experience" - and see what they can do.

My first lesson in leadership:

Do the hardest job yourself.

• • •

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15 Sep
🇨🇳 What is going on with one of the world’s largest Real Estate developers - #Evergrande

Chinese Economy is now facing one of the toughest test in a very very long time. Is the bubble popping?

✅ Please RT so that this could reach more people.

Thread 🧵👇 Image

Short answer to all the questions you have in your mind about Evergrande is this

> Investors, lenders, and apartment owners will lose. > Insiders will win.
> China’s financial system will be tested.
> More money will be printed.
> Xi Jinping will level up crack down.

Evergrande’s founder and 53rd richest person in the world - Xu Jiayin, stepped down as chairman of the property group.

Trading in the company’s bonds was suspended in Shanghai.

Police went to Evergrande’s office building to tackle protests. Image
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14 Sep
Some insightful thoughts about Life and Health by Chris (@ThePrimalMan)

8 Part Thread 🧵 👇

When you get paid,

Don’t think: “What can I buy?”
Think: “Where should I invest?”

When grocery shopping,

Don’t think: “What am I craving?”
Think: “What best fuels my body?”

To become top tier, align even small decisions with your long-term goals.

Your first month dieting shouldn’t be about weight loss.

Your first month in the gym shouldn’t be about putting muscle.

Your first months should be about one thing only:

Building habits that form the foundation of your new lifestyle.
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12 Sep
Some insightful thoughts about Personal Finance and Investing by Tiho Brkan (@TihoBrkan)

11 Part Thread 🧵 👇

Long term perspective.

If you invested at the start of 1987, just before one of the worst crashes of all time...
Held your stocks through the Coronavirus crash of 2020, which is on par with 87...
Held through the Tech Bust & GFC of 2008.

You'd still be up 20X over 33 yrs.

Owning a home is NOT investing in real estate, nor is your home an asset.

Yes, I have an accounting degree.
Yes, I know which side of the ledger it goes on.

Those accounting books are wrong and those teachers are poor.

If it doesn't produce cash flow, it's a liability.
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11 Sep
Some powerful thoughts about Life and Private Equity Real Estate by The Real Estate God (@TheRealEstateG6):

Thread 🧵 👇

Buy one property a year with fully amortizing debt. Hold forever.

By the time you're 50, you would own 20+ properties which are mostly paid off.

The most simple retirement plan in existence.

If you see anyone in the world succeeding, whether that be a friend, relative, or someone you barely even know.

And you think anything other than “That’s awesome, congratulations”, you have some serious work to do as a person.
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28 Aug
🧠 A THREAD on some insightful thoughts about life and money by Wiz of Marketing (@wizofecom):


You can fuck up your 20s by hanging out with people with no ambitions.

Instead of cutting down expenses
I've decided to make more money

You become a morning person when you wake up to work on your own vision and not someone else's.
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26 Aug
🧠 A THREAD on some insightful thoughts about Investing by Vivek Mashrani (@MashraniVivek) Sir:


Finding and buying a hidden gem microcap is overrated.

Buying known great businesses at right time (during temporary fall) and then holding long enough is underrated.

Think about it, as an investor we only control 5 things

① What to buy
② How much to buy
③ When to buy
④ When to sell
⑤ How much to sell

If you don't have a system/process around all 5 decision points, there is something seriously wrong with your investing process.

Long term value investing is not to buy business each time when price keeps falling


To keep buying when value of business quality keeps going UP and price follows (averaging UP)
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