How do people not see 👀
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Mental Health was already a huge issue prior to Covid now you are making people choose between feeding their family or a death shot. Australia if you don’t stand we fall. Unity not division
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
The vaccinated will wake up it might take 2-3 shots then they will be angry and finally stand up!
Why can’t you see it!
This stops when you say NO
Victims who didn’t listen
If you didn’t get a reaction from your first it’s because they need you to go and tell everyone well I’m fine! Because you got the placebo shot! Your second one you might not be so lucky! When the trial ends it will only be the death shot!
Detention camps are here wake the f up
Do you want to have a child?? Then please research the risks!!
Do you know how many tests on the ingredients were done on just the vaccine you give your children!!!!! No even this Covid one!!
Queensland Australia Drs jailed for 6 MONTHS if they speak out!!
All of the information is right in front of you! If you choose to have this you can’t say you didn’t know the risks!
You have been programmed on every Tell A Vision - Broad CASTING, you have been conditioned to think this is normal IT Isn’t!!!
We have been called horrible names, sacrificed time, relationships, to share the TRUTH & still we don’t give up. Do you think we want to be doing this! NO! But if we didn’t millions would still be asleep!
You say we get our information from google! Where do you get yours from!! Bill gates who ISN’T a DR! Or the media who is owned by the people who are killing innocent people and children!!!
How much proof do you want this this isn’t about a virus!!! You said this was a CONSPIRACY now that it’s here what is your excuse!
How can you look at this and STILL believe the LIES
How much more do you want! It’s right in front of you
In this thread there is FACTUAL evidence to explain WHY they’re doing this, WHO is doing it, Victims, YOUR MEDIA ADMITS IT, Drs, Nurses, History! If u are getting this because of peer pressure is it worth losing your life?
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10 Sep

Conditions of entry

⭐️No face diapers allowed
⭐️Sheep spray available
⭐️Must be within 1 meter of the person you’re talking to so they can hear you
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9 Sep
Being a spiritual person I never was the religious type, I still won’t go to church because I don’t believe I need to go anyway to connect to a higher being. I always believed in a God of cause but I now see that I was indoctrinated to think,
That you had to go to church. I have had family members who have experienced horrible things from a lot of priests, but just like all police are not bad, my experience in the hospital taught me that some Drs & nurses are kept in the dark
There were some that seemed so confused, they looked after me & I am so great full & they were concerned if I had already had the jab if it was a side effect, I seen many in there with side effects :( so it gave me a new perspective
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28 Aug
My business page on Instagram, Feel free to use this if you also don’t discriminate _ashealing_ ❤️… Image
*prejudice 😂
Lucky I’m not in the business of being a spelling teacher 👩‍🏫 😂
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21 Aug
I had a friend write to me saying she would like me to get the jab so her life could go back to normal 🥴 umm I’m probably the LAST person you want to say that to 😅 information overload incoming…..
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21 Aug
If the 💉 passports do come in & it’s up to the businesses if they let ‘unvaccinated’ people in I can tell u

The ones that don’t discriminate will be BOOMING 💰

We won’t forget when the TRUTH comes out the businesses that pushed for this to be mandatory 😉
And ‘I didn’t know’ won’t work. You were SHOWN by your own MEDIA by your ‘conspiracy’ FRIENDS and anyone with half a brain. It’s not that we want to discriminate but it took a lot to stand up and speak out so I know where my money will be spent
You pushed for division so you can’t cry poor me when the storm is over & the truth comes out if u couldn’t put your ego aside to even question what was happening to YOUR children YOUR grandparents and your fellow HUMANS
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21 Aug
Looking like he ate a hundred Xanax for dinner
'Cause censoring the president and kicking him off Twitter
Is a bigger threat to freedom than foreign ballistic missiles- They can’t stop us because we’re ready to FIGHT 🙏
They can't stop us 'cause we're ready to fight
Try to brainwash us but we won't let freedom die
The whole world's brainwashed
Everybody pick a team, start a riot in the streets
The whole world's brainwashed
It's us against them, it ain't you against me
How did monkeys become people and people turned into sheep?
They put fluoride in the water that's keeping us all asleep
Claim they want what's best for us, I find that hard to believe
'Cause they been selling us cigarettes since we was eighteen
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