My new "hobby" is watching supply chains do weird stuff. I don't think most of us are fully seeing what's happening yet, and I think many are dismissing things that we do see as one-offs of a weird year rather than looking for the patterns underneath.
Like..husband comes home from grocery shopping - "the juice aisle had all these gaps on the shelves, never seen that before" and I just think hmm....
Like...we asked our mechanic to look out for a certain used car we are in the market for and he said, "we aren't buying/selling used cars right now 'cause they are so expensive, because the supply of new cars is so low, because of that chip thing."
Like...when the old car we are nursing along needed a repair it sat at the mechanic for a month because they couldn't get the needed part.
Like - my parents get milk delivered from a consortium of local farms (cool service). This week they only got part of what they ordered and a note about supply constraints. I know enough about milk in the northeast to guess it's not likely an actual milk constraint.
Maybe there's lots of new subscribers (a good thing) and they need to match that with signing on new producers, but my observant parents (in their 80s with memories of the WWII years) are betting on constraints to the supply of plastic jugs.
They report that last week the jugs were different and now there's a supply constraint note. I don't know where those jugs are made (China, Louisiana???).
I don't know how big the backlog of jugs is, it seems soon to feel Ida impacts, but I can imagine a China supply chain disruption after articles like this one.…
Obviously I'm just guessing/wondering aloud, my main point is to urge you, if you aren't already to start noticing, observing, and trying to see the trends beneath the noise, and drivers beneath the trends.
So milk, juice, car repairs, these are all small. Little disruptions. We figure our way around them, and at least for a middle class family like mine we are buffered by full pantries and a second vehicle, etc, etc. But...
What I wish there was more attention to is how, if at all, these patterns fit in to the critical work of these decades.....
How do we understand and work with them to prevent a dangerous slow down to densification, energy retrofits, clean tech build outs, infrastructure hardening, and disaster recovery and rebuilding?
Increasing a clean domestic manufacturing capacity is highlighted in the green new deal resolution from 2018 and, along with jobs it will create, resilience to supply chain disruptions seems like it is a second really important benefit. #multisolving again.
Of course supply chain disruptions could have implications for building a domestic manufacturing's almost like it' a complex system out there...
...if you are interested in complex systems & tumultuous times you can follow some of the work we do @multisolving learning from people working across silos to green cities, insulate homes, scale clean energy, build community, restore land, all with an eye on equity & justice.

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11 Sep
When most everyone is managing symptoms and no one feels it’s their job to address root causes, guess what happens to the symptoms?
And when the elite who have the most power to address root cause are also the most protected from symptoms……well
Covid or climate or whatever other problem generated by systems that don’t respect interconnection , it doesn’t really matter.
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11 Sep
It’s 🍅 sauce day! A tray filled with tomatoes of various shapes sizes and colo
It’s also kimchi day lol A counter with a large crate of nappa, also carrots garlic p
And it’s definitely not enough room on the counters day.
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7 Sep
Reality is our friend. And reality is that we are part of an indivisible network of relationship. An "inescapable network of mutuality" as Dr. King said.
Not a metaphor. A literal truth that you demonstrate right this minute. (Hold you breath if you don't believe me, hold your breath and think about where you end and "nature" begins).
Take a breath, drink some water. What wasn't "you" is now "you." Be changed by somebody's idea. Molecules change in your brain, because in someone else, brainwaves became sound waves, received by you, became meaning, became memory. But go ahead, tell me how we are separated.
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6 Sep
Welcome new followers. You might be here because of a thread I wrote about complex systems, tumultuous times & supply chains. I'm glad you're here, hope you'll stay. What can you expect here? Let's peel back the layers of the onion and get at the heart of it... A slice through the center ...
Mostly I tweet about climate change and all that it touches: health, equity, justice, community, jobs, biodiversity, disasters, wellbeing, food, water, and more. I do this informed by training in complex systems, and computer models of climate change.
This systems training has me view climate change as a symptom, not a root cause. You'll hear a lot about what I see closer to root cause: a dominant worldview that tries to organize the world as hierarchy with white men on top, when the actual world is an interconnected web.
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4 Sep
How it started: How it's going: Tree branches covered with pink blossoms against a bright blTree branches with shiny green leaves with red/yellow/orange
For us in Vermont the peach crop is a gift that doesn't always come, especially because a late frost can interfere. Makes them extra delicious when they happen. Six crates like this from one not very big tree!!! Thank you rain and sun and soil and bees! Close up shot of dozens of mostly unblemished peaches.
So if you need me I'll be canning/freezing/drying/baking. (And sitting on the porch swing with peach juice dripping off my chin.) Speaking of peach juice we are going to make some and see if we can inoculate it to make peach vinegar. Never tried that, so who knows?
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3 Sep
We have some data and some good guesses about climate change impacts on ecological systems and infrastructure. I don't think we have very good guesses about the impacts of those impacts on governance and economic systems.
Could be that some oppressive systems will be brittle to the disruptions. Could be that some life serving systems will be. Probably it will be a mix.
What I think it will be is chaotic (in the systems sense of the term). Unpredictable. Patchy. With sudden openings to move into and build and sudden needs to defend and protect life and cultural and biological diversity.
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