Maybe cis people, famous or not, need to really think about what JK Rowling actually said and maybe ask why trans people would be so angry

We didn't attack her because of a 'difference in opinion'

She told the world that we shouldn't be allowed in certain public spaces

It has been over a year and still random journalists are asking random famous people for their opinion on the whole JK anti trans stuff and STILL this same line gets trotted out

"The attacks on JK Rowling just for having an opinion, ghastly"

They never look at what she said.
So here it is, what she said boiled down from 4k words to...some words but less...

Trans women shouldn't be allowed in single sex spaces
Trans men, adorable but probably deluded and autistic
Trans kids aren't real
Her words were repeated on a global scale, reprinted in outlets to be read by literally billions of people. Every outlet covered her nonsense and subsequently the book she wrote and put out.

Her words are far, FAR more powerful than anyone you have ever met probably.
That is why trans people attacked JK Rowling.

Because she argued for essentially banning us from public spaces and who and what we are, aren't 'real'.

Do you get now WHY trans people were so pissed off?
If you have read this and are thinking "well, okay, but why can't you respect her opinion? We all have a right to our beliefs and you should respect hers politely"

Imagine how you would react if she wrote an essay about why you shouldn't be allowed to use the toilet at your job.

• • •

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6 Sep
Everything we say gets twisted by cis people who hate us.

“Trans people broadly aren’t considered viable sexual partners”


“Trans people want to coerce people into sex, rapists!”

“We need access to certain public spaces, public toilets, abuse refuges, the same as everyone else”


“You want to open the door to every sex offender/commit sexual offences yourself”
“JK Rowling is arguing that Trans people shouldn’t be allowed to access certain public spaces because they are trans”


“You are attacking a woman for having opinions!”
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1 Aug
I have been at a location where asylum seekers are placed to wait until the home office deals with their applications to remain in the UK. I have talked to many residents and talked a lot with a transgender resident. Here is a thread about what I have seen, been told and thought
The one thing that is universal amongst residents I’ve talked to is the food being awful. I was told that they bring in food and it is often served cold. A diabetic resident told me that the food makes them sick and they get no help to manage their condition
Here is tonight’s dinner. It’s not great. It was served cold. It went uneaten. It looked worse in person…
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1 Aug
James Esses was intending and may have already abused trans children by trying to stop them being trans.

He was studying to become a conversion therapist. He used to work at childline.

His uni has binned him. Childline also

Remember his name. Fight him when he tries something.
He is raising funds to take his former uni to court for (correctly) giving him the boot.

This guy is trying to become the Maya Forstater of conversion therapy for trans kids.

We have to fight him on every level of that happens

We got to protect our kids from him and his ghouls
This goes deep with me.

I know it must go deep with you too.

We were all trans kids.

Time to show them what it really looks like to safeguard children.
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30 Jul
CN: Cis dominance of trans identities & defining our needs

Lots of cis people regularly do the above. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Here is a thread of examples from my life so you understand

And remember, I’m a trans woman. Compared to non-binary folks I’m lucky
My first GIC appointment:

Was told I wouldn’t get HRT unless I came out to my father. Family I was out to were against me ever coming out to him. I had to choose, risk crossing my family, or medicine.

The clinic needed this to see “commitment” from me

My word wasn’t enough
Telephone banking:

Online bank authenticator had bust. Called for a new one. My voice ‘didn’t fit the profile’ (wrong pitch). Fraud team locked the account. Tried to tell them there was a note on my account to avoid this issue. They didn’t believe me

My word wasn’t enough
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10 Jul
The trans moral panic of the last 5 years isn’t exceptional. It’s actually society working as it always has

Here is a thread where I explain how

CN Images of the far right, ableist, racist, homophobic, islamophobic travellerphobic transphobic newspaper front pages and terrorism
When I was born the HIV epidemic was killing so many people in the U.K. and around the world. The press vilified those who were dying. The government acted by making it illegal for teachers to say being gay is okay.

That was the gay moral panic of the 80’s/90’s/00’s
When I went to school, college then uni I saw that Immigrants & refugees, whether they were Asian, African, Middle Eastern, they were all also vilified in the press. Their very presence was framed as theft. It still is. That was a thing long before I was born. It never stopped
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9 Jul
New Podcast, and it is a big one.

Listen to it on the usual apps or you can listen to it here:

There is so much in this episode....SO MUCH

Here is a thread breaking it down
We got a Department of Health and Social care document through an FOI that shows:

Dr Michael Brady was NOT responsible for GRA reform being binned, and suggests Liz Truss NEVER considered de-medicalising the process

"No 10/GEO officials" don't believe trans youths are trans.
We look at what has occurred in the states (the Wi Spar horror show) and go over information put out by @trans_safety, The LA Blade and the Scottish Herald to look at just how the UK news media assists the far right with its transphobia
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