As kids, inseparable identical twins Billy & Bobby worked in their dad’s auto repair shop.

Then, in 1993, Bobby opened Bobby’s Auto Service Center & Billy eventually joined him.

The twins’ workday camaraderie and banter lasted until
July 22, 2021.
Bobby said the shop’s 10 employees had been careful throughout the pandemic.

Folks were given time off to visit dr & for COVID-19 tests.

Four of them were vaccinated.
About a week after one of the employees tested positive for COVID-19, Bobby’s twin, Billy, wasn’t feeling well & was told by the doctor that he had the flu.

But the next day, Billy was so sick he went to the ER & was admitted — with COVID-19.
Bobby said “It was one employee after another going down”

His under-30 year old employees who got COVID-19 texted Bobby that “they’d never been so sick in their lives.”
As a big man, 6-feet-3, 320 pounds, Bobby might have been a prime candidate for hospitalization. 

But he, like other employees who had relatively minor symptoms, had been vaccinated.

Bobby was the last one to have symptoms:

Just 3 days of fever.
Even Billy & Bobby’s 83 yr old mom was infected.

Thankfully she was vaccinated & like Bobby, just had a minor fever.
Billy was not vaccinated.

Bobby said he couldn’t convince his twin to dismiss conspiracy theories and get vaccinated.

“We had many heated discussions about this vaccine.”
But after being hospitalized, Billy’s stance on the coronavirus vaccine did a 180.

From his hospital bed, Billy convinced other family members to get vaccinated.

“It was too late for him.”
Initially, when Billy was hospitalized, the twins regularly spoke on the phone—though Billy often got winded quickly.

They eventually had to text each other.
Bobby said the first employee to get COVID-19 in his repair shop was hospitalized, eventually spending four weeks on a ventilator. He’s back at work.

Billy ended up on a ventilator, too.
In his last significant text exchange with his twin, Bobby expressed hope.
Bobby said what he saw in the hospital was like a 'valley of death'

Bobby suggested videos of those suffering with COVID-19 would be a great way to persuade people to get vaccines.
Billy’s pain got worse.

That’s when he was sedated and put on the ventilator.

Bobby said:
“He wasn’t a wimpy guy so he must have really been hurting…”
Sadly, on August 14, 2021,
William H. “Billy” Ford died.

He was only 59.

Billy left behind a wife, 3 children, his mother and 3 brothers…including his identical twin brother, Bobby.
“We did everything together.”

"Now I have to pick up most of the office work that my brother used to do," Bobby said
Recently, someone came into Bobby’s shop & said she was sorry Billy died.

She then told him her friend’s boyfriend said the vaccines have tracking devices.

Before telling her to leave, Bobby told her what he thought of people who blindly repeat vaccine misinformation:
Identical twins Bobby Ford and Billy Ford were inseparable -- until COVID put one in hospital…
For Billy

• • •

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