an honest accounting of the saga would fully explain that it’s been chugging along in the background as a kook treatment for over a year, displaced hydroxycloroquine as king of designer covid treatments once the hydroxy bubble burst, & these pundits are way late to the game
this is not a knock on @MattGertz but on the other incomplete and/or half assed attempts that miss a lot of key context in favor of focusing on the delicate fee-fees of the folks taking it & pushing it
again, there’s a get-rich-quick mlm scheme at the heart of this thing consisting of a bunch of teledoc’s pushing scripts on a pills-for-pay system. not everyone promoting it has a cut of the action. there are a lot of clueless rubes just hoping to find their angle
the angle for most of the late-to-the-game promoters is strictly using it as an influencer tactic to maintain divide and signal allegiances. the angle for the early-to-the-game promoters is more likely to be actual cash flow
it is not a coincidence these favorite designer drugs tend to have minimal adverse symptoms unless grossly abused, have long been in abundant supply, largely used for obscure conditions, are not controlled substances, and are pretty far off the radar for the fda
they accomplish nothing therapeutically unless you have one of the obscure conditions they’re intended to treat, but they won’t kill your ass dead, and you need to pony up cash for a script to get them. normal docs won’t write those scripts, so presto! teledoc market
the gamestop stock shorting adventure is a really strong analog for ivermectin. only a handful of folks actually engineered the demand & made any money, a lot of pundits glommed on to cheerlead it despite knowing better than to invest in it themselves, and ordinary joes got hosed
the scheme engineers rely on the cheerleading (but non-invested) pundits to keep the hype train running. if you remove that element of kayfabe controversy, the juice fizzles out and the ordinary joes stop shoveling money at the snake oil
“hey why SHOULDN’T the ordinary joes try hydroxy/crypto/gamestop/ivermectin, huh??? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING BY TRYING TO DETER YOU, MR ORDINARY JOE?”

meanwhile they’ve got their money in mutual funds & real estate & ran out to get the vaccine as soon as they could
dana loesch is not sitting around eating gelatinized beet residue. ben shapiro is not popping homeopathic caffeine pills. laura ingraham is not taking hydroxycloroquine, and tucker carlson is not sucking down ivermectin. that’s for their idiot audiences.

• • •

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15 Sep
every one of these jokes is a masterclass in writing and delivery. you can hear them thirty times and they’re never less funny.
if you want some perspective on exactly how good this material/delivery combo is, try to imagine jimmy fallon doing the same lines without groaning
that mid-to-late 90’s snl class shaped so much of my sense of humor growing up & my outlook in general. I cannot imagine who I would be without them. just a remarkable collection of different talents. norm was my favorite & I catch myself doing a form of his deadpan daily
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14 Sep
here is the problem: if he feels compelled enough to strip the CINC out of the chain so he can’t nuke portland or something, he needs to feel equally compelled to park his ass before congress an hour later to share that information quite publicly. this can’t come out on his terms
I agree with cutting a very clearly deranged trump out of the loop. but when BOB WOODWARD is the way this info goes public, NINE MONTHS LATER, you’ve created a tidy little cover-up that is ripe for repeat performance
general milley is strongly suggesting that had bob woodward or some other character not chanced by looking for juicy nuggets, the american people were never to be told that whoops he just usurped the chain of command & went on serving & never felt compelled to mention this?
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14 Sep
this freeze frame of a disheveled michael tracey ranting on the sidewalk holding some sort of james bond antenna suitcase as a garbage truck drives by is my only friend in the world
have spent ten fruitless minutes googling “antenna briefcase” and “suitcase karaoke” trying to decipher this mystery
my best guess is he cut a hole in a briefcase and shoved an old boom box with a whip antenna in there
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14 Sep
because if a tenth of them die, they still have 90% left to sell junk cures and covid contrarianism to. but if 90% of them get the vaccine, they don’t need to buy any more own-the-libs covid solutions
it’s extremely icky to consider but if the biden admin wanted to end vaccine hesitancy, they’d cut a bunch of off-the-record deals with right wing media to buy hundreds of thousands of fake subscriptions to shops like wex & the federalist in exchange for a pro-vax editorial slant
I am about 95% sure this is the loophole GOPers have been exploiting for years to funnel money from PACs directly into RW media without leaving a trace: just buy fake subscriptions
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13 Sep
this is the ivermectin story - not ivermectin, but how it’s just a plug-and-play monetized industry that is driven by forces vastly larger than a bunch of dopes with facebook poisoning eating horse paste. until this becomes the narrative there will be dozens more ivermectin sagas
the financial interests driving the anti-vaxx movement are doing so from a perspective that says people taking a vaccine that eliminates the need to take various miracle cures is depriving them of a marketing opportunity
that the covid vaccines are so remarkably effective at their job at a price point of *free* is a terrifying threat to the right wing miracle cure economy
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13 Sep
justin fields learning valuable lessons from andy dalton on how to turn a 5 yard sack into a 15 yard sack
very important follow-up lesson on fluttering a 4th & 15 sideline route two yards short of the sticks, it’s good to see what a pick six ball looks like in realtime
we have to ruin our talented rookie quarterback psychologically by forcing him to watch a guy who rates at sub-backup levels so we don’t ruin him psychologically by letting him play
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