-regulation -> $ALBT
-ease of use -> $UOS
-interoperability -> $QNT

The total crypto market cap today is $2.11T.

This is a very impressive number. However, Apple and Microsoft, as individual companies, are worth more than everything put together...
The current space is very similar to the early days of the internet: clunky, developed in silos, difficult to access.

Not many users. Only the early adopters.

1. There was not a TON of utility for the normal user.
2. Network effect hadn't been established.
3. It was hard.
This is EXTREMELY similar to today's crypto landscape.

There is abundant innovation occurring in the space. Mostly in silos. Many new products coming across a variety of chains.
Besides this, the process of setting up and using the products is difficult. It is a huge barrier to entry for most of the global community. Your mother can't figure out how to turn on her bluetooth headphones... how will she navigate metamask and opensea safely?
Additionally, crypto has the added trouble of serious regulation.

"Isn't crypto only used for scams" - your mother

We've seen what happened to Coinbase this week.

This is keeping players both large and small out of the marketplace.
Enter $qnt, $albt and $uos.

I have a vision of the not so distant future where MOST of the world's wealth and value is captured and stored on chain. It's more efficient. It's more public. It CAN BE more safe.

These three, imo, are crucial to this vision.
Let's begin with $ALBT.

$ALBT is building the world's first globally compliant decentralized capital market.

If the big dogs are going to take part in the games we play, $ALBT will be at the center.
The big holdup currently for these players are regulations, a lack of legal understanding, insufficient liquidity, difficulty to trade, etc.

For large institutions, these are magnified.

$ALBT will be THE player as far as exchange of assets.
-trustless KYC
-Data tunnel and validation
-global liquidity
-bridge, dex, cross border rules engine, etc. etc.

Alliance Block identified the issues interfering with institutional adoption early, and is tackling ALL of them.

institutional money is going to be crucial.
Well what about retail? Only 1-2% of retail is seemingly using this tech?

This comes down to both risk, and ease-of-use.

While regulation is the driving blocker for most institutions, difficulty and lack of use case for most civilians is keeping them out of crypto.
Enter $UOS. Use cases galore, and easy as creating an account on facebook (or whatever else your mom uses).

this thread covers it in depth, but I will overview:
-Wallet created in the background at point of account creation
-direct fiat onboarding
-app ecosystem fully baked into the platform
-millions of gamers joining ecosystem from gaming partnerships with Ultra Games (a single app)
When users adopt something, they prefer to have the SAME experience as before, but with BETTER outcomes.

Currently, using $eth/$sol etc is an incredibly DIFFERENT and MORE DIFFICULT experience.
$uos has abstracted away blockchain concepts. They have removed insane trading fees.

No wallet management. No going to dApps and approving your wallet. No managing keys.

Create an account. Put your credit card in. Use dApps.
additionally, I said that many retailers are not entering because there isn't a ton of utility for them.

My friends and family don't invest a ton. They don't NEED defi. It's wonderful, but it's mostly for techies and ex wallstreet.
$uos will be a blockchain for media, for games, for retailers, for mass adoption. They've made it easy to use, they're filling it with use-cases for everyone.

$ALBT will bring in the big fish
$uos will bring in everyone you know personally.
what about $qnt?
The future is one of multiple chains. I mentioned $UOS here, but in the next few months/years...

$eth will pass 1T. $Sol and $BNB and $dot may too. Many many chains will be successful here.

The $QNT token can be used as a proxy across multiple chains to all this activity
@WEF recognizes 3 main types of interoperability categories:
- Cross Authentication
- Oracles
- The API Gateway
Cross Authentication: requires authentication on both sides of any potential bridge.

Oracles: Connection to other DLT technology or other data off-chain

Api Gateway: provides access to data via API and a series of data structures.
$qnt has built a decentralized, resilient, accessible solution that is being adopted by Amazon, CBDCs, DLTs, etc. They are the leader in the space.

As each DLT ecosystem grows, and more functionality is added, interoperability is key to this vision I have.
not a perfect metaphor... but:

imagine if android and ios users couldn't share apps? Imagine if Firefox and Google could not share data/websites.

Interoperability is key to a GLOBAL network, instead of the many separate networks being built today.
I believe that 10T, 50T, 100T are very possible a lot sooner than you might think. If this is to happen though, we need widespread adoption from both institutional and retail investors, as well as interoperability across these fantastic L1s.
and if those targets happen... then I see $albt, $qnt, and $uos firmly planted in the top 10.

don't sleep. the best is ahead of us.

dcrypto has returned.

• • •

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14 Sep
"Constellation and Quant believe that this will be
the start of establishing new standards around data and applications for the future."

$Dag x $Qnt

Network framework x operating system.

The future of DLT and the IOT
Most of CT knows that $QNT's Overledger is crucial for interoperability. Many do not know that the Overledger is really the first Blockchain operating system.
"Quant has developed the world’s first blockchain operating system, called Overledger, which allows customers to connect to any supported blockchain with just 3 lines of code. Clients can choose between multiple blockchains and protocols to create multi-chain dApps"
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$UOS Thread #7.

This one is going to be quite different. Almost entirely speculation. A lot of these things I think we will see happen.

I don't know.

I am obsessed with this project and see many possible avenues to WORLD DOMINATION.


world domination.
Many have said the market cap of $UOS is too large. That it can't reach $100.

"That'll be top 3!" yeah i know. shut up. Listen.

$100 is my conservative mid/long term estimate, if most of the things I am speculating on... DO NOT HAPPEN.

read this:
FIRST- the things we DO know:

-Blockchain and SDK created to abstract blockchain elements away for users and developers
-first app ecosystem for web 3
-Other tokens will launch on the $uos blockchain
-NFT's lock up UOS
-numerous AAA Game devs involved with project
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$UOS thread 6.


This isn’t ‘just’ gaming. This isn’t ‘just’ the massively expanding market with ~200B revenue. This is the next iteration of dApps, with a gaming funnel that will bring 8-9 figures of users to blockchain technology.

Let’s talk about the current king of dApp ecosystems: $eth.

~5M users per month
~First iteration
What do you have to do/know to use some of the incredible dApps on Ethereum?

-generally purchase eth on a CEX
-move to defi wallet or hardware wallet
- utilizing uniswap to buy necessary tokens
-MetaMask to permission access to protocols
-understanding of keys/safety
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