1/ Guys look, COVID is the venom! A team from UCSF discovered that COVID develops “tendrils” that reach out to get healthy cells. Zombies.


@Augustia0017 @WarriorAnjill @jushangininther @frenchanon1111 @WidowKhal @Zieleds @LovesTheLight @TaskFor26668668
2/ Their data is awesome and complex, but I will get it done by the end of the day (it’s 78 pages). I’ll unpack it, remove the scientific nomenclature, & make it readable for anyone.

I’ll also do a [graphene] thread from basic to advanced concepts.

3/ “Researchers exploring the interaction between the coronavirus and its hosts have discovered that when the SARS-CoV-2 virus infects a human cell, it sets off a ghoulish transformation…

4/ Obeying instructions from the virus, the newly infected cell sprouts multi-pronged tentacles studded with viral particles.”

These disfigured zombie cells appear to be using those streaming filaments, or filopodia, to reach still-healthy neighboring cells.”
5/ “The protuberances appear to bore into the cells’ bodies and inject their viral venom directly into those cells’ genetic command centers — thus creating another zombie.”

Besides their publication in Nature/Nature Medicine they also published in Cell.


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11 Sep
1/ There are many reasons as to why children don’t get COVID, and when they do it is minor. If their immune system is compromised that’s another story…

PNAS has good reasons but they’re forgetting a big one: children have higher levels of glutathione!

pnas.org/content/117/40… ImageImage
2/ Glutathione protects the child from developing severe disease and they naturally have higher levels. As people age, glutathione levels decrease.


3/ Low glutathione results in chronic inflammatory response, increased mitochondrial superoxide production, and oxidative stress/damage, protein issues, and DNA (genome) damage.


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11 Sep
1/ I’ll provide scientific evidence that the FDA lied to us all and approved a vaccine with no new data. I’ll demonstrate how they used old data & published it as new.

23 August 2021, the FDA grants Pfizer-BioNTech FDA approval, but based on what data?

2/ “The FDA should demand adequate, controlled studies with long term follow up, and make data publicly available, before granting full approval to covid-19 vaccines.”

— Dr. Peter Doshi, senior editor at the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

bmj.com/about-bmj/edit… Image
3/ On 28 July 2021, Pfizer and BioNTech published updated results for their ongoing phase 2/3 COVID vaccine trial.

This preprint was published nearly four months since the companies announced vaccine efficacy estimates “up to six months.”

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10 Sep
1/ COVID knows your blood type & Rh status. Smart virus, ey?

“We find slightly increased infection prevalence among non-O types. Risk of intubation was decreased among A and increased among AB and B types, compared with type O, while risk of death was increased for type AB.”
2/ and decreased for types A and B. We estimate Rh-negative blood type to have a protective effect for all three outcomes. Our results add to the growing body of evidence suggesting blood type may play a role in COVID-19.”

3/ In testing COVID too!

“Patients with blood types B and AB who received a test were more likely to test positive and blood type O was less likely to test positive. Rh+ patients were more likely to test positive.”

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10 Sep
Well, well, well, surprise, surprise; surprise to no one! Anita Dunn, the leading strategist on Biden’s presidential campaign (ties to Pfizer), Eric Lander, the White House science adviser, Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Biden’s pick for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, $ (1/3)
2/ Secretary of State Anthony Blinken previously consulted for Gilead Science the pharmaceutical company that makes remdesivir [7]! Susan Rice holds $5M in J&J shares [9]. (2/3)
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9 Sep
1/ I see many are confused about protease inhibitors, and how this mechanism relates to Pfizer’s new oral drug currently in phase 1 clinical trials.

First of all, ivermectin has 20 known mechanisms, one of which is to inhibit protease.
2/ Other known protease inhibitors include, but are not limited to: quercetin, artemisin, hispidulin, cirsimaritin, thymoquinone (black seed oil), curcumin (turmeric), gallic acid, sulfasalazine, and hydroxychloroquine, to name a few.
3/ Like I said all of the above demonstrate potent binding affinities to the ligands at COVID-19’s main protease (6LU7) active site.

1. chemrxiv.org/engage/chemrxi…

2. pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/ac…
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9 Sep
1/ Mark my words. The United States will suffer the greatest medical shortage ever in its history by 30 September 2021. Why?

Healthcare employers are giving their employees an ultimatum: either you get the jab, or you will be fired immediately after 30 September 2021
2/ Recently a study determined that if ordered to get the jab, approximately 44% of employees would resign or quit.

Let that sink in.

3/ Video part (1 of 2)
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