Y’all probably either are confused of drama of the day in #ENVtuber land. So here’s a summary (not including the dozens of lukewarm takes that form a consensus of enjoying the outreach that clips from various fan channels give to any #Vtuber).

I’ve got unique thoughts on this🧵
From a professional standpoint as someone who manages, consults and cares deeply for VTubers, Cimrai just about covered a lot of what I could’ve and probably would’ve said myself

This professional perspective is missing with a lot of indie talent
I come from a similar background as a content creator doing this for 7 years, but also had my start in a similar aspect as clippers like @UsVtuber. My best friend @RinaHoshinari did too with his FB page geoing hella viral for posting a McD’s anime ad and getting it shared by McDs
We both got our start with making content by discussing what we enjoyed with seasonal anime and our experiences as anime fans. Coming from FB, I understand that environment encouraged behaviors such as stealing memes, posting clips of anime, etc.
The writing was on the wall with what had to be done to stay relevant: post a lot and scale as quickly as possible before the gates were closed by Zuckerberg.

This gave FB its notoriety that has been there since I started making content 7 years ago
YouTube over its earlier years had this reputation too as explained so well by Veritassium because of views being the main incentive and main avenue for growth.

As a certified expert, I can confirm this is true and the new incentive is binge watching
I wanted to distinguish myself as someone with integrity given I was surrounded by people who had no sense of ethics, who often times loathed themselves and others, divulged themselves in their escapism and misogynistic-inspired lust for obedient fictional characters So tell me, what was OCO again? It’s a page that is surrou
That sounds like a call-out, but it’s just observation and personal experience trying to tie together a community of anime fans that could never be. Uploading clips was an outlet for them, for us all really. Some of us, like Rina and I, wanted discussion. Others, nothing, really
I’ve always been one to take a step back and look at the culture of things—how we act around one another, how we treat one another, how we present ourselves and what respect we have for each other’s work is something I value highly.

Not many people seem to share these values
When I see conflict like this between fans and creators, I understand a world of difference here. Not everyone is going to pick up on this right away and really haven’t in the past 24 hours.

There is an issue with fan channels like this saying things like this. Misattribution Today I found out that helping people is bad what a world weYoutubers are us Jennifer blew up because of Cooksey me and
Misattribution, correlation-error (correlation does not equal causation). There’s a good chance that the traffic sources don’t work out the way we may think. So many people don’t follow indie talent right away. There’s a bias for corporate talent with higher trust in branding
Take a non-vtubing example with something like shoes. Why do people buy Nike, an overpriced “sporting” shoe, that is, in fact, luxury and made with planned obsolescence in mind when there are many other perfectly fine sporting brands that don’t have Nike’s branding?
People latch onto what they’ve been primed to more than being open minded to possibilities that very well could bring them more happiness with having a much more personable experience

What we’re really in a crisis of is a culture that celebrates and prioritizes corporate and popular talent over anything else: art, talent, personality, etc.

This isn’t unique to Vtubing. This is just consumer culture as we live in it right now. This is just another obstacle
I bring this up because of exposure and quantity of clips that are found online. Who gets promoted the most? Corporate. Then it trickles down just a bit to just a handful of indie talent. That’s the cold-hard bitter truth.

There’s other reasons, but this Psychology is tough
Someone with my expertise, eye for talent and attention to the flux and flow of social media shouldn’t have to exist. I should not have the niche I have right now to consult and manage indie talent that just so happen to discover me and take a leap of faith to work with me
This conflict shouldn’t exist in the first place. Fandom is the way it is because we have a shared interest in our daily consumption of media.

Some say that we should be GRATEFUL that clippers exist. Others say that they are a pillar of VTubing communities.

We created this gate
We have put a few fans on a pedestal for our own gain, #ENVtubers , for a hope that we too will someday have the spotlight.

This is show business. We are in the BUSINESS of CREATING fandoms. The spotlight isn’t big enough for us all the way things are now
There are always a few things I want to make clear with people every time I speak my mind:

1) What are your real thoughts and intentions? Are you being honest with us and yourself?

2) What have you done to stand out? What are your ambitions? Are you here for fun or a career?
3) At what cost will you pay to accomplish what you wish to achieve? Will you recklessly create an environment that venerates you and is there as a personal cash cow? Or will you put people first—the ones who personally engage with you on a day to day, not some feature gimmick?
You are who you surround yourself with. Your audience, your community, and by extent the environment and culture you help create is a reflection of you and your actions so far.

I feel too many chimed in just to get on the good side of clip channels more than the issue at hand
Others genuinely do believe and engage with clip channels simply as they are: fans who share the same passion we do with this craft and medium

I have no qualms with such folks

Cimrai’s ethical layout are general rules of thumbs, common courtesies that should be at the forefront
That’s all from me for now <33


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BPD does not make someone a "bad person" or inherently abusive.

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We are talking about a woman who WEAPONIZED her hospital stay. That's SPECIFIC to HER, not all BPD
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Animators are not at fault for how a story is adapted. Period.

The anime industry is barely holding together. If all you care about is what the latest episode is like, then you live in a bubble
I'm not sure what it's going to take. People who should know better aren't understanding just how bad the state of the industry is in.

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2000 followers...wow. what did I do to deserve so many friends, colleagues, clients, and dearest fans??

Y'all tell me sometimes how I inspire you. I called myself Reikan back in highschool because I wanted to be someone who can inspire others.

Thank you for sticking around 💜 Reikan. 2000 followers
I started making content in 2014. I was on and off even back then because of life and struggling with balancing my education, work, and my social life.

In 2018, when I came out as trans, a shit ton of my followers out of 26k came after me and started being hyper critical of me
That hostile environment broke me and I never looked back since. I started diving deeper into Twitter after neglecting it for so long and dove into the Vic Mignogna case where I met so many amazing people with such tenacity and strength despite the absolute hostile environment
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