“Free electricity from Starbucks” seems like a weird way to say stealing electricity from a business to run a pyramid scheme but what do I know
I wonder how badly everyone else’s wifi tanks while he’s in there lol
FYI if he was doing something cool like selling stuff he made or running a nonprofit or doing literally anything other than mining crypto I would say go for it lol
Anyway as has been pointed out, if this becomes a Thing people do Starbucks is just going to wind up removing or restricting public outlet access, which is bad—it’s already really hard for unhoused people to charge their phones, etc. Cafes are one of the few spaces where you can

• • •

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15 Sep
We’re watching LuLaRich and I cannot express how allergic I am to this kind of culture. I look at footage of these pep rally conferences and break out in hives
WOW the sudden outbreak of queerphobia regarding a Katie Perry song caught me off guard #LuLaRich
The event-organizing party nephew is kind of winning me over, though. And I love this designer. The schedule they had her on is just absurd #LuLaRich
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14 Sep
We can all have different opinions about AOC’s dress, going at all, etc, but ultimately I’m coming down on the side of 🤷🏻

1) she was invited, along with other NY electeds, so she didn’t pay to be there
2) she didn’t pay for the dress either, but borrowed it from an up and coming Brooklyn designer, Brother Vellies

3) I bet some of the very rich people in attendance got super mad, and that is very funny to me
4) apparently Google searches for “tax the rich” are spiking, which seems like a good thing to me

5) I don’t see anyone going after the other politicians who were there nearly as hard, so the anger feels targeted and only helpful to the right and Dem moderates
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12 Sep
Uncomfortable with how this is clearly a much newer version than the one we had
Let’s hear it for the original, this is what peak performance looks like The 1970s/80s version of th...
This is not my picture but we do actually still have this exact castle, at my parents’ house
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11 Sep
20 years after being the victim of a major attack, which in a just world would have taught Americans that violence is terrible to bear and shouldn’t be inflicted lightly. Instead we as a nation took the path of fear.
The lives taken on 9/11 have been used to justify so much more death and pain. So many lives ended that had nothing to do with those attacks. So many more grieving families and traumatized bystanders and responders. And twenty years later, the Taliban retakes Kabul.
My 9/11 story is unremarkable. I was a college freshman. I heard something on the radio about a plane hitting the WTC as I pulled into commuter parking that morning, and I thought they meant a small plane had had an accident. The sky was so clear and so blue.
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10 Sep
Looking at TVs and it’s wild to me that we can get a 48” one for around $300—which is about what a tiny color television cost in the 1960s. In today’s money that would be about $2600. Our consumer goods are SO cheap now
Which is something many people have not adjusted to. There’s an assumption that if you have a big “flatscreen TV” (as if you’ve been able to buy any other kind for like a decade now??) and a cell phone (as if you can be, you know, employed without one now) you can’t be poor
Which is more understandable when you think about that $2600 tiny little tube TV from the 60s! But it’s time to adjust your thinking. Consumer goods are cheap now. Housing is the killer.
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8 Sep
I found him! I found the pettiest little lump of misery and shame in all the land! reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshol…
In case he deletes it, as he probably will… AITA for telling my wife it...our oldest rode the school ...
EXCELLENT top reply work here Y is for YTA, that's good e...
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