The campaign against ivermectin is a house of cards built upon contorted bits of information, exaggeration and falsehoods.
Exhibit #1: @andersoncooper says Joe Rogan took “horse dewormer.” No, Rogan obtained a legal prescription from a doctor. He got better. 🧵 1
The FDA campaign is desired to terrify. IVM “can cause toxic reactions”..“can really hurt you.”
25 years of IVM use concluded: Ivermectin “continues to provide a high margin of safety for a growing number of indications.” (Read: Threat to Pharma?) 2…
Drugs have side effects. Here’s A-to-F of the long list for aspirin.

Deaths related to remdesivir since April 2020: 500+
Deaths related to ivermectin SINCE 1992: 20
Source: @WHO’s @VigiAccess drug database

For more on aspirin:… 3
The campaign conflates animal & human IVM (@andersoncooper @maddow).
FDA says, “animal drugs are often highly concentrated.” Fair enough. But then, it says:
“You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” Period.
Even @NIH is neutral; docs can use. 4
Many drugs are used off-label – 12% to 38% of office-scrips. Physicians “may prescribe an FDA-approved drug for indications that FDA has not reviewed for safety and effectiveness:” @CRS4Congress 👇… 5
A CDC alert reported a “five-fold increase” in IVM calls to poison control centers in July. But CDC also said LEGAL IVM scrips soared 24-FOLD since C19. PCC calls would be expected to rise, especially with the media anti-IVM messaging. 6…
Here's a random but interesting array of poison control inquiries. Grapes and chocolate are common reasons for calls.… 7
On 8/25, @AP corrected info on IVM calls to Mississippi poison control:
-2% of calls were for IVM.
-Not 70% of calls for animal IVM.

On 8/30, @nytimes reported the gone-viral 70% figure. NYT didn't correct, nor did @msdh. This is how myths are born. 8
Many doctors have found ivermectin effective. Science supports their observations. Patients have told me they got better. Telling people to get sicker before treating is a recipe for suffering, disability and, sometimes, death.… 9
*designed …aaarrrgghhh

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More from @marybethpf

4 Sep
Many in the media last week regurgitated a @CDC_gov “health advisory” on ivermectin.

CDC said poison control saw a “3-fold increase" in IVM calls over the “pre-pandemic baseline.” But what was baseline? Nobody reported that.
@AAPCC kindly provided me the data.
Let’s dissect. 1
Calls for ivermectin did see a “rapid increase” – up 184% from Jan-Aug 2019 to Jan-Aug 2021.

But does the CDC claim of “reports of severe illness” hold up?
There were:
--No deaths
--11 major effects (1% of total)
--91 moderate and 148 minor

That’s 22% who had ANY effect
The vast majority of reports - 78% - go in the category of no problem or not sure:
--754 were “no effect,” “non-toxic,” “minimal.”
--137 more were potentially toxic, no follow-up.

*Note: numbers rounded based on %ages.
Read 7 tweets
18 Aug
Great weekly update by @Covid19Critical. Dr Fred Wagshul is seeing huge influx of Delta. He is dosing acutely ill higher at .4mg/kg. NONE gone to ER. “The success of IVM is just off the charts.” How many days did it take? Most say 2-3 days & “veil was lifted.” 🎉🎉
Dr Wagshul: we are bombarded every day.
“If I have another person say to me God bless you and God bless the FLCCC…. We’re obviously not doing something wrong.”
Dr Kory acknowledges the prophylactic protocol failed for first time since it went to once a week. It doesn’t mean it never worked. “These variants are changing the game.” Is 2x weekly correct now? Time will tell, he admits.
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8 Jul
I get discouraged when considering the roadblocks and hurdles in front of early treatment. But a doctor like Darrell DeMello gives hope. Dr DeMello has treated 6,000 people in Mumbai—with just 35 hospitalized and 14 deaths. Most were treated via telemed and treated EARLY. 1/6
He told @drbeen_medical his approach. First, he fights viral replication. “Ivermectin has been the only drug to reduce or prevent the replication of the disease that I use. I am choosing my words carefully here. In layman‘s terms, they call it the viral killer.“ 2/6
He finds colchicine very effective against clotting, runaway immunity and to prevent longhaul. “It is not the virus that kills the patient,“ he says. “It is the body that kills the patient.“ Colchicine costs about 50 cents for 10 tabs, cheap and available like IVM. 3/6
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11 May
Strong pro-IVM/fluvoxamine article in Times of India by @emoryhealthcare honcho Vikas P. Sukhatme MD has reappeared in a much watered down form. My set off fireworks.
BEFORE: evidence for both “extremely compelling.”
AFTER: gobbledegook.…
Key addition to new version: “The views presented here reflect those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the institutions to which they are affiliated.”
Read 4 tweets
10 May
Deb Mantel update: Mount Sinai Nassau South is unwilling to bend. THIRD hearing set for Wed. to continue IVM. Two prior court ordered rounds were five days each.
When a patient is dying, why object to continuing a safe FDA-approved drug? 1/3
Docs also tapered down her steroid. As feared, her oxygen demand rose. Husband begged for increased dose. A sympathetic weekend doctor agreed. She responded.
The trauma being done to this woman and her family is unconscionable. I have been told of families suffering PTSD due to medical/hospital hostility.

@Newsday declined to do a story on this tragic case. This is news. 3/3
Read 4 tweets
20 Apr
I wrote this book. It makes me think of parallels between Lyme disease & C19:
In the beginning, there was openness about Lyme treatments, especially antibiotics. Then, the door slammed shut. Dogma set in. The powers ruled. 1/5
Those powers were all friends. They included @NEJM, @IDSAInfo, @CDC, @NIH. They decided against the cheap generic. They vilified antibiotics as dangerous and prescribed too long by charlatans. Patients were called “Lyme loonies.” 2/5
A LYME injection (V word) was tried. There were problems. It was pulled from the market, not because of efficacy necessarily. The market was too small to risk going forward. $$ 3/5
Read 6 tweets

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