Some of you are disrespecting Justice Stephen Breyer a little too much because he refuses to say when he will retire. Read between the lines. He says he's not going to die on the Court - that means he intends to retire with @POTUS picking his successor.
@POTUS His likely successor, Kentanji Brown Jackson, has been on the D.C. Circuit for less than three months. Elevating her now opens her up to attacks on her experience, the same way Dems attacked (foolishly, imo) Justice ACB's experience.
@POTUS Justice Breyer is 83. Yes, he's old. He's also never had cancer like RBG did.

And a lot of you seem to forget that he saved Obamacare just last term and Roe v. Wade as recently as 2016. Have some goddamn respect.
@POTUS Why do we suddenly have a problem with Justice Breyer giving interviews on NPR and Fox News Sunday, but no problem with RBG becoming a pop culture icon?

Supreme Court Justices rarely give interviews and when they do, they serve a political purpose. Read between the lines.
Some of you are just impatient and want instant gratification instead of well-executed strategy.

A July-August 2022 retirement ensures engagement in the midterm elections and sufficient time for the successor to participate fully in the October 2022 term.
I've waited a very long time for Judge Jackson to reach this historical crossroad. I am willing to wait another year in exchange for a smooth confirmation of the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.

And there's nobody I trust more than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to do it.
You want to harass someone about when they're retiring? Where's the smoke for 73 year old Clarence Thomas and 71 year old Samuel Alito? These two are hardcore Republican partisans. Instead, Democrats attack their own stalwarts. It sickens me.
How soon you ingrates forget what Justice Breyer has done for us.

• • •

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15 Sep
On behalf of all California Democrats who have been trying to keep everyone calm about the Recall Election aka waste of taxpayer money, consider this my "Cleaning out Bookmarks" thread of pettiness:
#NoOnRecall won by double digits this evening because California Democrats ignored this "advice" offered by a gambling and probability election pundit who is based out of NYC.

Listening to Blue Checks can be hazardous to your election prospects.

Turnout in the early voting period of this election exceeded all turnout in the 2014 midterms, and hit the 40% benchmark before election day. We are on pace to shatter all turnout records in an off-off year election in the middle of September.

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14 Sep
This might be the first time in NFL history where at least one team in every division has a Black QB as the starter.

Except for the NFC North, until @justnfields takes over permanently for Andy Dalton.
@justnfields NFC West and East have TWO Black starting QBs (@K1 is the best QB in the NFL not named Tom Brady, don't quote me)
@justnfields @K1 Jameis in the NFC South. Justin Fields in the NFC North. Both need to be named starters, but that's where things are heading.
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14 Sep
Good morning. It is #ElectionDay in California. Here are the final early vote numbers before the polls open for the #NoOnRecall election. We had a final surge of more than 415K votes after @POTUS' rally.

Dems: 4.5M (+176K)
GOP: 2.2M (+141K)
Indies: 1.9M (+97K)
@POTUS Nearly 40% turnout in just the early vote. I have no idea what the E-Day returns will be, but this shit will be called moments after the polls close.
Needless to say, rumors of Democratic disengagement in off-year elections by the punditry were completely, utterly wrong.
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13 Sep
Do Floridians and Texans always have this weird jealousy about California outclassing them in every measurable metric? Because I wasn’t aware of it until just now.
Like, sorry we create the arts and music you enjoy, have a larger economy, better higher ed, superior climate, and more job opportunities. Is this because our Democratic leaders also look like movie stars?
Add up Texas and Florida’s combined GDP and it’s still less than California’s.

They only exceed us in population if you add them together 🤣
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Tied with my alma mater UCSB but the difference is you won’t die of coronavirus if you attend
Anyway, Santa Barbara > all
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11 Sep
Hong Kong is a great city with fascinating history and unique culture due to its status as a major port and melting pot.

That authoritarian Han Chinese ethnostate known as the PRC can never capture its joyeux de vivre with their bland copy pasted mega cities
My ideal foreign policy is developing closer ties with nations near China that are undergoing rapid population growth, like India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

They lose their economic leverage when American companies outsource somewhere cheaper.
Then send a couple of Carrier Strike Groups on a leisurely sail through the Taiwan Strait.
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