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12 Sep, 16 tweets, 4 min read
minimoni au

their relationship felt like a blanket. it was warm, it was safe, it was there on their darkest days, on the days where rain pelted down shrouding the entire city in a cold, dark puddle, on days where the sun shone bright in the sky making them only curl up further +
into each other until neither one of them knew where namjoon started, or where jimin ended.

they were the products of their worst fears that took months to share, of their darkest secrets that they used to hold close to their heart, too afraid to say them out loud
lest they become true. they were the products of their happiest days, of the ones where the smile would never leave their face, the products of their greatest achievements, bursting at the seams to be shared, to be screamed about, to be praised.
they were the products of days where they dragged their feet through the house, eyebags on top of eyebags, underneath red rimmed eyes and tears that pooled, desperate to be shed.

on days like that, they would walk through the house wordlessly, would dump their bags to one side
and curl up on the couch until the door opened again, until they were safe underneath a warm blanket, a hug and a kiss to the forehead with the promise of a better tomorrow, with the promise of a day like this passing like the rain clouds in the night sky.
and on particularly bad days, on days where it seemed like the storm was neverending, like instead of a rainbow at the end, all that will come was a hurricane of more torture, jimin would hold namjoon so tight in his arms, would pull the blanket on both of them
with a hot chocolate in a mug on the coffee table, and whisper into the skin of his forehead,

"i cannot carry what you went through, neither will i fully ever be able to feel it the way you do. but i understand. and im here."

with a kiss to his head and a pat through his hair
he'd say, "and although i can't carry what you went through, i can be here for you; with you. all the way. i can carry you, joonie. and i'd love you through it all. no matter what happens, no matter where it happens, or how it happens. im right here."
jimin would hold him through the night, would wipe away his tears and kiss the tracks that they made on his cheeks.
and on days where jimin feels like he's never enough, like he would never be enough, namjoon would do the same.

he would hold him, shelter him from the demons that live in his head and shower him with kisses, with praises,with promises of never leaving
and he would say, "you're enough, jiminie. you're more than enough. you've fought so hard for so long, one bad day wont tear down everything you've built. so lean on me, jimin. let me absorb all the bad, all the sad and everything that's hurting. let me be there for you."
and on their best days, where the multicoloured rainbow made everything seem brighter, where the sun played with the clouds in the sky that never seemed to dull, they would laugh their hearts out, would open the curtains and windows and sing with the birds
would kiss as they cooked lunch, hug as they pass by each other in the house, make jokes that had no context but giggle through it anyway.
and would sleep with the blanket on, snuggled into each other knowing that whatever day tomorrow presented, they would face it with no fear.

because they had each other. because they had their blanket. and they didn't need anything else.

• • •

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11 Sep
namjin canon au where namjoon confesses his love through recommending songs and books for jin to read.

He starts off small, sending Jin a link to a song and writing underneath that 'you'd like this hyung :)'
Jin listens to the song, memorises the melody and looks up the lyrics +
he tries not to think too much of it at first, thinks that its just a song and nothing more. He texts namjoon back a couple of emojis.

The next day, while namjoon's reading a book, he comes across a paragraph that strikes his heart, each word seemingly carefully curated for him
and him alone. Each sentence describing his life perfectly, each syllable striking a chord in his heart, as if the author peered into his soul, took a look at his heart and decided to write about it.

Without thinking, Namjoon whipped out his phone, took a picture and texted
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10 Sep
namgi au where namjoon and yoongi agree to only be 'fill in boyfriends' for each other. where they pretend to date in certain events, only to keep the questions away. they agreed that the arrangement ends the minute they catch feelings for each other ImageImage
neither of them expected to be in love with each other by the end of the fifth date.

they started to get domestic. started to pretend to be more than just friends on days where there was no one around for both of them.

domesticity was easy when there was no one to call you out
they would lay their heads on each other's shoulders, cuddle up close while criticising a stupid move that one of the characters made on the tv show they were barely paying attention to, more interested in how safe they felt in each others arms
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28 Aug
minimoni au where they're dating and namjoon finds it difficult to express his love for jimin the way that jimin does for him.

Jimin would hug him constantly, find any excuse to kiss his cheek and hold his hand and be as close as he can to namjoon.

but for namjoon +
his expression of love was the opposite. He was quiet in his love, choosing to show it through actions rather than through words.

where jimin would say that he loved namjoon and accompany the statement with a kiss, namjoon would buy him a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows
where jimin would hug namjoon from the back, with his arms around his waist and tell him just how much he missed him, namjoon would instead listen intently to how his day went, and would tell jimin that he was proud of him while holding his hand behind closed doors
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27 Aug
today’s thoughts are of a namgi au where namjoon is an actor and yoongi is a producer who know of each other because of the industry but never actually held a conversation that has gone further than pleasantries

One day their labels call them up and make them +
sign a contract that says that they have to be fake married for about 5 years.

Both of them hate the idea but have no power to actually say no. Yoongi’s been fighting half the industry and is not getting any collabs and namjoons last 3 movies flopped hard at the cinema
Reluctantly they agree and the very next day papz caught a picture of them holding hands and the sight of a wedding band on both their fingers

Fast forward to the wedding where they can both hear helicopters flying overhead the grand venue, getting ready in their dressing room
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26 Aug
i know everyone aus about how Jungkook is wide starry eyed for namjoon, but what if all this time it was the other way around?

Namjoon softly pining after Jungkook for years, watching him grow from a scared boy into a confident, talented man; always watching +
from the sideline, happy to be in this one sided relationship with him

He follows jungkook’s every move, advises him where needed, mumbles soft confessions of love all alone in the studio with jungkooks cologne still lingering in the air pretending that he said he loved him too
namjoon thinks his crush on jungkook is quiet, he thinks that no one notices how fast his heart beats when jungkook scrunches his nose, or how his heart skips a beat when jungkook laughs and throws himself at namjoon, holding onto his arm for support
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21 Aug
canon taegi friends with benefits au that starts when theyre a little drunk, still high on adrenaline from the concert as they hang out in their shared room together. Taehyung whines about being pent up, whines about how hard it is to live a life of an idol and yoongi +
leans forward and kisses him out of the blue. they both freeze, neither one of them expecting it. but then taehyung lurches forward and kisses him.

its a mess of clothes, of groans and moans and needy, urgent movements.
theyre left panting, one bed completely disheveled, messy and a little wet, and the other bed on the opposite side of the room is pristine; clean, untouched.

they agree to keep it a secret, neither one of them wanting anyone else to know. they promise it was a one time thing
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