Reminder that Carrie Fisher told people in interviews before she died that the most emotional scene she filmed in TLJ was Leia speaking at Han's funeral, a scene that was deleted and that we've still never seen (and has now been cannibalized for the Leia footage in TRoS)
It seems very obvious in hindsight that Leia telepathically contacting Ben/Kylo while lying in bed clutching Han's lucky dice was, originally, just a quiet scene of Leia's heart breaking after Han's funeral that had no supernatural implications

Which is infuriating
"We thought the best way to honor this very emotional moment from Carrie's original performance was to make it the critical moment that turns the tables during Kylo and Rey's big lightsaber duel

We think that makes the impact even stronger"

Brb, gonna do a bunch of edits to the end of Schindler's List so the part where Schindler breaks down into uncontrollable sobbing at the end of the movie is actually him having a psychic duel with Hitler

• • •

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More from @arthur_affect

13 Sep
So this will be an interesting one for @BootlegGirl's Sad Dad collection

This time the Sad Dad actually does have a real wife and kids who are currently alive

But he openly neglects them for the surrogate daughter he relates to because she's damaged like him
@BootlegGirl I wonder if they'll have drama with Hawkeye's wife hearing about him avoiding his family because he's spending all these late nights with a hot 22-year-old chick
@BootlegGirl Only he'll try to explain that "No, no, it's NOTHING like that, I just see her as my daughter" and that'll almost be worse
Read 4 tweets
13 Sep
To erase the names of the unworthy from history is as much a mitzvah as to celebrate the names of the righteous

I'm on a Pratchett kick lately so I'm just thinking about how the dwarves view the off handed joke Vimes adds to his list of titles ("I was the blackboard monitor in primary school") with superstitious awe

The Eraser of Words and Names
Only when the old lessons are wiped clean can the new lesson begin, etc
Read 4 tweets
12 Sep
I love watching "all-natural" people slowly work through the same process all the "chemicals" they hate were extracted from nature in the first place
To be clear what she's making is just called "corn syrup"

*High-fructose* corn syrup is corn syrup that has been made much sweeter by breaking down the cornstarch in it into fructose via a chemical process invented in the 1970s

Even so though
I mean if she's making it from sweet corn then it's already "high-fructose" in the sense that the sweet corn we eat today ("supersweet corn") is a mutant strain created by radiation

But you know "natural" is a subjective term
Read 5 tweets
12 Sep
Ha I don't know this show at all but I'm reading the wiki and I'm like "You can either call the character Chat Noir or Black Cat but 'Cat Noir' is just silly"
I dunno, sometimes half translations can have a certain naive charm

Just saying all the English-sounding words in English but leaving the other words alone

"The cream de la cream" is a very funny phrase to me

But usually it's just like nails on a chalkboard
We did Jonathan Franzen's translation of Spring Awakening when I was in college (because he was an alum of our school and he did it long ago as an assignment for a class and therefore we could use it for free)

He liked to do a certain amount of this and it was very annoying
Read 5 tweets
12 Sep
I don't know exactly how to explain how funny this is to you if you don't speak Chinese (as someone who speaks very little Chinese)

It sounds exactly like a Chinese parent scolding you

"Shang-Chi? More like [Go to Work]!"
"Pokemon Go? More like Pokemon Go to the Polls!" kind of thing
Read 38 tweets
11 Sep
@UnknownEnby @x_t_pd @Random832 @kstraith Right, this is the story told in the heretical Gospel of Barnabas

My understanding is the Quran itself doesn't say who died in Jesus' place, and Muslim scholars think the story of it being Simon of Cyrene has the most validity, but the Judas story is much more popularly told
@UnknownEnby @x_t_pd @Random832 @kstraith Because, well, it's a much better story than God just letting them kill some random poor bastard

Thing is it does conflict with stories of Jesus telling the guy who dies in his place he will immediately go to heaven for doing so (a variant on the story of the penitent thief)
@UnknownEnby @x_t_pd @Random832 @kstraith If it actually is Judas and he actually does go to Heaven because of it then imo that's an even better story

But a redemption arc for Judas (or a "Judas was never bad at all, just playing his role in Jesus' plan" arc) is very controversial

(The idea behind the Gospel of Judas)
Read 28 tweets

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