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12 Sep, 15 tweets, 3 min read
[nsfw] joongdok au where ceo kdj likes college student yjh who works part time at the convenience store near his house but doesn't know how to pursue someone as he has been alone his whole life.
so he uses what he has the most: money
yjh is a man of pride, he doesn't have to gain money in such a pathetic way but... this old man is cute. long eyelashes fluttering against pale cheeks, face that shows the tiniest sign of age, how he bites his lip to hide his nervousness...
it's okay, yjh thinks. he's quitting the moment kdj calls him sugar baby though.

anyway they're going to a hotel (or kdj's penthouse idk)
kdj didn't expect yjh to go along with his proposal, half of his brain still can't fathom the situation while the other half is screaming at yjh: "WHY DID YOU ACCEPT SO EASILY is college that hard i'm paying you triple joonghyuk ah 😭"
yjh: *internally* the fuck is he doing
kdj tries to act like a non-virgin but fails miserably (he doesn't know that though). his eyes go wide at the bulge on yjh's underwear as the younger begins to strip. yjh raises an eyebrow at the kdj who sits like a statue on the bed. "having second thoughts?"
"NO! i mean... uh..." kdj isn't sure if it even fits. "j-just thinking if you'll make my money worth~"
yjh takes that as a challenge. he goes slow at first, taking kdj apart with his mouth easily engulfing kdj's virgin cock, hearing the whimpers escape his throat.
as kdj comes down from his high, skillful fingers start to play with the small, underdeveloped hole, bringing him the pleasure he never knows it existed before. the second orgasm is faster, stronger–with yjh's mouth on nipples and fingers pressing relentlessly on
his prostate, the fact that he has come doesn't even register in his mind as all his senses are overwhelmed by waves of pleasure. kdj can only lie there and sob while yjh brings out the main course, feeling something *impossible* nudging at his entrance.
it's insane. too many things happen at the same time that he doesn't know where to focus anymore. before he knows it, a graze on that spot and–ah. did he come just now? or does he have anything to come anymore?
multiple climaxes later, kdj is spent, small dick pathetically spurting clear fluid as yjh fucks into him, not even reaching his own orgasm yet. 'i'll die... he's really determined to make my money worth...' kdj thinks.
wait. money?
wallet. right pocket. kdj struggles to reach for his jacket, which he remembers was on his left side when he strips–there it is. while yjh hasn't noticed, kdj takes out some bills as quick as one can with a dick up their ass, and dangles them in front of yjh's face.
kdj: here, your money... this is what you need right? you can stop now.
yjh: ...
yjh: u don't like it?
kdj: i do! just...
he can't say he's scared. that if this continues, he might not be able to live without yjh's dick anymore.
kdj breathes a sigh of relief as yjh silently moves until only the head remains inside his tight channel. however, he's caught by surprise when yjh's hand comes up to swats his own, which was holding the bills, away. all of the sudden, yjh slams back in.
vision filled with white spots, kdj feels his own breaths choked out of his throat. seconds before passing out, he faintly hears a voice whispering next to his ears:
"you think i'm doing this for the money?"
end. this is the pron from the poll (if anyone remember) btw

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12 Sep
having orv feels again (as always, spoiler warning)
orv isn't the first story to have a reader transmigrating into their favorite novel, but how sing and shong handled the trope is simply astonishing.
the premise is familiar–a loser in life getting his second chance to success in a world only he has the knowledge of, along with a skill too convenient, might as well call it cheat code. what a way to write a self-insert character!
you're fascinated with the way he fights through the scenarios with ease, how he takes over the main character's spot as the leader, the center of attention.
until he dies. and dies. and dies.
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5 Sep
in-scenario au where kdj is hit by a tsundere curse. just like the returnee scenario, everything that comes out of his mouth will be altered... but in typical tsundere fashion.
kdj: *is dying after taking a bullet for yjh*
kdj: i-it's not like *coughs out blood* i did it because i l-like you or anything!
yjh: *chokes him so he dies faster*
kdj: *is recovering from a life-threatening curse*
still kdj: *wakes yjh up at 4 in the morning* o-only because i had nothing else to do!
kdj: *gives yjh the rarest item in all star stream*
kdj: i just happen to have a spare...
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