Have we **really** digested this:
In light of, say, this:
Or this:
And this:
An American Company will not permit us to contradict those who regularly contradict themselves and often do so on behalf of America’s chief strategic rival.

How did this naked and needless self-destruction get normalized to become not only possible, but actually routine?

• • •

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8 Sep
Not nobody: think of the Gated Institutional Narrative or GIN in its most recent incarnation as “Rationalization by Institutions, for Institutions, formally presented as an as-if News Service.”

At some point, the GIN will be subsidized as a non-profit. It’s not for individuals.
In the GIN, @joerogan went to a feed store to buy “Horse DeWormer” rather than getting a prescription from a concierge physician for a human medication.

Zero individuals NEED to believe it. @jack, @vijaya, @Facebook can throttle outrage over the issue.

People vote w their feet.
So why do we care at all? I care in three situations:

A) Crisis reporting (once in a blue moon).

B) Keeping track of Institutional stratagems.

C) Keeping abreast of what people who are employed by our main institutions *cannot* entertain; the GIN enforces our Overton Window.
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7 Sep
We should get a beer. When are you in Los Angeles next?
In large measure, even the surveillance you focus upon is part of this story. Every institution that can’t make the numbers work (which is almost every one of them) has to defend itself or admit that it no longer makes good economic sense. So we need to know who is off-narrative.
Essentially, the lies are so ubiquitous now that everyone can see them. But most people can go along with them and just roll their eyes. I understand why you cannot.

But I do wish you’d come home. It’s a *huge* risk. But if you believe in the US like I do, it might be worth it.
Read 4 tweets
5 Sep
Imagine you are sick of Internet & media negativity, so you’re road tripping across the Great Plains just to see if the US still exists. You pick up an AM radio station for nostalgia’s sake late at night. The signal is going in and out. You hear this:

It wasn’t that exactly for me. But I met @soozanto on a ranch amidst the cartoon perfect Saguaro cactus of southern Arizona near the Mexican border. Jet black bitch boots and violin that seemed to be on fire. “Who the hell owned that voice?” The music came first. Then Friendship.
Please have a listen to her new release “Yard Sale” on Spotify. Just in case you hear what I hear. Her work w @GaryClarkJr is amazing. But I have heard her in my backyard too and her solo voice alone from a few feet away can work miracles.

I believe in this human. Unequivocally. Image
Read 4 tweets
3 Sep
Medical quackery has a long history.

In 1774, Benjamin Jesty, without authorization, deliberately injected his wife & sons with Puss from an infected cow! This was under his belief that “galaxy brain” heretics alone knew how they could prevent smallpox: magic
Infected Cow Puss!!
Now, what was media saying about vaccines vs “Anti-Vaxxer Lunatic Horse Dewormer Snakeoil”?

Forgive me: I was lost in a moment just refreshing my medical history.

Moral: if you want to talk about Ivermectin vs vaccines, don’t **ever** pull that “Horse DeWormer” shaming idiocy if you want independent people to vaccinate. You just look like hate filled idiots. Our precious vaccines come from self experimentation.

Pro-Vaccine IS Pro-Puss.
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3 Sep
Authoritarian coercion is a Public Health epidemic.
I mean, if you want to play the game that everything you don’t like is an issue of public health requiring extraordinary measures, we should do Censorship, Activist Narrative Journalism, Sanctimony, Cancelation, Shaming, SocialMedia Monopolies etc. as issues of public health too.

Let’s start with Twitter throttling accounts it disagrees with & disguising the ways it controls conversation. I say that’s a public health issue.

Or, for example, how is racism but not falsely accusing people of racism an issue of public health?

What decides it? 🙏
Read 4 tweets
1 Sep
Let’s be clear about this weird sounding issue.

@elonmusk is one of the only minds properly focused in public on the issue of the current danger to human consciousness from having all known intelligent life in the universe on a single terrestrial surface. His top idea: rockets.
I think that’s great. Where we differ is that I don’t think Earth, our Moon & Mars plus space stations connected by rockets give us much real diversity. It’s barely doable. But assume you could make it work. I would want to run 1000s of uncorrelated experiments as most will fail.
And if we are stuck in this solar system with the physics we know there is only one good surface and two marginal ones.

Faster than light spacetime travel is bullshit. But going beyond Einstein is not.

It’s unbelievably hard, but everything Elon does is hard. Like hope.
Read 14 tweets

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