So, I've been searching "MAP ally" twitter, and I've noticed something really, really troubling about the pro-pedophile discourse. It's this: "Kids can't consent" is a recurring line that excuses everything up to the point of offending.
There was even a "MAP" account which I think has been suspended called @/KidsCantConsent.

Of course they can't, but why is this disturbing to me?

Because it's a throwaway line in the pro-pedophile movement that they use to get people off their backs, and...
...because of how many times Noah Berlatsky tweeted it. I just didn't know what it was, code to signal that that's as far as he would go.

That says to me that he has been in dialogue with these people for a WHILE, since long before he "came out" about it.
Every time someone noticed something a little off about his tweets, he'd say, "Of course not. Kids can't consent."

For ME, because I'm not in with this community, I thought, "Oh, of course, that is a responsible take."

For the "MAP" people, it meant he was a sympathizer.
It's meant to do that, get the normies off your back while signalling to the pedos that you're a friend.

That makes me feel sick, knowing he was letting them know he was an "ally" all along.
Anyway, that's a fucking tag line used in the online pedo community, and Noah was using it.

That's makes me think he's had these views for a long time.
Also, I hear he's deleted all twitter mentions of Prostasia so as to make people think everyone criticizing him was part of an evil anti-Semitic pile-on, as opposed to what all the serious critics actually were:
Leftists and queers who object to *our struggles for justice* being conflated with the fucking pedophiles.

He's a bad person.

Stay away.
Also, been seeing a lot of tweets from adults saying they were groomed by these "virtuous pedophiles" as very young teens, and told that their disturbing feelings were an immutable sexual orientation that now defined them.

It's really dangerous.
Anyway, that's what normalization or destigmatization or whatever the fuck you call it gets you.

Extremely emotionally inappropriate romantic grooming of adolescents in need of therapy by adult pedos. Which is bad whether they technically "offend" or not.
I was groomed into that kind of entanglement by a 50-year-old professor when I was 22, and that was very difficult for me to untangle even though it was legal.

A 16-year-old is *definitely* not equipped for romantic emotional fuckery with an adult.
Nothing ever technically happened, but why was I hearing all his complaints about his wife?

I lived in a dorm room.
I mean, I'm 41, this was before all this "MAP" shit existed, and it was an IRL professor who interviewed me for a job and who treated young women like very special ingenues.

I just think predatory adults trying to manipulate much younger folks into fucked up relationships... a very old story, and NOT something anyone should be *encouraging* using the "but it's therapeutic" smokescreen.
It seems that much more destructive, IMO, when you have people self-IDing as pedophiles and convincing kids that's what they are too.
This made me wonder if Liz Bruenig has actually poked around this black hole of twitter too.

Because it was in her fight with him and responses he got to the weird tattoo thread that I noticed he used the phrase a lot.
I didn't see the big deal about the tattoo?

But I also hadn't been looking around this part of twitter for linguistic tells at that time either. Maybe it wasn't really about the tattoo.

Idk. Just as likely she got there through anti-trans bigotry too.
Other linguistic tells:

"Child abuse is bad." Who has to say that?

"Intergenerational sex."

"Transage." It's, um... 35-year-old men claiming to be emotional 13-year-olds, thereby justifying their pedophilia. Started as a chan thing to discredit actual trans people.
Also look out for "pro-c" and "anti-c." "C" means contact. The first is FOR CSA and the second is against it. They're all pedos invested in normalizing themselves.
And I continue to put "MAP" and "NOMAP" in scare quotes because I oppose the function they serve of normalizing pedophilia.
Another troubling thing is that a lot of the people claiming to be "MAPs" and "MAP allies" on twitter claim they themselves are minors.

I think it's fairly obvious that most aren't actually children, but also... I worry about the possibility that *some* could be, and...
... about them being manipulated into this ideology.

I find this whole thing really sinister tbh.
The whole thing seems to be all about tiptoeing up to the exact boundary designated by the letter of the law to keep themselves out of prison, while griping about being an "oppressed minority" and otherwise appropriating social justice language. It's vile.
I wanted to be better prepared next time some other asshole uses these words and phrases because I definitely didn't see this one coming.
Like I said, I knew Noah was an asshole, not that he was sympathetic to any of these particular views.
So, I think there is a weird shipping/anti-shipping debate going on that does not include pedophiles, and also, some pedophiles seem to be co-opting this discourse the way Prostasia does.
Like, I feel like the idea of calling Humbert Humbert and Dolores Haze a "problematic ship" completely dumbs down the discourse, and diminishes what we take from that work -- an evil and deeply unreliable narrator who draws us into his orbit. So I hate the discourse. But.
There does seem to be a pro-censorship and anti-censorship thing happening, in which the pro-censorship people have some really fucked up ideas. We all saw the "height difference is pedo-coded" thread.

BUT some pedos are also taking up some "pro-shipping" rhetoric rn.
So, yes, I've seen some self-IDed "MAPs" using phrases like "fiction is not reality" and "ship and let ship" too. Because it's something they can co-opt pretty easily to argue that what they're doing to satisfy actual desires is completely fine.
That said, that's definitely not always or even usually code for being a pedo.

But some of them are taking it up to hide what they are and evade twitter bans.
(I'm fucking annoyed that I even had to look into pro-/anti-shipping discourse, but here we are. I was a goddamn English major.)
Here's an example of the phenomenon. It's a mantra for them. Image
I'd show screenshots of Noah's tweets, but he's hiding behind a protected account and has me blocked. I wish I had known they were significant at the time.

As he's monitoring me from behind *my* block, I bet he'll have them deleted by the end of the day. Coward.
Well, here's one example that I found among the mess of screenshots on twitter. Image
Another example. Image
Anyway, my point here isn't that Noah is a pedophile. I don't actually know what's in his heart. It's that he's clearly been on board with this "MAP" ideology for longer than many of us realized. It goes back to the huge red flag of calling trafficked children "child... workers" and extends into seemingly banal and uncontroversial phrases like children/"underage people can't consent."

Weird to me that he he won't even use the word children, but prefers "underage people."
To me, use of the phrase "underage people" there is more confirmation of @yumcoconutmilk's argument that he's promoting the adultification of children, not their liberation.
Btw, Nylah got out ahead of this before almost anyone else, and has been clear and absolutely right about it all the whole time.

A lot of people owe her an apology.
When I originally saw the "child liberation" shit, I was like, "Well, yes, of course, I'm anti-spanking and for trans healthcare for youth!"

What many of us didn't realize is that there are some nefarious forces using the same lingo to normalize some pretty evil shit.
And that's what they do -- appropriate real social justice language to normalize pedophiles.

• • •

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