This is a really good article drawing the connection between Joe Rigney’s writing on the “sin of empathy” and John Piper’s earlier concept of “emotional blackmail.”

One of the quotations from Piper that stood out to me when reading Daniel’s article was this:
“A person may love well and the beloved still feel hurt, and use the hurt to blackmail the lover into admitting guilt he or she does not have. Emotional blackmail says, ‘If I feel hurt by you, you are guilty.’ There is no defense. The hurt person has become God.
His emotion has become judge and jury. Truth does not matter. All that matters is the sovereign suffering of the aggrieved. It is above question. This emotional device is a great evil.
I have seen it often in my three decades of ministry and I am eager to defend people who are being wrongly indicted by it.”
I can’t help but imagine that this is why Piper has come to Rigney’s defense on more than one occasion recently: he believes Rigney is the victim of emotional blackmail.

• • •

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10 Sep
Hi, Kate. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your apology until now. It’s definitely been on my mind. I want to thank you for acknowledging the concerns we’ve raised about your article in CT.
You could have remained silent or taken a defensive posture in response to our concerns. You didn’t do that. Instead, you expressed an openness to hearing how you might do better. Thank you.
I take you at your word when you say that you are committed to listening, learning, and improving. In that spirit, I was hoping you might be able to answer some questions your apology has stirred up in my mind.
Read 25 tweets
2 Sep
In his response to my resignation, Piper mentioned an investigation that the BCS Board of Trustees conducted into concerns that I and three other individuals raised about the institution.
He writes that the Board “engaged an independent law firm with expertise in such institutional allegations to do a thorough and impartial investigation.” Image
In this thread, I’m going to explain why I do not share Piper’s seeming enthusiasm about the investigation and its results. Rather than being a means of seriously addressing the serious dysfunction at BCS, I believe the investigation was another *expression* of that dysfunction.
Read 47 tweets
1 Sep
I haven’t listened to the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast. I probably won’t for a long time, if ever. But one of the things that used to always trouble me about Driscoll was how often he would name drop.
And he wouldn’t just name drop. He would talk about “My good friend John Piper,” or whoever. It drove me nuts.

Some of my reaction was probably driven by jealousy, because I wanted to be friends with all the cool people, too. 🙄
But some of it was an instinctive reaction to name-dropping as a sign of insecurity and a craving for status.

So, let’s just agree that the only person you can name drop is Jesus, mkay? 😜
Read 5 tweets
28 Aug
I’m drawing attention to this comment for two reasons. First, the author. Abigail is the wife of a Bethlehem elder, a regular contributor at the Desiring God blog, and a graduate of the MA program at Bethlehem College & Seminary.
Second, her derisive treatment of spiritual abuse is exactly the kind of talk that keeps many people from coming forward with their stories.
Abigail describes Piper’s letter after my resignation as a “biblical response.”
Read 10 tweets
26 Aug
I was going to wait to share this until I could provide some more backstory, but given Piper's tweet this morning, I think it's as good a time as any to show you Piper's response to my resignation.
On October 7, Brian Tabb, BCS's academic dean, emailed me to let me know that he would be announcing my and a colleague's resignations the next day at a faculty and staff meeting.
Brian asked if I would be willing "to share a brief and gracious word with the staff about your transition."

As you might have guessed, "gracious" here is code for "don't talk about the serious concerns you have about this institution."
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25 Aug
Full disclosure: I was one of Josh’s professors who oversaw this debate. The students raised concerns about it, and I moved ahead with the assignment anyway.

I was wrong.

I should have recognized the debate exercise as wrong when I first started teaching in the program.
I should have listened to the students’ concerns when they raised them.

I didn’t. It was wrong of me, and I’m so sorry.

An important part of coming out of a toxic system is acknowledging your own complicity in that system.
I take full responsibility for the role I played in this exercise.

A couple years after Josh’s class, I suggested to the program faculty that we do away with this debate and instead have students give presentations on key abolitionist and anti-abolitionist figures.
Read 4 tweets

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