These ABA people don't understand that the problem with their online bullying strategy where they try to shame politicians who support #autistic people

Is the core problem with ABA. You may scare someone into inaction with your punishment system, but you won't change their mind.
People all over this country are walking up to the reality that behaviour-level "intervention" is staggeringly inappropriate as a response to a child experiencing the world "atypically".

This is terrifying the folks who make their livelihood out of this practice.
It's also scaring parents, who are convinced by this industry that their children would be HOPELESS without this industry.

These parents have been lied to. About their own children. It's sickening.

But it's changing. It is changing.

• • •

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14 Sep
Wow I have been up since 5am due to pain from the standing up so long in line to vote. Very cool to be a disabled person in canada yea
I actually cannot believe how much it hurts?? I know being careful stops it from getting worse hence why I don't go around standing in lines for 45 minutes normally.
I really want pharmacare & the libs won't do that. But now I need more medicine bc voting physically damaged me
Just absolute screaming pain. Had to leave the bedroom for a bit to not wake up partner with my out loud reaction to the sharp waves.

Thanks Trudeau
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12 Sep
When I was blaming myself for not eating enough ("I have failed to eat enough today") not only was I weakened by hunger, I was weakened by self-hate.

Once I looked at -why- it was so hard for me to eat (mostly "food sets off sensory trigger") I could find accomodations. I eat 1/
SO much more now. Real good food. Because I stopped seeing my inability to just go to town on a plate of whatever's put in front of me as a deficit, and started seeing it as the reaction to a process happening in my brain. Then traced the process, learned about myself, 2/
And now I'm not wasting away so badly anymore or wasting my time dragging myself.

Once I found *and let myself have* samefoods I could stop feeling trapped by textures and sounds that made eating totally inhospitable to me.

I do not think I should've had to teach Myself 3/
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12 Sep
I could not focus this morning because this was all I could think about. Had to put it in a video before I could pull it together to do my work.
The world is missing some beautiful people. And it's not because they weren't enough.

#SafeSupply #cdnpoli
You can see Rick in a much music segment where he was interviewed in 1983 - one band he played in (with my father), the Polkaholics, features in the second half.
He was so dedicated to shit disturbing.

You can see Peter here. The CBC gave him a phone for a few days to take his story. Then he was left on his own while they raked in the views.
This video going viral didn't save peter. He needed a safe supply, housing, and support. not likes and shares.
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11 Sep
Scarborough is a terrific book except for the part where the autistic kid is the ONLY kid in the book that doesn't get his own chapter or the chance to share his feelings.

Apparently the movie made his story all about ABA. so gross, so disappointing.

Intersectionality fail. 👎
Every other child gets chapters from their perspective. When something happens to the autistic kid, his MOM gets a chapter 🤦

I thought they'd fix that for the film. Not make it much much worse by including a shitty ABA onboarding scene that wasn't in the book 🤦
I read the book for a CYC class & when the kid had a big moment where he finally (by accident) got access to communicate something, & his mom is the one who gets a chapter about it instead of him, I was outraged. Prof hadn't even thought about it.

Autistic kids deserve better.
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6 Sep
My pops side of family are half traumatized neurodivergents & the other half mostly racist bullies, who are also deeply traumatized.

I grew up thinking they hated me for no reason.

As an adult I know they didn't like me because I was different and spoke my mind, but also- 1/
- they weren't just mean to me because my hair and rainbows challenged them, it was also because that's all they got from grownups they challenged.

When my mom outed me as bisexual to the most hateful ones they were awful. Hurtful. I was expected to speak alone, justify myself./
Because she had to face her shitty family alone.

My dad's mom was mean to me because I was a result of her first marriage. I'm the grandkid of her Metis husband that left.
He left, and they're all so fucking racist now.
He left because of HIS trauma. /
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2 Sep
What I've learned from the last few years of actively volunteering all my free time to work with other autistic folks all over the country & world is that I have more in common with other autistic people -including nonspeaking autistics- than I do with non-autistics.
Nonspeaking autistic people are so stigmatized and misrepresented, I used to think I was radically different from them. But I'm not. I'm just like them. The way they describe experiencing the world is so much closer to how I do than any non-autistic poet or philosopher describes.
The discrimination nonspeakers face is an amped up, much worse version of the discrimination speaking autistics face, based on the exact same presumptions of incompetence and refusal to accept alternative ways of being.
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