Do struggle to come up with email ideas for your clients?

Then, bookmark this thread

Here are 4 ways that I was able to write DAILY emails on behalf of big brands (Dr. Axe, Agora, and more) and dozens of clients for YEARS

Without ever running out of content ideas
1. Have your client update a “stories document” weekly.

Personal stories are the KEY to engaging email content.

But most of us aren’t around our clients 24/7.

So how do you include personal stories when you don’t even know what your client's day-to-day life looks like?
The answer:

Have your client update a google doc each week with stories of interesting things that happened to them.

This is how you SCALE personal touch.

Eg, I’ve turned short quotes like “Went on vacation in Aspen! Hired a ski instructor and finally learned to ski”
Into multi-thousand word emails about the importance of having a coach and people LOVED it.

What made it unique and special having a fun photo of the client skiing and a real life story to draw on.
Just set a reminder for your client to spend 10 minutes updating this weekly..

And you’ll have great fodder for real, authentic emails that keep your audience attached to your client for life.
2. Listen to every podcast your client goes on (or has been on).

In one podcast interview, you might be able to source enough content ideas for an entire quarter of daily emails.

Because almost every podcast interview will cover:
- the origin story of your client
- major life events
- updates about the company
- and current stories of your client’s challenges/interests/etc.

You know... All perfect topics for emails!
PRO TIP: You can also transcribe big portions of what your client says and have huge chunks of the email written for you.

Just edit it down and the copy will read very personally and get approved faster because it’s in your clients natural voice.
3. Look at what your client Tweets/likes on Twitter.

If your client is very active on a social media platform like Twitter, study their feed!

This can be a great way to come up with LOTS of content ideas.
See the things they tweet about, and use the tweets that get the most engagement as hooks for future emails.

The tweet functions as the hook/core idea of the email.

Then, all you need to do is flesh out the body copy and whallah, email = done.
4. Turn your client into a living, breathing character.

As you write for a client more, you will get a sense for how they think, how they respond to adversity, what they do when they’re sad/happy/tired, etc.
In other words, you will have turned them into a character.

Which means, you don’t have to wait for them to tell you their response to events and news.

You’ll know because you’ll have “the character” as a guide.

Obviously, you never want to lie and make things up.
But over time, you can see news stories or notice things going on in the company and write your best take of how your client’s character would respond.

• • •

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