I'll give you a scenario I've experienced and seen many times over.

Let's say I write an article or post a tweet talking about an accomplishment made by a black person or black group.
The "colorblind" folks will react with something like, "why do you have refer to his race? Why can't he just be an American?"

Here's another example...
I identity myself as a black man, or black conservative, or something else "black."

I get the same response.

"Why do you identify as a black man? Why not just identify as an American?"
I also have to add that I NEVER see or get this reaction when it concerns something negative about a black person, black culture, or the black community.

These folks bring this up solely when the topic is something bad about black folks.
So the race of a black person is not important when it involves something positive or neutral.

But they DO consider it important if it's something negative ie "black-on-black crime."

Does that make sense?

• • •

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24 May
THREAD: I've noticed something concerning.

Lately, I have been discussing the need for providing alternative solutions to compete with the left's ideas instead of only criticizing or banning them.

This applies to the debate over critical race theory but it doesn't stop there.
However, I've observed that when I, or others, bring up this issue, some have responded by arguing that conservatives and Republicans shouldn't be trying to compete to see who can offer the most "free stuff."

They react by claiming we shouldn't be trying to expand government.
But these people are missing the point. At no time have any of us suggested that the GOP's response to big government initiatives like Biden's "American Families Plan," should be another big government initiative.

Instead, Republicans should offer a CONSERVATIVE idea to compete.
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THREAD: I need to make something clear to my left-leaning followers.

The fact that I criticize the GOP daily, especially about its failure with the black community, does not mean that I have any love for the Democratic Party.

I hold them in contempt.
I have nothing but contempt for the Democratic Party because it is contemptuous, especially when it comes to the black community.

If you cheer me when I slam Republicans, but get ass hurt when I criticize the Dems, I cannot take you seriously.

Because you're a partisan hack.
Deflecting to the @GOP when I criticize the Democrats for their BLATANT misdeeds against black people shows you might not care about the community as much as you want us to think.

I have no time for your faux compassion.

Because you are a partisan hack.
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23 Sep 20
Shaun King is also grifting off of the Breonna Taylor decision.

I'm so shocked.

Snow J. Simpson strikes again!
Yet another email from James Pearl Jones

@Hounsizzle gets credit for this nickname. Give him a follow, please. Image
You scroll down on the email, and Thurgood Marshmallow asks you to sign a "petition" designed to get states to pass "Breonna's Law," which would ban no-knock warrants, which is a law I actually support.

But this "petition" is not quite what it seems... Image
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23 Sep 20
Wow. Shaun King is using #RBG's death to fundraise.

Is there any death that Martin Luther Cream won't grift off of?
I just saw this email from him. Snow J Simpson starts out pretending that he is honoring #RBG...but it doesn't take long for the drifting to start. Image
Further down, it gives a link to "take a survey." But as you will see in the next post, WEB DeFraud's survey is different than you might expect. Image
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20 Sep 20
THREAD: Local Black Lives Matter Chapters have condemned the rioting and looting.

But this still won't be enough for many on the right.

They need that narrative.

“We would like to let the world know that we were in no way, shape, or form involved in any type of violence or misconduct that took place last night or any nights here in the 757,”…
“If we catch any members destroying property or inciting violence they will be removed from the chapter and I will testify against them myself.”…
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20 Jun 20
@AXECOP This is a great point.

But did most white people start WWII?

Whites are disproportionately represented in sex crimes. Do most whites commit sex crimes?

Should I judge you by what these individuals did? Should I say sex crimes are part of white culture?

Of course not.
@AXECOP In answer to your question, we shouldn't pretend gang life is specific to black culture in general. Most black folks aren't in gangs so gang life can't possibly be black culture.

Perhaps we should shed the stereotypes on both sides.
@AXECOP On the right, maybe we shouldn't listen to the pundits who want us to believe the worst about black culture. Their motives are to appeal to a certain audience, one that does not represent you.

We need to start over when it comes to conservative thought on minorities.
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