I wanna talk about why “Fat Thor is good™️ because ‘Look at these pictures of Strongmen’” misses something important - that treating Thor as a War(rior) God is playing right into Nordic White Suppremacist Theologies – Because Thor isn’t a War God. He’s a Fertiliy God. Thor from God of War, a fat angry man with a Hammer.
Quick caveat that Gods, and anyone, can be fat, without a reason, and that’s great. More of that please. But in this instance there IS a reason for it, and we need to pick the right reason.
It’s not uncommon for deities of fertility and abundance to be depicted as fat - see the Venus De Wilendorf, Ganesh, Taweret, Bacchus – or for us to put fertility associations onto fat figures if we don’t otherwise know their role.
The idea runs along the lines of “Abundance in all things, life, crops, children, physical body, etc.”
And there’s a lot of complicated politics to do with “good fat characters vs bad fat characters / good fertile women vs bad fertile women” but that’s a rabbit hole I don’t feel like I should tackle, I wanna talk about Thor and Sif.
Thor, the Storm God, is married to Sif, an Earth Goddess. Her connection to the Earth is tenuous, since not a lot is known of Her historically, but She is used interchangeably with “Earth” sometimes.
The biggest myth about Her is that time Loki cut Her hair and She had it replaced with Golden Hair made by Dwarfs. It’s generally accepted as a myth about crops growing - Golden Hair being shorn being not unlike wheat.
(If this sounds familiar they sorta referenced it in Loki this season! I squeed!)
So between Thor, who brings rain, and Sif, who is connected to crops, you have a pairing that patterns onto the general idea of Earth Mother/Sky Father mythic motifs. And Thor WAS a God of farmers and peasants and such, not just fighty types. Rain on crops
A lot of myths are along these lines: “Thor was in a place and because of some nonsense, He gets into a fight, since He is strong and has one of the best weapons ever, and also doesn’t really into subtlety” which is why He’s thought of as a War God. Believe me I get it. Thor fighting giants
But also, consider that you don’t see a lot of Clark Kent running his articles through Grammarly or Bruce Wayne sitting in board meetings looking at quarterly earnings of Wayne Enterprises. Those scenes are boring. We accept “He also did his day jobs” as a footnote to the fun. Clark Kent sits in an office looking out the window at a met
And most of the stories we have from Norse Mythology aren’t comprehensive firsthand accounts - they’re a Christian writing filtered versions of the myths for political reasons. He sculpted our vision of the gods.

So we should do the same.
If we only talk about Thor (and all the Norse Gods) through a “Those guys were Vikings!” Lens, we accept the paradigm that a LOT of Nordic White Supremacists use to justify their toxic, violent, hypermasculine bullshit. That one asshole from the January 6 riots with a fur hat and
What we need, both within Heathenry and also in general culture, and I am openly calling this deliberate religious propaganda, is to tell stories of Thor as not just “Man who fight” but also “Loving dad(dy)” and “part of the ecosystem” and “protector of the family” Fat Thor from the MCU playing a guitar
There’s a lot of conversation about it - did the Gods make us, or did we make (up) the Gods? Let me tell you this - what we make the gods to be, those gods will make our children after we are gone.
We owe it to generations to come to tell the stories that make the gods worth worshipping, and in doing so tell those generations what their ancestors held divine.
Let us, for that reason, tell stories about a beautiful, fat, caring Thor who ventures out to make friends and spread joy. Who is fierce and brave in defense of those who need it. Who turns His weapons into the meals of peasants. Who helps the world to grow.

I skimmed a lot of stuff so feel free to @ me if I oversimplified stuff; also I meant to have a whole thing about the white supremacist construction of “the ideal male body” in there but I FORGOT so WHOOPS
Oh and also I’m a thin person so if there’s stuff I hecked about fatness I welcome call outs on that. Worst that can come of it is I learn something.
OH YEAH I didn’t even get into half of the Hammer stuff wow I should really have planned this thread better and not just stream-of-consciousnessed it RIP.
Appending to the Thread: I did a whoops and oversimplified a half-remembered thing about Ganesh. Apologies for not doing more thorough research.
Anyway wow did not expect this to get this big this fast; I would love to interact with the convo but honestly there is TOO MUCH so I’m muting this and might come back later.

• • •

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