The 4IR will “usher in economic, social, & cultural changes of such phenomenal proportions that they are almost impossible to envisage” & “it will change actually us, our own identities”
How do you kickstart the 4th industrial revolution when the 🌎 is stuck in 3rd Industrial Revolution tech, systems, & thinking? One thing’s for sure, It would probably take a global event. PLUG👉Event 201, a Pandemic Scenario Fall 2019 👇
The Pandemic exercise sponsored by the WEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, & Johns Hopkins University is not necessarily something to be alarmed by. Even fauci warned of a surprise outbreak in 2017. They've been ready for a pandemic for a while.
Then, the unfortunate happened. An actual pandemic. Good thing we had elites who were prepared right? Let’s examine some of their ideas: Centralized info, using social media as broadcasters, incentivizing us to manage our behaviors, + more
Who are our saviors in this pandemic? According to WEF board of trustee & Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, CEO's are the hero's of the pandemic, pivoting "not for profit but to save the world". Let's fact check Mr. Benioff on the "not for profit" comment...
WEF is funded by 1000+ Corporations. Including, Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Amazon, Walmart, BlackRock, Microsoft, BofA, Goldman Sachs, Citi, + more (globally). Does Benioff really expect us to believe corporate CEO's didn't profit off the pandemic?
Schwab says this pandemic has given us “the historical time not only to fight the virus, but to shape the system”. Many of Schwabs partners express solidarity in the video 👇. They call it "The Great Reset", which paves the way for the 4th ind. rev.
What does the 4th Industrial Revolution include?

-Machine Learning
-Neural Networks
-Genomics (gene editing, CRISPR)
-Internet of things
-Green energy
-Transhumanism-merging of humans and technology

See more here 👇
Let's recap so far,

Klaus Schwab wrote the 4th Industrial Revolution in 2016, waited for the next pandemic (which they prepared for in 2019), tells the world it's time for a "Great Reset" after the pandemic hits, gathers his 1000+ WEF partners to usher in the 4th ind. rev.
Schwab frames the 4th industrial revolution as a sort of utopia. Away to unite the world under a globalized order & usher in a better world for everyone. Maybe it will, but history would call us naive to blindly trust a global leader promising utopia
So, let's examine Schwab and the WEF a little more.

They speak of a new world order that accounts for "all stakeholders". But, from looks of it, what Klaus actually means is all stakeholders partenered with the WEF are shaping every aspect of our world.
The WEF also recently published a paper about the youth titled, "Millenial Manifesto". In the paper, the writers suggests youth today trust artificial intelligence more than humans to run the world.
The World Economic Forum predicted the fall of the USA by 2030. What type of policies do you think the WEF would favor?
The WEF has gotten Xi Jinping and China on board with "sustainable development" and stakeholder policies. Check out Xi's speech at the World Economic Forum in January of this year.
Meanwhile there are obvious conflicts of interest between government and corporation.

• • •

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14 Sep
"Will the future be human?" A video thread of Yuval Noah Harari @ the World Economic Forum meeting, 2018

We are living in the last generation of homo sapiens...

"We will learn to engineer bodies, brains, and minds. This will be the main products of the economy."

"those who control the data, control the future not just of humanity, but the future of life itself."

World Economic Forum Meeting 2018
SPEAKER: Yuval Noah Harari
If "the info-tech revolution merges with the bio-tech revolution what you get is the ability to hack human beings."

World Economic Forum Meeting 2018
SPEAKER: Yuval Noah Harari
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11 Sep
NIH (National Institute of Health) Director Collins
says, the moderna vaccine :

"started at the federal government in our own vaccine research center"

"We do have some particular stake in the intellectual property"

Joe Biden wants us to trust these people?

NIH (National Institute of Health) had a stake in the moderna vaccine (see 1st post). Director Collins says vaccine creators don't see this as a money maker 🤥

"I dont here any of them say this is a money maker"

"nobody sees this as a way to make billions of dollars"

NIH Director says Moderna didn't see this as a money maker? Are you sure? Or, are you just saying that because the NIH had a stake in it? (see first post)

🧵3/6 Image
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1 Sep
A THREAD on Klaus Schwab’s grim future for humanity. From his book “The 4th Industrial Revolution” published in, 2016.

Schwab promises the 4th Ind. Rev. will “usher in” mass changes to our current system.

The question is, what kind of changes are we looking at?

The 4th Industrial Revolution will fuse together “digital, physical, and biological technologies”. Klaus Schwab says these changes will “enhance human labour and cognition”

The ultra elite envision humans merging with technology...the next stage of human evolution...

Klaus Schwab envisions a transhuman future which will usher in “the ability to edit biology” and says it “can be applied to any cell type, enabling the creation of genetically modified plants or animals, as well as modifying the cells of adult organisms including humans”

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23 Aug
What if there are certain ULTRA ELITES that want chaos. Why would they want chaos? Because chaos brings the need for solutions. Who's solutions? Their solutions. Why their solutions? Because their solutions benefit them & their friends. It's that simple. Follow me here..🧵👇

We all clique up. It's our nature. Doesn't matter if you're low, middle, upper, or elite class. We interact in small circles. But, imagine if your circle was able to pull all of your resources together & join with another circle & their resources. Would U B more powerful?

Authoritarian personalities exist, right? People who are driven, type A (nothing wrong w/ that), but are moral less. They'll do whatever it takes to get on top. There's low, middle, upper, elite, and ULTRA ELITE people who are authoritarian. They are dominant & controlling.

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22 Aug
Who has the most power and influence in the world today? 🧵🧵🧵 Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? 👇👇

My argument for why we should be blaming the global elite central planners for our world problems more than our national governments.

Forget the illuminati, look at NGO's. Especially the WEF...

@Google holding back info on World Economic Forum searches that @DuckDuckGo includes freely. Google is trash. Duck duck go is the way.

funded by over 1,000 companies and public subsidies worldwide...

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19 Aug

Davos Lab: Youth Recovery Plan - Insight Report (August 2021)


I agree with many points inside this report. However, there are also many RED FLAGS for me. This thread explains my red flags. Peaceful dialogue welcome...
The leader of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, is one of the most influential central planners alive today. This report is promoted as sort of, "what the youth want", as if they wrote it. In reality, as you'll see on page 3, it was written by chosen, young elites. Is that an issue?

It seems they find and choose the best and brightest upcoming talent, and sort of bring them into the club, so to speak. Most of these young, talented professionals are easily swayed by money and influence. (WEF sponsored hubs all over the world👇)
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