every time i see that clip of tae watching jm rehearse filter..........

all i can think about is stripper jm dancing for shy birthday boy tae - his bright, bashful smile, his teeth sinking into his lip nervously, how fast his heart would be pounding when jm says he can touch
tae has no idea that jm is in shock over how handsome tae is - people don't just buy their extremely attractive friends lap dances??? jm almost feels shy himself, but he's good at hiding it, channeling that crush into showing off for tae instead.

and tae is just,,,,,, Gone
"it's really okay if i touch?" tae asks, eyes wide. he looks 𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘰𝘤𝘦𝘯𝘵. it's driving jm crazy.

"mm, i'm comfortable with it so it's fine. you're a good boy, aren't you, taеhyung-ssi?"

"ah, right," tae says, voice coming out embarrassingly breathy. "i- i'm a good boy."
tae blushes, grateful he's alone with jm, because no doubt his friends would be teasing him.

but he's never had attention like this before. from someone so beautiful, shameless, so effortlessly sensual.

tae holds jm's hips and swallows, unable to take his eyes off the dancer.
"you're so- so good at this, did you study dance?" tae blurts out, and jm's eyes widen a little in surprise before a bright smile takes over his face.

"i did, yes. thank you for noticing. i'm going to sit on your lap now, okay?"

"ah," tae says, heart beating so fast. "yes?"
jm just stares. he's clearly amused but it's not mean - not at all. "is that a question? it's okay if you're uncomfortable. it's your birthday."

"i've never..." tae trails off. he looks at jm's bare stomach, then drags his gaze back up. "this is new, for me. 'm nervous, sorry."
"no, don't be sorry, it's okay," jm reassures. he takes tae's hand and brings it to his stomach, torso bare after jm slowly unbuttoned his shirt, leaving it hanging open.

tae's breath hitches. he already touched jm's bare waist, but touching him here feels— different. intense.
"you keep looking at my belly, it's cute," jm laughs. the way he speaks, it's so sweet, like there's laughter in his voice.

god, tae is so gone already.

"do you want to try it, me on your lap? you can tell me to stop if anything makes you uncomfortable."

tae nods shyly.
"i just want to say sorry in advance in case it's awkward, in case i, ah—"

"get hard?" jm whispers, small hands on tae's thighs, body leaning close now. "that's okay. i'd be flattered if you did."

"oh." tae swallows again, might actually be drooling when jm takes off his shirt.
jm is dancer-lean, muscled arms and shoulders, cute brown nipples, and a tattoo that wraps around his ribs that tae is entranced by.

jm settles over his lap with his shorts still on - tae suspects jm normally strips out of those too - and smiles gently, hips rocking slowly.
he still moves with the music, a heavy, sultry beat, and tae watches. he blushes. he doesn't know where to put his hands so jm grabs them, grinning when he brings tae's hands to his hips.

"you can guide me," jm tells him, arms sliding around tae's shoulders. "what do you like?"
"i don't know," tae says. "from you, ah. anything, literally."

"oh, you're so sweet," jm laughs, throwing his head back, body sliding higher up tae's thighs. "it's your birthday, taеhyung-ah, be greedy."

tae blinks. "but..."

"i'm the same age as you, did you know? go on."
tae wets his lips, gives a little nod that makes jm smile and then uses his big hands to pull jm closer, watching his eyes to see if it's okay.

jm's lips part with a pleased gasp, hips grinding down. "yeah?"

tae is hard. he is absolutely hard, and jm is sitting right on it.
"oh," jm says. did his voice get rougher, or is tae imagining that? "already?"

tae flushes hot with embarrassment, wants to bunch up his shoulders and curl in on himself but can't, with jm on his lap.

jm seems to notice, rushing to say, "no, sorry, i didn't mean— you're good."
"a good boy?" tae offers weakly. jm laughs.

"yeah. and... ah, a big boy too, mm?" jm finds the beat of the song easily, grinding to it, tossing his head back when he does. it's impossible not to picture what he'd look like during sex, hooded eyes and lithe body, cheeks pink.
the way he swirls his hips, ass just skimming the length of tae's cock through his loose pants, has tae's breath hitching, hands gripping jm tighter.

jm huffs out a laugh. "tickles, baby."

"sorry." heat pools in tae's belly. he's never been called 'baby' by another man before.
"does this feel good?" jm hums a little with the song, voice sweet and high.

"yes. you're so." tae swallows, watches jm's face scrunch, amused at tae's obvious gulp. "you're so gorgeous. jiminah, is this really okay?"

jm leans forward, lowering his hips to sit on tae's lap.
his eyes are bright but his look is contemplative, kind.

tae thinks, a little deliriously, that he want to lose his virginity to someone as kind as jm. if he comes during a lap dance, does it count as losing 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 of his virginity?

"hey, look at me, birthday boy," jm coos.
so tae does. jm is sitting on his dick, and all tae can think is, are your lips as soft as they look?

"thank you for calling me gorgeous. yes, this is okay. it's not—" jm cuts off, adjusting on tae's lap, and they both let out shaky breaths at the same time. jm laughs sweetly.
"it's not always something i'm comfortable with, but with you, i like it. i like that you're hard for me, taеhyungah. i like the way you look at me, when you bite your lip and your eyes get all shy."

the heat in tae's belly twists, excited.

"is it okay if i take my shorts off?"
"yes," tae answers. he can hear the awe in his own voice and is embarrassed. "is it okay if— the pressure, ah, are you okay if—"

"if you come?" jm asks. he's wiggling out of his shorts, and tae's lips part at jm's... underwear? lingerie? there's black lace. and not a lot of it.
tae was already aware of the curve of jm's cock visible through his shorts, but now he can see the whole thick shape of it, tucked into lace, can see the bare skin of jm's ass when he turns around because the underwear doesn't cover much in back.

tae groans, hands on his thighs.
"it's okay," jm whispers, straddling tae's lap again. his ass is so round. tae swallows the saliva that's pooled on his tongue, heart pounding when jm brings tae's hands to his bare skin. it's so soft. fuck. "if you come, it's okay, taetae. you've made me hard too."

tae is seconds away from whining, really whining, he's so worked up. the heat of it coiled in his belly, cock swollen up and sensitive in his clothes.

"the way you look at me," jm breathes. "your eyes, they're so beautiful."

tae really might be falling in love with a stripper.
could anyone blame him? the soft blush on jm's cheeks - not makeup, it definitely wasn't there before - and the sweet things jm says, his reassuring words. tae is smitten.

"that's it," jm moans, riding tae's lap, hips doing a little swirl over tae's bulge, teasing him. "baby."
"earlier," tae blurts out, staying so so still even as his hands grip jm's ass, fingertips skimming the lace that only covers the center of him. "what you said."

there's no way jm could know what tae means. but he smiles, bites his lip & asks, "are you my good boy, taеhyungah?"
"please," tae moans helplessly, and jm grinds down harder, seems to swallow back his own gasp when he's rubbing himself right over the length of tae's hard cock.

"so sweet, the best boy for me," jm moans, voice stuttering, and tae squeezes at jm's perfect ass and starts to come.
the orgasm hits him hard, heat tightening too fast and tumbling over the edge, cock giving hard twitches as it pulses and spills in his pants.

it seeps through the material. right where jm is still in his lap. "fuck, ah."

"that's it, that's it," jm gasps, riding tae through it.
tae can see the pale smear of his cum glistening wet at the front of jm's lace underwear. holy fuck.

"i'm sorry—"

"don't," jm interrupts, leaning close, arms around tae's shoulders to hug him tightly. "don't say that, you're perfect. so hot, ahh. is it my birthday instead?"
tae laughs roughly, hands sliding up to jm's back to return the hug. "let- let me do something for you."

jm pulls back, expression soft, cheeks flushed, hair a little messy. was he running his fingers through it? did tae miss it? fuck.

"this was for you, okay?"

tae pouts.
"yah, don't give me that. taеhyungah. can i ask you something personal?"

tae nods. he thinks he'd agree to anything, fuzzy and sated after his orgasm, the intensity of it.

"have you ever been with another guy before?"

tae stares down at his lap, biting his lip. "i've, ah. i've
never been with anyone before, more than kissing."

"oh," jm says softly.

"but i don't regret this," tae insists. jm pats his cheek, and it doesn't feel patronizing. tae nuzzles his face into jm's palm.

"i'm glad. me too. but save doing more than this for someone special, ok?"
tae swallows, eyebrows furrowing. jm pouts at him when he notices tae's expression.

"you are someone special," tae mutters. "is that naïve of me? sorry."

"no, no no, it's. it's sweet, fuck," jm chokes out. "but like this... i would love nothing more than for you to get me off."
tae's softening cock gives a hard twitch. he thinks the corner of his mouth must twitch up too. "yeah?"

jm nods, smiling. "but not like this. maybe- maybe, later, if you're still interested."

"i will be," tae says quickly.

"maybe after a date. if that's something you want."
"it is," tae says, softer. he leans up until his nose nudges jm's. jm is still smiling. "can i kiss you, jiminah?"

"as long as you know you're special to me too, okay? i mean that," jm says in a low voice, and then he's tilting his head for a kiss, soft lips sliding over tae's.
link to top! there might be a pt 2 to this but that's it for now 😊

• • •

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15 Sep
// omegaverse, consensual somno

omega SJ who just gets super sleepy during his heats, still goes to bed with pajamas on and everything, but he gives alphas NJ and JK permission to use him in his sleep.

"hyung," JK chokes out.

SJ's ears are red. "just be, ah, you know. nice."
he slicks up of course, responds to their touches and gets aroused in his sleep. but he can't be bothered to open his eyes even when he's drifting in and out, just hums or moans soft and high and lets them arrange his body how they want.

NJ and JK are so good to him, careful.
they unbutton his pajama top but don't take it off, just enough to play with his nipples, all sensitive and stiff. they take turns fucking him deep so their knots swell inside, instead of trying to force them in.

they kiss and nuzzle and SJ's pillowy lips stay pouted in sleep.
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but they're chill, they just eat all his food & ask him lots of questions & have no sense of personal space
they're more like his curious non-human dongsaengs than dangerously attractive immortal beings, to the point where it always startles SJ when they use their powers, when their eyes flash or JK suddenly pins SJ to the couch, growling into his neck, "sorry, hyung, your scent is..."
"my scent?"

"okay, like. i swear i'm not going to eat you—"

"it never gets less unnerving when you feel like you have to tell me that," SJ laughs awkwardly, and JK just blinks.

"but your human scent. it's so tasty, like, ah." JK buries his face back against SJ's neck, licking.
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i don't know if this will be helpful to anyone, but i decided to do a little roundup thread of my writing from the past week, since i wrote... a lot. definitely too much lol.

this is for 9/5 - 9/12 ! Image
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namkook ▪️ 5300 words ▪️ bottom!JK, canon, first time, size kink
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// jink00k, hybrid, pet/owner

SJ who helps strap bunny hybrid JK onto their sex machine bench before SJ goes to work (in his home office) (just for a few hours) and tells JK he can come as much as he wants but he has to keep count of his orgasms if he wants SJ to fuck him later.
✧ this was written for @shookyncreme who asked for jink00k hybrid fic 🥺💖 i hope u enjoy!!
✧ other kinks: voyeurism, spanking, patronizing dirty talk, JK self-lubricates, SJ has a big dick, yay
JK agrees excitedly. "i will, p- please."

after SJ is finished working (peeking occasionally at the live feed, a camera set up to film JK) he unstraps his messy, trembling bunny.

"there you go, sweetheart," SJ says gently, brushing tears from JK's cheeks. "that's my sweet bun."
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// vm!n, ⚠️cnc, husband/bride roleplay, see below ⇣

JM was TH's first everything.

first kiss, first blowjob, first love. JM is inexperienced in a lot of things too, but TH likes knowing JM was the first for him.

"you're mine," TH tells JM.

JM laughs. "is that how it works?"
✧ the 'cnc' refers to 'rough husband and shy, protesting bride on their wedding night' roleplay
✧ it's sillier than it sounds & they have safewords
✧ words like 'pussy, clit' are used to refer to TH's bits in the roleplay & there's a smidgen of breeding kink (all fantasy)
"mmm. you took my first kiss, you ruined me for my future husband, JM-ah. so you're all mine."

JM's still laughing, but he's blushing, too. he's pleased. TH can tell.

their playing around takes many forms - roleplay, TH guesses he should call it - and is only sometimes planned.
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9 Sep
remember that time jimin sat in jin's lap
// vampires

somewhat bratty new vampire JM who feeds from SJ's thigh ("hyung will do it") and something about having SJ's blood inside him makes him so clingy and affectionate and yes fine a little bit feral horny too

JM: hyung you feel so good inside me 🥺
SJ: asjdhfajhdshdfk;
this is them
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