Dearest ARMY, if this is one of your first exposures to some of the..curiosities of western awards shows:
It boils down to them wanting to use 875 for all they can get while giving as little possible in return. It isn't exclusive to western awards but it is especially obvious.
Let me be frank: this is NOT a reflection on ARMY, or ARMY's work. This does NOT mean you are not trying hard enough. This is not a reflection of organic industry interest, either. Please do not feel like this is on you. There are doors that are shut to ARMY.

So - what next?
Behind the door deals for noms & winners (as awards that voting is "taken into consideration" but is not the sole determinant..🙃) show an industry deliberately trying to minimize their influence & achievements while still accessing their appeal.
875 are not the chosen sons of the western music industry. They never have been which is abundantly clear now, more than ever.

They get shoved into specially created categories and other non mainstream nominations to avoid big nominations & big recognition.
While they're being shut out of mainstream categories for nominations, they're constantly being baited in mainstream viewer time slots to hold onto engagement. "We want you as performers but we won't recognize you as artists."
And if they aren't performing and there's no 'direct gain' for a show? The show will shove them as far off main billing as possible, and use every fine print in their rulebook to give wins to other artists.

What does that mean for ARMY?
ARMY will do as ARMY always has: resolve to keep working hard, to keep working smart, to make 875 impossible to ignore & make every single provincial awards show desperately grasping straws to remain relevant, look like fools for cutting them out.
Your numbers are the ones that the west wants.

Remember that. YOU are the power that everyone tries so desperately to access - but only 875 can draw, because ARMY is only here for 875, and nothing more.

Vote. Stream. Buy. Keep making them untouchable.

• • •

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12 Sep
Birthday season is so fun! 🥳 We love being able to celebrate all of our creators. There are a few pitfalls that we hope new ARMY avoid (and reminders for veteran ARMY, too) while you celebrate the special day of someone so special, so amazing, and so important.
Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen (& if you didn't see it, you need to remember: you don't have a right to expect everything be done in the public eye).
This is important when victimizers start on with their "HE DIDN'T WISH HIM HBD/DIDN'TPOST/TWEET!"
Not every member will go on SNS saying HBD. Behind the scenes clips & footage released later often reveals what ARMY should always remember:

You don't get to demand accessibility to every moment of their interactions. They often engage/support each other privately.
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12 Sep
A gentle reminder, ARMY (especially new ARMY. Have you not been here very long? This is important for you to hear). When someone says "ARMYs don't appreciate him" or "OT7s never defend him" or "Why is it always him", those are 🚨 for someone being a solo stan.
If you find yourself saying these things, there's one big part of this you need to remember: you see what you follow. What is it about your timeline that lets you think ARMY aren't caring about this member? You may have accidentally created an echo chamber full of solos.
Solos - of each and every member - will all say "IT'S ALWAYS HIM" (who gets his parts cut, who has less time, who isn't defended by ARMY, who has the "ugly" outfit, who is somehow neglected, who never gets to answer questions).

If that's what you are seeing on your timeline?
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11 Sep
A reminder that shipping can, and does, have REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES. This is also not limited to kpop.

If shipping has become your prevailing narrative in fandom space, you need to reevaluate why you're here.
1. Gender norms differ by countries. What may be coded one way for you in one country is not inherently true in another.
2. You do not get to demand someone "out" themselves in any form.
3. Projecting your read/feelings onto real world people is perilously close to fetishization, if not outright there already. These are real people. They are not dolls. Fetishizing a certain type of relationship/population is both disrespectful and inhumane.
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10 Sep
Listen. I am a swan.

All I want is to barter with ARMY to stream my mv (get me to 325m soon? My dreams of bigger things are on hold until that!) & simp over me in peace & joy & purple hearts.

Geese (of all plumages) are really cutting into my "negotiate with ARMY" time lately.
I don't like geese. They're noisy. They leave 💩 everywhere. They try to steal the food that everyone else is sharing. They chase you away from the pond that you were at first.

But chasing away geese gets tiresome, ARMY. It helps if you help, too.
You don't HAVE to make everything into a fight. Some things are more effectively dealt in silence (& report silently & block is a part of that). But others.. your voice, when you shout at geese and chase them away and say "THIS IS NOT YOUR POND" ... that helps everyone.
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10 Sep
Report @/Bighit_info & @/bighitinfo (impersonation of an official account?) unfollow, block, & tell your mutuals to do the same. They spread information that sabotages streaming (invalid streams) to promote their own platforms. They promote solo projects. They steal translations.
They are posting bad information across both accounts. Here is the direct link to both in case they ever change @'s to try to remove the link to what they're doing.……
Please note the telegram account. It's theirs. They're telling ARMY to stream through apk/mod.

These streams are not valid. They will not count. Spreading this information is sabotage. They are telling ARMY to do this to direct ARMY to their telegram account. ImageImage
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10 Sep
This advice is sabotaging streams. do NOT spread it. Do NOT stream this way. Your streams will not count.
Please consider this account for impersonation of an official account. This is sabotaging ARMY. This misinformation is absolutely indefensible.
They also steal translations. They're promoting their personal accounts trying to gain followers & sabotaging 875 in the process. They aren't ARMY, they're only here to get as much as they can from the community.

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