This building has exponentially more to do with black people & policing, than lies World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders:

-CRT Ibram Kendi
-BLM Alicia Garza

are selling you

Or any:

-Systemic racism
-White supremacy

🧐Which do you you hear about? What building is this? ImageImageImage
Could anybody ask this war criminal what “price discovery” is?

Maybe “Cantillon”?

When global oligarchs give this guy a high five in their great reset, will they tell you why?

...or will they toss some cash at Blm/Antifa riots, or put on corporate-sponsored CRT training?
Harvard President, Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, Economic adviser to Obama, honeymooned on Epstein’s island...gave him an office.

Between Clinton, Bush, and Obama 9/11, housing crisis, ME wars🧐

I’m💯convinced🦠was planned, or meant to be...👆🏼what about the rest of those? ImageImageImageImage
You see...I don’t think the federal reserve, J Powell, are idiots...that they’re unaware they cause wealth inequality, and socioeconomic problems, leading to more police interactions in the black community...more broken homes, less opportunity to advance.
I don’t think they “miscalculated”, by thinking outsourcing everything to🇨🇳 would “bring the Chinese people democracy”

I think they sold us all out - Chinese people included.

They liked the flavor of centralized power, and schemed to facilitate it.

Where were they on Uighurs?
These people are chastising you for your suv, while flying private jets to Davos

They call you “racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc” rather than address their sh!tty&exploitative policies

Arbitrage human rights, regulations&morality to get rich selling🇺🇸to🇨🇳then import tyranny ImageImageImageImage
This is what we get👇🏼alongside rainbow 🌈 Apple logos and buzzwords like “inclusive” and “diversity”

...which, they don’t want actual diversity

Diversity that matters, is what our forefathers asserted - *individuality*

...while sellouts want conformity… Image
Google’s Eric “AI” Schmidt is allegedly taking over Trilateral from Kissinger👇🏼

No doubt his role will be key for the 4th Industrial Revolution & great reset

“Don’t be evil” (unless it’s w/Uighurs) - google… ImageImageImageImage
“One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony. From the loud patriotic music at the border onward, there is very real and pervasive dedication to Chairman Mao and Maoist principles.” - Rockefeller (continued in image below)… ImageImageImageImage
Harvard Larry Summers & Rockefeller
Epstein was on Rockefeller university board

Klaus Schwab was mentored by Kissinger at Harvard

Kissinger was placed at Harvard by Nelson Rockefeller

Kissinger had suggested a greater emphasis on biowarfare, over nukes, under Nixon ImageImageImageImage
I used to say billionaires don’t care which -ism you live under, but that is wrong. They care which one is going to more easily cement their power. Image
Missouri bank surprised by Biden admins attempt to consolidate banking into global level, akin to USSR, but global...

Ffs idk how many times I’m gonna need to say it, but it’s treason. We are literally being sold to global enslavement/technocracy...deliberate implosion. Image
👇🏼I contend Kissinger brokered a deal to pit🇺🇸vs🇨🇳to give🇨🇳a handout to bolster their system to compete w/🇺🇸

Otherwise,🇨🇳never would’ve prospered under their centralized model

Fast-forward,🇨🇳adopted many capitalistic tenets and Kissinger&friends are implementing their model
In other words,🇺🇸free markets, free will, rule of law, constitution, individuality...

👆🏼would’ve freed&ruled the world, had it not been hijacked & sold to🇨🇳w/the profits going to those who sold their souls to Davos, to centralize power/wealth in the hands of the few
A different take than mine:

(I don’t think the goal of all players was to bring 🇨🇳 to market economy...because it’s obvious some of the key players are now bringing 🇺🇸 to a centrally planned economy - they lined their pockets, regardless)

• • •

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15 Sep
Hey, everyone sharing Time Magazine propaganda...

It’s owned by Marc Benioff, who sits on the board of trustees for the World Economic Forum.
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@energy_omega suggests we target PCR testing

@Fynnderella1 first highlighted the issue to me

High Ct
Flu “disappearance”
Emphasis on cases - not just contagious
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Promotion of *cases*
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Milley doesn’t just have a poor decision-making/judgement problem...

He has an ***ideological*** problem.

The AFG “blunders” weren’t ineptitude

The “white rage” comment wasn’t misspeak

Cozying & aiding 🇨🇳 weren’t “mistakes”

...these aren’t “coincidences”, folks.
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I’m glad DJT put out that statement.

We need accountability.
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12 Sep
Why do I spend time on Ghislaine&epstein?

I don’t think some of the tech being developed is inherently bad - similar to how a gun isn’t

WEF/WHO/UN/Gates/Clintons using Epstein&ghislaine indicates they are willing to use ANY means

They’re evil, like a gun-wielding mass shooter
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Does the💉create the function Zhengli Shi was studying in🦇?

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If the vaccine is non-sterilizing, is that what this is accomplishing, functionally?…
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